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6. When did Churchill first meet Stalin? 1942

12. Where in WW2 did WSC resign himself to dying? In Carthage

18. What was the only naval battle lost when Churchill was First Lord of the Admiralty? Coronel, off Chile, 1914

24. What was owed by so many to so few? "Much"

30. What pseudonym did Churchill use during World War II when he wished to keep his name out of the headlines? Colonel Warden

36. Who told Churchill, "I will fight in front of Paris, I will fight in Paris, I will fight behind Paris"? Clemenceau (1914)

42. "A bright [what?] has caught the helmets of our soldiers . . ."Gleam

48. What nation "suffered in every respect by her association with the Western democracies"? Czechoslovakia

54. What brand handgun did Churchill carry in France in WWI? A Colt .45 automatic

60. Churchill took part in the charge at Omdurman. Why was this charge of particular note? The last major British calvary charge

66. What was the codename for the Normandy invasion? Operation Overlord

72. Where and when was the famous "some chicken! some neck!" speech? Canadian Parliament, 1941

78. What was Churchill's rank when he joined Maj. Gen. Blood in India? Lieutenant

84. Churchill received the Cruz Roja (Red Cross) from Marshal Campos for service in what country? Cuba, 1895

90. What signal went to British ships when WSC became First Lord in 1939? "Winston is back"

96. How many days after he escaped from the prison in Pretoria did it take WSC to end up in Durban? Eleven

102. Who said of WSC, "If there is going to be war . . . we must keep him fresh to be our Prime Minister." Stanley Baldwin (1935)

108. What was the name of WSC's first regiment? The Queen's Own Hussars

114. Whose campaign did Churchill join in Malakand? Sir Bindon Blood

120. How many times was WSC First Lord of the Admiralty? Twice (1911-15 & 1939-40)

126. In 1942 Churchill appointed Alexander and Montgomery to lead the fight against Rommel. Who did they replace? Auchinleck

132. Churchill and Prof. Lindemann worked on what defense project in the '30s? Anti-aircraft

138. Who supplied Churchill with vital German rearmament information before the war? Sir Desmond Morton

144. Who or what was "an armed camp . . . with a population being trained from childhood for war? Nazi Germany

150. "This was their finest hour" was said in reference to the success of what event? The Battle of Britain

156. Which Australian Prime Minister accused WSC of leading Australian troops into impossible situations without sufficient support? Robert Menzies

162. What event did Churchill feel might seriously impinge on his efforts to engage American support against the Germans? War with Japan

168. In what year did Churchill tell his cabinet, "Relations between Britain, United States and USSR have never been so cordial and intimate"? 1944

174. What military campaign in the First World War did Churchill predict with startling accuracy? German invasion of France

180. What was "the deadly comb" which ran back and forth over the Baltic States? Nazi and Soviet invasions

186. In 1939 Churchill said that "throwing a small State to the wolves" would not appease the Nazis. Name this State. Czechoslovakia

192. What order did Churchill receive from the Danish government? Order of the Elephant

198. What was Churchill's particular warning to Britain about Germany in the late Thirties? Air parity was being lost

204. Churchill was aware of Hitler's history of broken promises. How many can you name? Versailles Treaty provisions, Locarno pact, Anglo-German Naval Agreement, demilitarized Rhineland, guarantee of Czech borders after Munich, Czech borders his "last territorial claim in Europe"

210. "We are waiting for the long-promised invasion. So are the fishes." this was broadcast in 1940 to whom? To the French

216. According to researchers, how many times did WSC actually sleep in the Cabinet War Rooms? Three times

228. Who did Churchill replace with Generals Montgomery and Alexander in order better to fight Rommel? General Auchinleck

234. To what country was Churchill referring when he called it "the soft underbelly of the Axis?" Italy

240. In 1940-41, who was Churchill's strategic advisor (a pessimist whom he ultimately ignored)? Sir John Dill

246. What was Operation Sea Lion? Hitler's name for a proposed invasion of Britain

252. "The soul of freedom is deathless; it cannot, and will not, perish," was said by Churchill to whom (1940)? Czechoslovakians

258. What was the "Phoney War?" The period between the fall of Poland (Sept 1939) and the invasion of Norway (April 1940) when there was no actual fighting

264. Churchill had wanted to send Canadian troops into Norway in 1940, but he felt they were not trained to fight in what particular way? The Canadians were not trained to fight on skis.

