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AHS home page On this page we will attempt to provide for ex students a central point of contact for those who wish to exchange E-mails or post items of interest to those of that particular year group

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The newly formed Albury High Ex-Students Association is the initiative of the School Council to promote the formal establishment of an association for past students. The aim of the association is to link ex-students to the school, and the many friends they may have lost touch with. The webpage has been established with the help of students from Albury TAFE. This webpage will serve as a communication base between the committee, school and ex-students. It will house a database with ex-students’ information, message boards, reunion details etc. similar to The association is collating information on ex-students, teachers and staff who wish to have their details published on the website. Please note that privacy regulations will be complied with.

Persons wishing to provide their details should contact Albury High School by email - or phone 02 60213488 and leave details such as:

  • full name, including previous names if applicable
  • details of the years that they were at Albury High School
  • what year/form they were in when they left
  • address
  • telephone numbers
  • email address.
This page - email me - Andrew King by clicking on the button above, with a contact address, It will be posted on this page or on linked pages as the idea develops. The year noted is the graduation year (yr12) of that cohort.

Year of 2004

Peter Gentle

Year of 2003

Matt Boyd
Curtis Landon

Year of 2002

Tim Holmes
Joel Murray (years 9-11)
Loarna Pinch
Anthony Stuart Reid
Lauri Sakulas (Left in yr 11 - 2001)

Year of 2001

Asher Baker
Tristan Beard (left in yr 9)
Samantha Boyd
Luci Chapman
Jon Couston
Tom Docking
Rodney Emmett
James Ferguson 152 Princeton Ave, Adamstown Heights 2289 - 04174643654 or 0249421432
Kristel Forbes-Droulers
Madeline Gray
Erin Haynes
Brenton Jervois
Lauren Jacobs
Louise Keamy studying pharmacy at monash in melbourne. My home address is 21 Rosedale Drive, Albury 2640 My mobile: 0412328666
Clinton Kilday
Craig Lewis
Tegan Lithgow
Kyle Mackey-Laws
Lisa Merkesteyn 31 Reiby Street Newtown NSW 2042 M:0422 235 594
Jessie McSpadden
Alison Milliken
Alisha Mitchell
Megan Nemeth
Skye Roberts
Hannah Robertson
Camilla Christian (nee Smith)
Matilda Smith
Travis Spencer
Carrie Sutherland
Clint Twentyman ( Ilsley) I left in yr 10, Graduation yr would’ve been 2001, 3/658 New South Head Road, Rose Bay Sydney, 2029.  Mobile: 0432 368 601
Natasha Wade
Kristy Worsnop

Year of 2000

Rebecca Barker
Annabelle Celloe (aka - patty newman)
Claire Donovan
Fleur Cooper
Josh Giblin
Alice Jackson
Sarah Joos
Catherine Lee
Charles Sarroff

Year of 1999

Michelle Alexander
Jodie Gibson (Nee Leane)
James Mellington
Milton Miles
Jessica Sookero
Brent Walter

Year of 1998

Karina Caton (left at end of yr9)
Cameron Holmes
Andrew Jones
J Kendal (left in yr 11 '97)
(Frederick) James Leyland
Louise Merkesteyn
Nathan O'Mara

Year of 1997

1997 student reunion is being planned. Send in your contact details via the email links on this page OR to Ollie Bennett so we can send you the details.
Richard Aplin
Ollie Bennett
Ben Cornock
Kristy Parker
Brooke Pitson
Narelle Sherwill (nee Huntley) Left in yr 10
Melissa Warry

Year of 1996

Kirsty Adams
Damien Barber
Belinda Briggs (nee Fraser)
Damian Cox & Tamara Cox (nee Edwards)
Keith Groves
Craig Higgs
Toui Lepkhammany
Edward Leyland
Michelle Rae (nee Gowland)
Paul Taylor

