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Books, Listed by Author

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BLAIR, CYNTHIA (continued)

BLAIR, ERIC (Arthur) (1903-1950); see pseudonym George Orwell (stories)

BLAIR, JOHN M. (1961- )

BLAKE, KATHERINE; pseudonym of Dorothy J. Heydt (stories) (assoc.)

BLAKE, STERLING; pseudonym of Gregory Benford, (1941- ) (stories)

BLAKENEY, JAY D.; pseudonym of Deborah Ann Chester, (1957- )


BLANCHE, JOHN (stories) (assoc.)

BLATTY, WILLIAM PETER (1928- ) (stories) (assoc.)

BLAYLOCK, JAMES P(aul) (1950- ) (stories) (assoc.)

BLECKER, RHODA; see pseudonym Roby James (stories)

BLEDSOE, GLEN, ed. (stories)

BLEDSOE, KAREN, ed. (stories)

BLEICH, (Judah) DAVID (1936- )

BLEILER, EVERETT F(ranklin) (1920- ) (stories) (assoc.)
_____, ed.

BLISH, JAMES (Benjamin) (1921-1975) (stories) (assoc.)

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