270. WSC said this about what country in 1938: "All is over. silent, mournful, abandoned, broken, (?) recedes into the darkness." Czechoslovakia

276. When was Churchill's first wartime visit to the US? 28 December 1941

282. What was Scapa Flow? A bay in NW Scotland where the Grand fleet was often anchored during both World Wars

288. When and where did Churchill meet Hitler? Sorry for the red herring. Churchill never came face to face with Hitler.

294. What was the tragedy of Norway in 1940? The German invasion

300. In 1913 Lord Fisher told Churchill, "[what?] is now the dominating sea fighting factor and you are not building enough of them." Submarine

306. What were the "Mulberrys" that Churchill conceived in WWII? Floating landing piers

312. What war-wining, highly secret information, code-named "Ultra," did Churchill not reveal in The Second World War because of official bans? That they had broken the German radio code "Enigma"

318. What was the name of Churchill's first Regiment? The Queens Own Fourth Hussars

324. In what year did WSC say "Give us the tools and we will finish the job"? 1941

330. Where and when was Churchill in a prisoner of war camp? November - December 1899 in Pretoria, South Africa

336. What was the major victory for Churchill's Admiralty in 1939? The sinking of the German battleship Graf Spee

342. In 1914 Britain's air forces were under what military branch? Royal Navy

348. What significant message did the Admiralty send to its ships at 11:00 pm on 4 August 1914? "Commence hostilities against Germany"

354. Up to 1941 Churchill had praised the Finns. What happened to change his mind? Germany attacked Russia

360. In 1942 Churchill was under considerable pressure from whom to open a second front? Joseph Stalin

366. Over what Eastern European military operation did Churchill and Roosevelt have a major disagreement? Plans for the invasion of the Balkans

372. When was Churchill's famous "fight on the beaches" speech made? House of Commons, 4 June 1940

378. What incident in 1941 made Churchill enjoy "the sleep of the saved and thankful? The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor

384. In 1939 part of the British fleet was in the Mediterranean Sea. After Mussolini threatened Albania, where did Churchill insist it ought to be?

390. From which well-known literary figure did Churchill receive a letter praising his ideas for tanks? Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

396. Chamberlain thought that Churchill would hamper his negotiations with Hitler. What happened to make him invite WSC to enter the Government? The German invasion of Poland

402. Although he did not serve as a commissioned officer in WW2, WSC had several honorary military titles. Name at least two. Hon. Air Commodore of #615 Squadron, Hon. Col. of Royal Artillery, Hon. Col. of Royal Scots Fusilliers, Hon. Col. of 4th Hussars

408. Churchill had a "run-in" with Lord Kitchener before their involvement in WW1. Where was it? Omdurman

414. "We are waiting for the long promised invasion. So are the fishes." was said by WSC in what year? 1940

420. Churchill despatched two ships to the far east where they were sunk by Japanese aircraft on 10 Dec. 1941. Name them. HMS Repulse and Prince of Wales

426. One memorial to Sir Winston is located on the only occupied British Territory during WW2. Where is it? Channel Islands, and the memorial is on Jersey

432. In 1919 Churchill was appointed to two Cabinet posts. What were they? War and Air Offices

438. At the Battle of Omdurman Churchill used a gun of "the newest and the latest design" he had purchased in London. What was the brand? Mauser

444. What was "Operation Sledgehammer"? Invasion of the Cherbourg Peninsula

450. Hitler and Stalin signed a non-aggression pact in 1939. What happened to it in 1941 that so infuriated Churchill? Hitler invaded Russia

456. During WWII what longtime Parliamentary ally from the wilderness years did Churchill fail to promote to high office? Robert Boothby

462. What was "Operation Jupiter"? Codename for the invasion of Norway

468. What was one purpose of the conference at Casablanca in 1943? To plan the invasion of Europe by the Allies

474. In 1914 as First Lord of the Admiralty, Churchill commandeered two battleships being built in England for which country? Turkey

480. In 1914, before the Dardanelles episode, Churchill had another experience which was used by his enemies to deride him and his military judgment. Where was it? Churchill went to Antwerp to try to encourage the Belgians to resist the German onslaught there until British troops could arrive. Even though they surrendered, time gained holding off the Germans gave the British a chance to regroup at Flanders.

486. What was "Operation Gymnast," later called "Operation Torch"? Codename for the invasion of North Africa

492. Why did Churchill feel that North Africa was the "appropriate target" in the summer of 1942? Churchill said that if they "could end the year in possession of North Africa, we could threaten the belly of Hitler's Europe."

