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Judge Dismisses Case Against Summit County Attorney
A judge has dismissed a court case accusing Summit County's top law enforcement officer of living above the law.
Investigation has Lawmaker Trying to Help Owners of Meth Homes
The meth mess -- an innocent family, caught in the middle, barred from their home by the county health department.
Real Estate Investors Want to Know What Happened to their Money
Hundreds of millions of dollars gone, now hundreds of investors want to know where it all went. Investors, even those too afraid to go on camera, asked Eyewitness News to investigate.
State Takes Action Against Who's Who Book
Last week, we talked to a Roy mother fed-up by the never-ending nominations for her son to be in the book, "Who's Who Among American High School Students." Problem is, her son is now a college sophomore.
Local Politics
Candidates Vying for Position in Mayoral Race
Election time is coming soon, in Salt Lake City at least. Voters will go to the polls to elect a new mayor, and the candidates are all positioning themselves in comparison to the man leaving office.
SL Mayoral Debate Available Online
Candidates hoping to replace Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson will debate tonight, and voters will be able to watch without leaving home.
Poll: Small Things Make a Big Difference in S.L. Mayor's Race
Candidates for Salt Lake City mayor are looking to make themselves stand out. The results of an exclusive poll confirm the one thing that makes a difference when it comes to a favorable impression.
Eyewitness News Today
Weather Trivia 08/27/07
Actor Paul Reubens, better known as Pee- Wee Herman... turns 55 today. In a 1999 film... he played a second class superhero called, "The Spleen"?
Doug Wright on Eyewitness News Today 08/27/07
Mine president Bob Murray is offering local laid off mine workers... jobs out of state. Legitimate concern for his employees or simple an attempt for some good PR?
Rise & Shine with Greg Wrubell 08/27/07 Part 2
Eagles and Steelers head to head on Sunday Night Football featuring some BYU ties. Plus, Team USA's dominance continues on the hardwood. And, the answer to the Liberty Bell Brain Bender.
Rise & Shine with Greg Wrubell 08/27/07 Part 1
Another tough los for ReAL Salt Lake and a fantastic finish at the Little League World Series. Plus a Liberty Bell Brain Bender.
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Latest Local News
Weather Hampers Efforts at Mine
Bad weather turned frail hopes into disappointment for the families of six trapped miners in Emery County. Heavy rain hampered the latest rescue-recovery strategy.
Aug 27th - 10:00pm | Read More |      Audio |      Video [ 129 Comments ]
Researchers to Study Health Benefits of Grape Juice
The French enjoy rich foods but still have a lower rate of coronary heart disease than we do in the U.S. Is it the glass of wine, or something that's in it?
Aug 27th - 9:35pm | Read More |      Video
Couple Charged in Weekend Kidnapping of 5-year-old Girl
Since she's back home, 5-year-old Jasmine Spens seems to be doing OK. Her grandma says she just wants Jasmine to feel safe.
Aug 27th - 9:30pm | Read More |      Video [ 1 Comment ]
Woman Begins Petition in Support of Coal Industry
The wife of a miner in Price says she wants the government to hear the concerns she and other residents have.
Aug 27th - 9:21pm | Read More |      Video [ 2 Comments ]
Rare Fish Find New Home in Utah Lake
Thousands of a rare species of fish found a new home today in Utah Lake. The survival of this fish means a lot for the lake's future.
Aug 27th - 6:15pm | Read More |      Video [ 6 Comments ]
Mayoral Candidates Debate Future of Salt Lake City
Today, the top four candidates talked about their ideas for business development.
Aug 27th - 6:06pm | Read More |      Audio |      Video [ 28 Comments ]
19-year-old Man Confesses to Molesting a Boy
A 9-year-old boy is lured by a stranger and molested in North Ogden.
Aug 27th - 6:05pm | Read More |      Video [ 41 Comments ]
Seismologist Made First 911 Call After Mine Collapse
Exactly three weeks after the cave-in, more details are emerging about the early hours of the crisis at the Crandall Canyon mine.
Aug 27th - 5:30pm | Read More |      Audio |      Video [ 35 Comments ]
Provo Group Seeks Property Tax Reform
With rising home values along the Wasatch Front, there's a call for property tax reform, like what they did in California more than 25 years ago.
Aug 27th - 5:12pm | Read More |      Audio [ 2 Comments ]
Thieves Find New Way to Steal Personal Information
Hackers have found a new way to steal credit and debit card information.
Aug 27th - 5:00pm | Read More |      Audio [ 1 Comment ]
Romney Launches "Rally for Romney" Nationwide
Josh Romney was in Utah today to announce the launch of the national grassroots effort called "Rally for Romney."
Aug 27th - 4:38pm | Read More |      Video [ 19 Comments ]
Skyscraper to be Built in Salt Lake City
Hamilton Partners, Inc., will break ground tomorrow afternoon for the new 222 South Main Office Tower.
Aug 27th - 4:29pm | Read More |      Video [ 16 Comments ]
Westminster Honors Environmental Pledge With Solar Panels
Westminster College is the first college campus in Utah to go solar, at least in part, anyway.
Aug 27th - 4:15pm | Read More |      Video [ 4 Comments ]
Huntsman Wants Critique of Feds in Mine Disaster
Governor Jon Huntsman told his mine safety panel to "get to the bottom" of the federal government's regulation of coal mines in Utah.
Aug 27th - 4:03pm | Read More |      Audio |      Video [ 51 Comments ]
Rancher Wants to Send 100 Tons of Hay to Wildfire Area
A northern Utah rancher is trying to round up 100 tons of hay for livestock producers whose range was destroyed in the state's largest wildfire.
Aug 27th - 3:28pm | Read More |      Video [ 5 Comments ]
Three People Rob and Shoot West Jordan Man
West Jordan police are looking for three people involved in a late night shooting.
Aug 27th - 3:23pm | Read More [ 22 Comments ]
Charges Dropped Against Former Officer
A former police officer in the polygamist communities of Colorado City and neighboring Hildale, Utah, won't go to trial next week.
Aug 27th - 1:25pm | Read More [ 46 Comments ]
Hatch to Replace U.S. Attorney General Gonzales?
Now that Alberto Gonzalez is out, what about Sen. Orrin Hatch for attorney general?
Aug 27th - 1:20pm | Read More |      Audio [ 23 Comments ]
Midvale Police Searching for Bank Robber
Police are looking for the man who robbed a Midvale bank this morning.
Aug 27th - 12:36pm | Read More |      Video [ 33 Comments ]
Six Months Later, Motive in Mall Shootings Unknown
A six-month investigation into the shooting rampage at Trolley Square failed to find a motive.
Aug 27th - 10:26am | Read More |      Audio |      Video [ 95 Comments ]
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