Transport Infrastructure Development Corporation

Project Profile
The Liverpool Turnback project involves the construction of an additional 1.3 km of new track around Liverpool Station with a new platform to suit.

Current Situation

Liverpool Station is the major regional rail station and bus-rail interchange in south western Sydney.  It has three platforms – two serving the main lines and one serving a terminating track on the eastern side of the station.

There is limited space to terminate and then stable trains at Liverpool Station.  Services terminating and starting at Liverpool currently use a variety of operational configurations, including in some cases the use of the main line platforms. Delays on one service almost immediately affect a number of other services.

Scope of Works

  • Construction 1.3km of new track.
  • Construction of a new side platform, including an extension of the overhead concourse and footbridge.
  • Provision of a lift and stairs for access to new platform as well as a driver’s facility.
  • Relocation and installation of overhead wiring to suit new layout.
  • Modification of the existing signalling system and extension of communications systems. 
  • New single track viaduct and bridge over Shepherd Street, earthworks and drainage to suit. 
  • Installation of noise barriers.
  • Subway under new track.


The provision of an outside passing loop will allow better utilisation of the existing lines, resulting in an improved turnback facility at Liverpool Station.  This will:

  • Provide additional capacity, supporting growth in services.
  • Provide greater flexibility in the timetable to absorb delays in one service without impacting on other services (including freight); and
  • Increase the likelihood of services starting from Liverpool on time.

Passengers will receive more frequent and reliable services during peak periods.

Project Status

The Liverpool Turnback project is currently in the environmental assessment stage.

Once complete, the environmental impact assessment will be available for public comment.

Should planning approval be granted, construction would commence in mid-2007 and be complete by late 2009.