498. What is the significance of 3 September 1939? Britain declared war on Germany

503. "Each one hopes that if he feeds the crocodile enough, that the crocodile will eat him last," was said in 1040. To whom was Churchill referring? The neutral countries

510. What was "Operation Bolero"? Codename for the assemblage of American and Commonwealth forces in Britain for an eventual invasion (not the invasion itself) across the Channel

516. In 1915 Admiral Beatty felt that an explosion between Churchill and whom was inevitable, saying they were "two very strong and clever men, one old, wily, and of vast experience, one young, self-assertive, with a great self-satisfaction but unstable"? Admiral Fisher

522. What did Churchill say (in 1918) was "an open conflict between Christian civilisation and scientific barbarism"? The declaration of war on Germany

528. Dummy battleships had been placed in Scapa Flow harbor to deceive German aircraft. What fault did Churchill notice about this deception when he visited Scapa in 1940? Since there were no seagulls flying around the dummy ships, Churchill said they wouldn't fool the Germans, and that food would be thrown around to attract gulls.

534. What European island did Churchill consider invading in both World Wars? The Baltic island of Borkum

540. What factor did Churchill use to determine whether to support the "Chetniks" or "Partisans" in Yugoslavia? Whichever side was killing the most Germans in Yugoslavia

546. What reason did Churchill give when he offered to resign as First Lord of the Admiralty in 1914? WSC offered to take up field command of troops stationed in Antwerp after he toured the defenses

552. In 1939 Churchill suspected that Hitler would do one or more of several things on the western front. Name one. WSC thought Hitler might attack France through Belgium and Holland, or mount an air attack on British factories and ports, and/or make a peace offensive

558. What were some of the reasons Churchill gave Stalin for the slow progress of troops in North Africa in early 1943? Harsh weather conditions, terrain impediments, logistical problems and daunting enemy numbers

564. How did Churchill hear about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor? While listening to the wireless

570. What British action in July 1940 caused the French government to sever relations with Britain? In order to prevent the French fleet from falling into Hitler's hands, Britain destroyed or disabled it in July 1940

576. What are the most famous words in Churchill's first WW2 speech as Prime Minister on 13 May 1940? "I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat"

582. "____ had the impression they were conferring a great favour on us by fighting in their own country for their own lives. The more they fought, the heavier our debt became. This was not a balanced view." Who were they? The Soviet Government

588. England would live; Britain would live; the Commonwealth of Nations and the Empire would live..." was said by WSC in response to what event? "...to have the United States at our side"

594. Which of Churchill's Second World War volumes describes the D-Day landings? Triumph and tragedy

600. What two momentous decisions came out of the Trident Conference (1943)? The Cross-Channel invasion was set for 1 May 1944 and the US agreed to share more information on the atomic bomb

606. What feature at Chequers was too conspicuous at full moon and might provide an obvious target for the German Luftwaffe? A long, straight gravel drive which could be a landmark for the German Luftwaffe

612. What was the significance of Bletchley Park? The group of people who broke the German, Italian and Japanese codes were assembled at Bletchley Park, Buckinghamshire

618. Where did the famous remark about England's neck being run like a chicken originate, and who was to do the wringing? The French generals said Germany would wring England's neck "like a chicken"

624. What were the "Churchill Barriers"? Blockades built between the Orkney Islands after a German submarine infiltrated the British naval hideaway

630. When he was fourteen, Churchill wrote an essay envisioning the war which started in 1914. Instead of Germany, who did he see as England's enemy? England and Russia

636. What was the significance (in 1945) of the British aircraft carriers Formidable and Victorious? They were attacked by the Japanese in the Philippines

642. According to Churchill, what was "Their Finest Hour"? The British Empire and its Commonwealth's "Finest Hour" would be if they beat the Germans in the Battle of Britain

648. What code name did Churchill use when he took the Queen Mary to Halifax in 1943? Colonel Warden

654. In a 1945 broadcast WSC said, "...we are bound by the ties of honour and fraternal loyalty to the United States to fight ... at their side." Where did he mean? "...to fight this great war at the other end of the world [the Pacific] at their [United States] side."

