Gunnerkrigg Court
People I have met
Antimony Carver
So far, my experiences have been most strange at Gunnerkrigg Court. I will endeavour to keep record of the people I meet here and update when I learn more.
Katerina 'Kat' Donlan
Kat is the daughter of our form teacher, Mrs. Donlan. I find her to be outgoing and quite personable. I've never met many children my age until now, and I was happy when she introduced herself to me of her own accord. She has a modest Scottish accent, unlike her mother. To my surprise, Kat is vert adept at science and technology. This earned her first place in the Year 7 Science competition.
William 'Willie' Winsbury
I know little of this boy at this time. However, he seems to enjoy drawing attention to himself.
Paz is a Spanish exchange student at our school. I helped Mort scare her one evening.
'Zimmy' Zeta
Kat and I came across Zimmy and Gamma in the library before the science competition. She seems boisterous and outspoken despite her size, but also a little defensive of her friend Gamma. Her entry into the science fair indicates that she is most likely a lot more intelligent than she portrays herself.
Gamma barely spoke in the short time I've known her so far, but I think she is from Poland. She seems quite shy, which is a definite contrast to Zimmy. I also think she may be slightly older than the rest of us, so I'm not sure how she came to be friends with Zimmy if she is indeed from a higher year.
Mrs. Donlan
Our form teacher and Kat's mother. Mrs. Donlan appears to be of Romani descent. She, along with Mr. Eglamore and her husband were friends with my parents when they were younger.
Mister Eglamore is our games teacher. I think Kat may have taken a fancy to him. He seems to be some sort of dragon slayer. He rescued me from Reynardine.
Mr. Donlan
Kat's father, and Mrs. Donlan's husband. Mr. Donlan is also a science teacher, but does not take us for any classes. Perhaps he only teaches the higher years? He hides behind peculiar eyeglasses, and is stern, yet likeable.
Dr. Disaster
Doctor Disaster is the saviour of the universe, apparently.
I encountered Shadow2 in my first week attending the school. He is literally a creature that acts as a shadow. I'm not sure why he is in the Court, and not with the other shdow men across the bridge.
I made Robot out of spare parts I found by chance. He was able to walk across the bridge between the Court and Gillittie Wood, taking Shadow2 back home. He seems to have decided not to come back. I currently do not know where he is.
Basil, The Minotaur
Kat and I came across Basil in a hidden labyrinth, accessible through the library. He was kind enough to help us with our homework.
This was a creatured called a Rogat Orjak. He was called Sivo, and was a friend of Mr.Eglamore's. Reynardine took over his body and killed him.

Reynardine is some sort of demon that is currently residing in an old toy of mine. Luckily I seem to have some sort of control over him but this does not stop him acting like "a grade A jerkface", as Kat would say.
After homework one evening, I came across this ghost. He seemed a little inexperienced at his job, so I was able to offer him some advice so that he may better scare people.
Suicide Fairies
I met these Regional Fairies at the bottom of the ravine, near the Annan waters. They promptly asked me to kill them. It seems they needed to pass some sort of test to enter Gunnerkrigg Court. I know that if I ever see them again they will have succeeded in ending their lives as fairies.
A Ghost With A Sword
Shortly before being rescued by Kat, this ghost appeared. She held a swept handled rapier with which she was intent on attacking me. I do not know who she is or why she is at the bottom of the ravine.