Year of 1995

Charmaine Carter
Paul Clowry
Leanne Jolly
Shelly Mildren -left in yr 11
Lisa Odewahn
Stefan Osterberg
Vippen Sami
Jay Stern
Trent Webb
Brandt Westerdale
Jonathan Whittlesea - Left at the end of year 11
Kristie Zacher

Year of 1994

Dean Berger (left in yr 11)
Michelle Butt
Sally Comitti
Natalie Cutler
Susan Dawson
Naomi Douglas
Kylie Farrell
Anthony Hardham
Simone Hague
Kirrily Hoare
Bradleigh Howard
Lynda Joyce
Natasha Martin (nee Gowland)
Kate Reid
Michelle Rixon
Elissa Sigmund
Michelle Tanner
Stephen Voss

Year of 1993

Terri Bessell (Phalp)
Parag Gandhi
Christina Lavis
Tania Laurence-Rogers (left in yr9)
Joanna Owen (Gostelow)
Kylee Power
Pat. Sourivong
Cameron Thompson

Year of 1992

Neroli Butt
James Cartledge
Toryn Chapman
Jade Clark
Colin Dedourek
Stewart Devine
Peter Drew
Jonathan Evans
Kellie Frost (nee Dihood)
Natasha Gayfer
Nick Grylewicz
Matthew Hardinge
Juanita Hoare

Natalie Kaspers
Dean Keeble
Alison Langdon
Alex Leyland
Megan McCall (nee Brown)
Serge Mitchell
Daniel Owen
Chris Pearman
Emma Potts
Martin Smith
Martin Szakal
Eloise (Elle) Weber - 1987 - 1990 (left year 10)
Melissa Woodall
Jo Zerbst

Year of 1991

Shane Bonser
Rod Drayton (left '87 - moved to Sydney)
Brad Godson
Carla Kruger (Nee Higgins)110 Diana Cres, Postmans Ridge, QLD 4352 Phone: 0401047454
Samantha Leonard
Jerome Lüpkes I am currently living in Bremen, Germany, working as a software engineer in the music recording industry.
Toby Mitchell
Simon Severin
Mykel Taylor
Tracee Thompson
Adam Wedlock

Year of 1990

Brad "Sharky" George address - P.O. Box 1005, Griffith NSW 2680  telephone numbers - (0437) 624-743    Now working on-air at 99.7 StarFM Griffith, Still a mad Collingwood fan
Charles Leyland
Mark Moran (Gooey)
Grant Sproule + Vicki Sproule (Nee Stewart)

Year of 1989

Jeff Drayton (left '87 - family moved to Sydney)

Year of 1988

Yvette Adams (left in 1986)
Cameron Duffy
Kathryn Kovac
Michael Matuschka
Mark Robertson (yrs7 - 10)

Year of 1987

Paul Dumble
Amanda Harris
Grant Quinlan - 1988 Year 11 (Left halfway through the year)
Kim May (nee Mellis) Address: 24 Marlin Place Anna Bay NSW 2316 Ph: 02 49822357 Mob: 401138843
Michelle O'Toole
Tony Poupa (yrs 7 & 8)
Jillian Schliebs (nee Hetherton)

Year of 1986

Julie Carr
Anthony Chamberlain (left in yr11 in '85)
Brooke Costello
Ian Loom
Richard Plane
Karen Pontt (nee Paterson) 6 Percival Court, Albury
Melissa Shaw (nee Kettyle)

Year of 1985

Karen Crossley
Angela (Harris) Cook
Steve Jaksetic Attended from 1983 (yr 9) to 1985 (Yr 12)  Current address is 193 Fletcher Street, Albury Contact Numbers 0409 877 886 or 6041 1828  or
Jane Lloyd
Anthony May Address: 24 Marlin Place Anna Bay NSW 2316 Ph: 02 49822357 Mob: 401138842
Cheryl Ormerod (nee Kinder) (left in yr 11)
Jenny Taylor (Laity) (yrs 9 & 10)