660. Who were "Churchill's sharpshooters"? The Maritime Royal Artillery

666. What uniform is Churchill wearing in photographs from the Yalta Conference? His RAF Hon. Air commodore's uniform

672. "[?] from weakness and fear is alike futile and fatal, [?] from strength is magnanimous and noble, and might be the surest and perhaps the only path to world peace." What is the missing word in the WSC quote? Appeasement

678. Churchill blamed "chemists in spectacles and chauffeurs pulling the levers of aeroplanes or machine guns" for the demise of what traditional military maneuver? Modern warfare and the demise of the calvary

684. What is the Churchill connection with the Staats Model School in Pretoria? Churchill was held prisoner in the Staats Model Schools in Pretoria in 1899

690. What was the "Morgenthau Plan" that Churchill rejected at the second Quebec conference? Henry Morgenthau (FDR's Treas. Sec.) proposed that Germany be rendered mainly an agrarian country after the war but WSC felt that Germany should be placed on an equal footing

696. After what incident did FDR say to WSC, "We are all in the same boat now."? FDR told WSC, "We are all in the same boat now" after Pearl Harbor bombing

702. With the end of WW2 and the defeat of Hitler, what did Churchill foresee as the latest threat to freedom? The rise of Soviet communism

708. Which French general led the French armies into Paris during the liberation in August 1944? General Leclerc

714. Many important people (Dean Acheson, Henry Stimson, Neils Bohr) urged Churchill to share what vital information with the Russians after the war? Secret of the Atomic Bomb.

720. Name three of Churchill's victorious WW2 Generals? Slim, Montgomery, Alexander, and Mountbatten

726. How many British troops were already in Russia when Churchill became Minister of War in 1919? 14,000 British troops

732. What was No.10 Annex? The ground floor offices above the War Rooms

738. "It would be a great pity to stuff the [?] goose so full of food that it died of indigestion" was said about what country by Churchill at Yalta (1945)? "...stuff the Polish goose"

744. Where did Churchill suggest that the House of Commons go at the close of WW2 duplicating its movement at the end of WW1? Churchill moved that the House "attend the church of St. Margaret Westminster to give thanks for our deliverance from the threat of domination" at the end of World War II. His motion duplicated that made at the end of World War I

765. What was "Operation Dynamo" & who commanded it? "Operation Dynamo" was the code word for the evacuation of Dunkirk, commanded by Admiral Bertram Ramsey.

766. What was the Political Warfare Executive and who directed it? It was the highest policy authority on all matters of British propaganda and was run by Robert H. Bruce Lockhart, reporting to Churchill.

767. What was the G.C. & C.S. and where was it located? The Government Code and Cipher School responsible for cracking and reading enemy codes was at Bletchley Park, an estate in Buckinghamshire.

768. What did Churchill and Lord Fisher do in 1913 to increase the speed of British dreadnoughts? Based on a study by a Royal Commission headed by Lord Fisher, Churchill authorized the conversion of new battleships from coal to oil.

784. Which American politician accompanied Churchill to Moscow to tell Stalin there would not be a Second Front in 1942? Averell Harriman

788. What was General Montgomery's response when Churchill wanted to address the 21st Army Group on the evening of D-Day? General Montgomery did not allow Churchill to address the troops.

790. Who was Lord President of the Council in Churchill's War Cabinet in May 1940? Neville Chamberlain

792. What was the name of Churchill's headquarters at the ARGONAUT Conference and where was it located? ARGONAUT was the codeword for the Big Three at Yalta; Churchill's headquarters was the 100-year-old Vorontsov Villa, located in Alupka.

798. Who replaced Vice-Admiral Sackville Hamilton Carden as Commander-in-Chief of the Dardanelles Naval Forces? Rear Admiral John de Robeck was promoted when Cardon collapsed under strain.

804. What was Churchill's first military award? The Spanish Cross of the Order of Military Merit was granted to him on 6 December 1895 by Gen. Valdez, Chief of the Spanish Army in Cuba.

810. Who coined the phrase: "Now the hour had come for him [Churchill] to mobilize the English language and send it into battle"? Edward R. Morrow coined the phrase "to send the English language into battle."

816. Who became First Lord of the Admiralty when Churchill became Prime Minister? A.V. Alexander on 11 May 1940

822. How did Churchill improve the firepower of the five dreadnoughts for the 1912 Naval program? The new dreadnoughts had 15-inch guns, replacing the previous design using 13.5-inch guns. (828) (834) (840)

828. From 1901 to 1903 Churchill spoke out strongly against proposed Army reforms by Secretary of State for War St. John Brodrick. What was Churchill’s reasoning? Churchill recognized that the Brodrick proposal would significantly reduce the importance of the Navy and could strategically influence future British foreign policy.

