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No one can tell you where the heart of the forest is, but Manjimup must be close.

The trees in the far South West are a treasure, and at 80m tall there are claims that the Karri is the second biggest tree in the world. The area invokes an earlier time, when humans hadn’t completely subdued the world around us. The trees which dominate the landscape have been the economic lifeblood of the town, but this is problematic at present.

The Timber industry is undergoing a restructure which is hurting many small operators but the quality of timber is high and the industry will be important for a long time. As the restructure takes hold, making a living is presenting a challenge to many Manjimup people, but like Collie before it, Manjimup is facing the challenge by developing a broader economy.

  manjimup wa
Photo courtesy of the
Manjimup Shire Council

This has happened before, with a number of significant industries rising and falling in Manjimup. Perhaps the most notable was the tobacco industry which in the 1950s was worth literally millions of dollars, but for reasons that most people accept as good, fell away by the 1960s.

This is a town of people who have determined that this is a good place to live and they’re making the most of life. New industries are important but the lifestyle and the relationships seem to be the big drawcard. This is evidenced by what seems to be a flow of people into the town who are retiring there or winding down, and have chosen to be there because they have ties through family or through happy history there.

A brief talk with the community development officer with the shire will reveal the impressive number of festivals and events that come out of what is still a small community…… but if life is to be all it can, you have to do the things that are good.

Population Around 4000 (Manjimup shire council)
Distance to Perth 306km
Distance to Bunbury 124km
Distance to beach Around 70km. Some spectacular coast can be reached on 4wd tracks in less distance, but get directions from a local and watch the conditions.
Annual Rainfall Approx 1000mm
Schools 3 Primary schools, 2 Senior High schools (to Year 12), TAFE Centre, Education support unit.
Police Police station
Health Services 83 bed hospital, aged care facilities, 2 medical centres, 2 dentists, child heath centre, Ambulance.
Shops 4 Banks, Supermarket, and a range of speciality stores
Sport Sport is an important part of life in Manjimup, and a very diverse range of sporting associations exist for juniors and seniors - including Soccer, Basketball, Netball, Australian Rules (six teams in the shire), Shooting, Motorsport, Hockey, Cycling, Bowls Golf, and much more.
Other Facilities Recreation ground, Police & Citizens Youth Club, Library, and Airstrip.
Major Industries Manjimup is arguably the centre of the forestry industry, and there are still significant operations in that industry. Plantation timbers will clearly have to take over from natural forest over time. There are 13 vineyards in the local area, and horticulture is an important and well established industry. Value adding to horticultural product is important.


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