Trent Reznor: Area Co-conspirators

  • The Act - late-'80s Cleveland band with guitarist Richard Patrick.

  • Mark Addison - member of Cleveland rock band Nation of One; appeared with Trent in pseudo-band the Problems in '87 film Light of Day.

  • Sean Beavan - Cleveland-native engineer/remixer; worked on The Downward Spiral; in charge of production for live show; produced Slam Bam Boo's single.

  • Exotic Birds - Cleveland techno-pop band led by Andy Kubiszewski; Trent was a member in middle-'80s, he played on their second album, L'oiseau in '86.

  • Hanson: The Movie - band formed ex Slam Bam Boo lead singer Scott Hanson; Trent did computer programming and engineering for band in late-'80s.

  • Scott Hanson - lead singer of Slam Bam Boo and leader of Hanson: The Movie, both of which Trent worked with in late-'80s.

  • The Innocent - Cleveland mainstream rock band formed by former members of Breathless and the Donnie Iris group for whom Trent played keyboards in mid-'80s; released album Livin' In the Streets on Chicago's Red Label Records.

  • Andy Kubiszewski - leader of '80s Cleveland techno-pop band Exotic Birds; touring drummer for The The; drummer with Stabbing Westward; drummed on The Downward Spiral.

  • Tom Lash - Lucky Pierre and System 56 bassist; leader of Hot Tin Roof; was roommates with Trent for a time.

  • Lucky Pierre - Cleveland new wave band formed in '78 when singer/guitarist/songwriter Kevin McMahon sent demo tape to bassist Tom Lash, then Music Director of WCSB; broke up in '82, then reunited in mid-'80s with Trent on keyboards; Trent also appeared on '88 EP Communique.

  • John Malm Jr.- manager of NIN; owner of Conservative Management; co-owner of Nothing Records with Trent; former manager of Exotic Birds where he met Trent; Rocky River native; Massmedia/Communications major at Denison University; left Exotic Birds when Trent did.

  • Kevin McMahon - leader of Cleveland band Lucky Pierre, for whom Trent played and John Malm managed in mid-'80s; formed Prick in '90s, released one self-titled CD in '95 on Nothing Records with 4 songs produced by Trent.

  • Marilyn Manson - Canton's own Brian Warner; in guise of Marilyn Manson is either scabrous wart on society or refreshing gadfly, depending upon who you ask; band Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids opened for NIN in Miami in 1990, after the show Manson gave Trent a demo tape and they struck up a friendship; 1993 band, now called Marilyn Manson, signed to Nothing Records; 1994 Trent produces Portrait of an American Family with Alan Moulder and Clevelander Sean Beavan; MM opens for NIN on "Self Destruct" tour; somewhere along the line Trent and Manson have a falling out; May 10, 2000, things appeared patched up as Manson joined onstage with NIN at Madison Square Garden.

  • Nine Inch Nails - Trent's group, duh.

  • Nothing Records - Trent's record company co-owned with manager John A. Malm Jr., formed in '92 and distributed through Interscope; has released NIN records since Broken; current roster includes Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, Autechre, The Bowling Green, Einsturzende Neubaten, Plaid, Plug, Pop Will Eat Itself, Prick, Squarepusher, 12 Rounds, The The.

  • Richard Patrick - Bay Village native; guitarist for Cleveland band The Act; guitarist for NIN touring band 1989-1991; leader of Filter.

  • The Problems - pseudo-band featuring Trent, Nation of One's Mark Addison, and Exotic Bird Frank Vale assembled for '87 Michael J. Fox/Joan Jett film Light of Day; bar band scene shot at the Euclid Tavern.

  • Slam Bam Boo - Cleveland techno-pop group led by singer Scott Hanson; Trent joined when Exotic Birds went on hiatus in '87; Trent played on single "White Lies/Cry Like a Baby."

  • Gary Talpas - Cleveland artist/designer who designed the sleeves for "Down In It," Pretty Hate Machine, "Head Like A Hole," Broken, The Downward Spiral, Further Down The Spiral, "The Perfect Drug" Versions, Closure; responsible for look of all early NIN materials.

  • The Urge - Mid-'80s Cleveland Top 40 cover band of which Trent was a member.

  • Frank Vale - Member of Exotic Birds; played with Trent in the Problems, pseudo-band formed for film Light of Day.

  • Chris Vrenna - longtime Trent friend; Erie, PA native and member of Exotic Birds; original touring drummer for NIN, left in '96 to pursue other interests; was Trent's roommate in mid-to-late-'80s.

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