834. Who was the British scientist whom Churchill called "the man who broke the bloody Beam"? Professor R V. Jones, Head of 56entific Intelligence on Britain's Air Staff, was the man responsible for breaking Germany's new bomber navigational beam system, which was able to direct Luftwaffe aircraft with devastating accuracy.

840. When Gen. Eisenhower was under considerable pressure from Churchill to occupy Berlin before the Russians, he wrote to Gen. Marshall: "I am the first to admit that a war is waged in pursuance of ". Can you complete the quotation? Eisenhower wrote, "I am the first to admit that a war is waged in pursuance of political aims."

846. Who accused Churchill of plotting with Jewish financiers to manipulate stock exchanges by issuing false communique on the battle of Jutland in World War I? Lord Alfred Douglas

852. In his despatch from Inayat Kila, Churchill describes a British infantry attacking with Lee-Metford rifles. What was their (approx.) effective range when ouffitted with a dial sight? 2900 yards

858. Who notified Churchill of Germany’s unconditional surrender? Gen. Eisenhower telephoned Gen. Ismay, who called John Martin, Churchill’s PPS. Martin didn’t want to wake the PM, so next morning Capt. Richard Pirn, in charge of the map room, brought the news to WSC.

864. What was Operation CATAPULT? The seizure of French ships in British ports and the action against French ships at Oran in July

870. What uniform did Churchill wear at his meeting with Roosevelt at Argentia in August 1941? The naval uniform of an Elder Brother of Trinity House, a double breasted, brass buttoned jacket and military cap with small round insignia.

876. Who captured Churchill during the Boer War? Field Cornet Sarel Oosthuizen, not Louis Botha, captured Churchill

882. On 27 April 1941 Churchill wrote about war: "There is only one thing certain about war......" What was "certain"? "...that it is full of disappointments and also full of mistakes."

888. On what occasion did Churchill send the following message to General Wilson: "This is a time to think of Clive and Peterborough and of Rooke's men taking Gibraltar." Message sent to Gen. Wilson on 13 September 1943, suggesting the capture of Rhodes.

894. Whom did Lord Louis Mountbatten replace, when he was appointed Commodore and Advisor Combined Operations on 19 October 1941? Admiral Roger Keyes, DCO

900. What was the Calais Mutiny? On 30 January 1919, 5000 British troops, who had just arrived from England, mutinied and demanded to be sent back at once.

906. What was Operation "Catherine"? The proposed fleet action by specially strengthened surface ships in the Baltic, in the winter of 1939-1940.

912. In September 1942 a German decrypt showed that the 8th Army knew the outline and original date of the Alam el Halfa attack. Whom did Churchill blame as being too free with Enigma intelligence information? General Montgomery in using Italian POW statements too often as cover source for intelligence information.

918. In WSC's comment on the Polish Fighter Squadron, how many Frenchmen was one Pole worth? Three Frenchmen

924. What was Sir Roger Keyes's position during the Dardanelles affair? Naval Chief of Staff

930. What was Operation "Felix"? A German plan to seize Gibraltar

936. Whom did Churchill characterize when he said, "It was by men like him in whom fire and force of valiance burnt, that our Island was guarded during perilous centuries"? On 26 Dec 1945, at the death of Admiral of the Fleet Sir Roger Keyes.

942. What was the code name for the Dunkirk evacuation? "Dynamo"

948. In which article, published in September 1924, did Churchill consider the effects of atom bombs delivered by missiles against cities, military installations and naval yards? Shall We All Commit Suicide?, published in Nashr Pall Mall in September 1924, Churchill wrote: "Might not a bomb no bigger than an orange be found to possess secret power to destroy a whole block of buildings nay, to blast a township at a stroke? Could not explosives.., be guided automatically in flying machines...?"

954. What were Germany’s two greatest errors in World War I, according to Churchill? Invading Belgium, because it brought Britain into the War; and waging unrestricted submarine warfare, because it brought the U. S. into the War.

960. At the height of the Battle of Britain WSC commented: "We must regard the generalship here shown as an example of genius in the art of war." Who was the genius? Air Marshal Dowding and his direction of Fighter Command.