Year of 1984

Jason Ah Sam

Year of 1983

Troy Dooley (left in yr 8 in '79)
Joel Dougherty (left in yr 11)
Leanne Ford (left in Year 10)
Sharon Hocking (nee Browne)
John Lieber
Darrel and Shaneen (Stephens) Mills
Fiona Myers
Peter Ratcliffe (Left school year 11 1982)

Year of 1982

Jonathan Gould 4811 Registry Drive NW, Kennesaw (Atlanta). GA. USA 30152
Leila Holden (left in yr 10)
Mitch White

Year of 1981

Todd Armstrong (Exchange student from Canada in year 11 - 1980)
Michael Bartram
Ann Bartram (nee Currie)
Lawrence Joy

Year of 1980

Cameron Clode
Lynda Ellis
Michael Magelakis
Karin Christine Sedhoff

Year of 1979

Julian Jakobs
Faye Taylor (nee Anderson)

Year of 1978

William Coulston Witch Hazel Farm , 23 Mauku Lane,  Mamaku, Rotorua, NZ

Year of 1977

Robert Hall
David Myers
Charette Sian (Rotary Exchange student of rotary club of Albury West and attended classes at Albury High in the year 1976)

Year of 1976

Stephen Anastasi I enjoyed AHS so much, I repeated year 12. Phone: 07 49393396 Living in Yeppoon, Queensland.
Peter Haberecht
Robert (Bob) Hawker Year commenced 1973, Year 9.  Year departed school 1975, Year 11. (Incomplete) Current email: and / or Current home phone number 03 9879 9994 Current mobile number 0403 242 582 Current address: 8 Alder Court, Park Orchards. 3114. Australia.
Brad Keiser I attended Albury High School from the spring of 1975 through the winter of 1976.  This was a period coincident with a standard United States school year.  I should be entered into the graduating class of 1976.    I was very fortunate to be selected as a Rotary Exchange Student from Lander, Wyoming, USA.  I have many fond memories of that year and attribute much of who I am today to experiences gained there.
Jenelle Morgan (nee Friday)
Mark Wilson

Year of 1975

Anthony Gould
Adrian Glamorgan (nee Stevens)
Dean Quilty
Peter Thompson (Left yr 10 1973) Current Address is 29 Gatwick Street – Stafford, Brisbane 4053 - Phone No. 07 33501880 0417713576

Year of 1974

The 1974 year is planning to have a 30 year reunion in 2004. Date to be finalised. Please contact Margaret Mitchell (Frey) on 0407-293-016
Margaret Mitchell (Frey)
Roger Schnelle

Year of 1973

Kathryn Anne

Year of 1972


Year of 1971

Anne Maree Taylor (Nee Brown )

Year of 1970

Margaret Boyle (nee Jones)
Geoff Wilson I attended AHS from 1965 to 1970. I was AHS boys school captain in 1970. My family and I moved to Qld in 1989. I am now the member for Ferny Grove in the Qld Parliament. I would like to stay in touch with my old school . I have very fond memories of my time at AHS. I can also be contacted through my website-

Year of 1967

Merilyn Irons (Adamshurst Hostel)

Year of 1966

Neil Douglas(Boys Hostel)
Virginia June Portingale 100 Hastings Parade, Bondi NSW 2026 Tel (w) 02 9389 0799 (h) 02 91303761 

Year of 1965

Ric Munro
Howard Whitton

Year of 1964

David Frost (present for 1960-1962)

Year of 1963

Carl Atchison (repeated last year + '64)

Year of 1962

MERVYN [ Merv ]

Year of 1960

Robert Ashley (Bob) Prater

Year of 1959

Wally Smith

Year of 1957

Bruce Frederick Jackson

Year of 1953

Bruce Fraser
Bill Luders
We had a terrific reunion after 50 years in October 2003.
There are copies of a book produced for the occasion with life stories of most of the participants, photos of old classes,reunion program etc. plus a CD of over 200 photos taken during the event. These are in the school archives and available for inspection.

Year of 1952

Patricia Gould (Bromley)

Year of 1950


Year of 1948

Robert Alford
Nola Scott