966. What kind of vessel did the U.S. Navy name Winston S. Churchill and launch on 17 April 1999? A guided missile destroyer

972. Of whom did Churchill say, "He is the only man who could have lost the War in an afternoon."? Admiral John Jellicoe 's contributions to the success of World War I

978. Where and when did Winston Churchill say, "The story of the human race is War. Except for brief and precarious interludes, there has never been peace in the world"? The quotation is from "Shall We All Commit Suicide?" in Thoughts and Adventures (Amid These Storms), page 245).

984. Prior to D-Day Churchill ordered Bomber Command to execute the "Zuckerman plan." What was it? It stressed concentrated, precise attacks on rail targets in France prior to the D-Day invasion.

Questions from FH104

990. In one of his articles, Churchill wrote about a war: "The French not yet revised, the British water-logged, the Americans remote. Thus the year closed." What year was it? 1917

996. The young Churchill wrote a letter to his mother about a sham battle he participated in with about 12,000 regular troops. His "army" consisted of 3500 men, two batteries of guns and a regiment of cavalry. Did Churchill's troops win or lose? Winston was attending Harrow and the sham battle was held at Aldershot, attended by 1300 boys from public schools and about 11,000 regulars. Churchill's troop lost; the attacking force was 8000 strong.

1002. Which famous battle was Churchill referring to when he wrote about "the looseness and flexibility of all formations.....and the encircling movement of the Allies, foreshadowing [the battle of] Tannenberg"? Marlborough's victory over the French at Oudenarde, Belgium in 1708.

1008. In his speech in Liverpool on 23 April 1901, Churchill criticized St. John Brodrick's Army Reform. What were his three critiques? "It would be ineffective, and would not make the Army stronger; it was bad value for the money; and if anything deserved increased expenditure it was the Navy and not the Army."

1014. What British territory in Europe was occupied by the Germans during World War II? Channel Islands (Jersey, Guernsey, Herm, Sarlk and Alderney)

1020. In what early speech did Churchill warn that the the wars of peoples will be more terrible than those of kings"? in his speech on Army Reform on 13 May 1901 in the House of Commons.

1026. In which underground railway station did Churchill sleep four times during the Blitz? Churchill slept four times at London Transport Executive Underground Headquarters, at the now discontinued Down Street subway station on the Picadilly Line.

1032. What was the code name for the British attack on the French naval vessels at Oran? CATAPULT

1038. In 1995 what U.S. Secretary of the Navy made the decision to name a guided-missile destroyer after Winston Churchill? John Dalton was the Secretary of the Navy who acted (perhaps with higher-up urging) to name a U.S. Navy ship after Churchill.

1042. Who was the first to tell Churchill of the German attack on Poland on 1 September 1939? through a telephone call from the Polish Ambassador, Count Raczynski

1044. How many Royal Navy ships were named Winston Churchill? Two Royal Navy ships were named Winston Churchill: a former U.S. destroyer in 1941 and a nuclear submarine in 1968.

1050. What was Churchill's comment when notified of Italy's declaration of war? "People who go to Italy to look at ruins won't have to go as far as Naples and Pompeii in the future."

1056. How did Churchill define the Royal Air Force? "The RAF is the cavalry of modern war."

1062. Where did Churchill comment, "Victory is the beautiful, bright coloured flower. Transport is the stem without which it could never have blossomed"? The River War

1068. What was Churchill's 1944 reply when asked in the Commons how to avoid the mistakes made after World War I? "I am sure the mistakes made at that time will not be repeated; we shall probably make another set of mistakes."

1073. Who asked the Admiralty to undertake home defence against aerial attack about a month after the start of WW1? moved from section on Statesman Lord Kitchener

1074. What Churchill proposal on 23 September 1914 influenced trench warfare? moved from section on Statesman On 23Sep14, Churchill proposed for the first time formally, to begin work on a "trench spanning car."

1080. What was Churchill appointed to command on New Year's Day 1916? a Battalion of the 6th Royal Scots Fusiliers

Questions from 108

1086. To which volunteer regiment did Gen. Redvers Buller assign Churchill after he returned to the Boer War following his escape? Gen. Buller gave Churchill a commission in the South African Light Horse, commanded by Col. Byng.

1092. Who were the "Cockyolibirds"? Also known as "Bingo’s own," they were members of the South African Light Horse regiment commanded by Col. Julian Byng, so named because of the colored plumes from the tail of the sakabulu bird, worn on the slouch hat.

1098. What was the Knickebein System employed by the German Air Force? a method of beam navigation which could fix a target by intersecting beam

1104. On 4 June 1940, after Dunkirk, Churchill gave his famous speech "We shall fight on the beaches...." As the House of Commons cheered, what did Churchill whisper in an aside to a colleague? "...and we’ll fight them with the butt ends of broken beer bottles, because that’s bloody well all we’ve got."

1110. When Churchill was Minister of Munitions during World War I, who was his counterpart in the U.S. War Industries Board? Bernard Baruch was Chairman of the U. S. War Industries Board

1116. What wartime anchorage did Churchill select for the British Fleet when he became First Lord of the Admiraltyin 1911? Scapa Flow

1122. When some of the troops rioted after the end of World War I, Churchill, as Secretary of State for War and Air, decided on the "eligibility for discharge." What was it? Eligibility for discharge after WW1 was at first limited to men who had fought more than two years and was based on age, length of service and wounds.

1128. When did Churchill write this? "Russia is a long way off We on the other hand have just finished an important & expensive war against the Germans. We have won this war. We do not want to have a new war." Churchill wrote this memorandum saying "Russia is a long way off" at the end of 1918.

1134. Which company built the USS Winston S. Churchill? Bath [Maine] Iron Works

1140. The British provided the Soviets with supplies during World War II, even though the convoys experienced significant losses. What percentage of losses did Churchill consider acceptable? up to 50% as acceptable

1146. What was the code-name for the operation Churchill wanted to open in Norway? "Jupiter"

1152. How did Churchill keep the Dominion governments informed on the progress of the war? Churchill sent Dominion PMs personal communications, a "Weekly Résume" and daily progress reports on war operations prepared by the Chiefs of Staff; and summaries of Cabinet papers.

1158. Churchill first discussed an attack on the Dardanelles in November 1914. What rationale did he offer for it? "the best way of defending Egypt was an attack on some or part of the coast of Asiatic Turkey."

1164. When Churchill wrote, "Is this always to be our method of war and conquest - blunders, follies, bloodshed, an ill-timed or ill-concerned expedition, useless heroism and withdrawal, and then afterwards a great army striking an overwhelming blow?," to what battle was he referring? reconquering the Sudan in The River War.

1169. In Parliament in March 1935, Sir Herbert Samuel described Churchill as "a Malay run amok." What was the cause of the criticism? for urging the Government to redouble the Royal Air Force.

1170. What did WSC consider the "principal milestones in secular history"? battles

1176. After World War I, Churchill and Lloyd George differed on what to do with the German Kaiser. What were their respective recommendations? Lloyd George was for hanging the Kaiser, while Churchill was against. 

1182. Who is the Commanding Officer of USS Winston S. Churchill? Cdr. Michael T. Franken

1188. When was Churchill told to leave the Admiralty? 27 May 1915

1194. To what regiment was Churchill attached in World War I? 2nd Battalion of the Grenadier Guards for training

1200. What was the operation code-named "Moonlight Sonata"? German air attacks on 18 Nov 1940 against targets including Coventry.

1212. On 31 January 1947, what did Churchill say in Parliament about dealings with terrorism? Churchill commented: "No country in the world is less fit for a conflict with terrorists than Great Britain. That is not because of her weakness or cowardice; it is because of her restraint and virtues, and the way of life in which we have lived so long on this sheltered island."

1218. Whom did Churchill send to Singapore in September 1941 to give him a personal report on the situation? Churchill sent Duff Cooper to Singapore to provide him a personal report. Unfortunately Duff Cooper issued no warnings of Singapore's military weakness during the three months before its invasion.

1224. The English and Austrian Armies under the Duke of Marlborough and Prince Eugene defeated the French and Bavarians at Blenheim in the War of the Spanish Succession. Was the victory at Blenheim in the 16th, 17th or 18th century? The Blenheim victory was in the 18th century, 13 August 1704.

1230. What was "Operation Sledgehammer"? The plan for landing in France in 1942.

Questions from 114

236. During WW2 Churchill and Roosevelt were advised by what three Chiefs of Staff Committees? (W)

1242. The Africa Star was authorized for service on only one Mediterranean island. What island was it? (W)

1248. Who was the Major General commanding the Malakand Field Force, a descendant of a Colonel who attempted to steal the Crown Jewels in 1671? (W)

1254. When Churchill flew to Cairo in August 1942 he decided to replace Gen.
Auchinleck, commander of the Eighth Army. Who was selected first, and who finally got the job? (W)


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