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Explorer Ludwig Leichhardt passed through the area.
1858   Explorer Augustus Gregory passed through the area in search of traces of Leichhardt.
1861 Explorer Landsborough passed through the area in search of Burke and Wills.
1866   First grazing lease taken up.
1870 First mail run from Aramac to Cork Station.


First applications for land (Elderslie Station) were made by William Forsyth, followed by J Barry (Vindex Station).
1875 E. Bloomfield and J. Nisbet (Oondooroo Station) took up leases along with others on Bladensburg and Cork Stations. Settlement started at Pelican Waterhole. Memorial cairn on site.

Thomas Lynett established a business followed by Corfield and Fitzmaurice who established a shop on the present site.

Elderslie Street was established


Julius von Berger established the first chemist shop.

25-26 June the Never-Never Jockey club conducted a race meeting.

5 July, the town of Winton was gazetted.


Dr Spark arrived and the first hospital was built soon after. Cobb and Co began regular services to Winton.

A full time police presence was established.

1881   The Queensland National Bank and the Bank of New South Wales opened for business.
1882   The first state school was opened. The first Chinese people appeared in the town about this time.
1885 The first stock return was produced. The local newspaper "Winton Herald" commenced publication.
1887   The Winton Divisional Board was formed under the chairmanship of J. Riley.
1888   The first attempt was made to sink a town bore.
1891 Shearers went on strike at Vindex and Oondooroo Stations. Winton was under martial law with the presence of mounted infantry. The strikers were camped at "Brick Hill" South of the town and a memorial cairn now marks the site.

The Pastoral Association wanted to reduce wages for shearers from 20 shillings per 100 sheep to 17 shillings per 100 sheep.

17 June. A strike was ordered by the unionists. Martial law was reintroduced in Winton. More trouble occurred at Oondooroo Station.

3 July, "Ayrshire Downs" shearing shed was burned down and shots were fired.

4 July, An attempt was made to burn down "Oondooroo" shearing shed.

27 July, "Manuka" shearing shed was burned down.

2 September, "Dagworth Station" was attacked by a party of 16 men and the shearing shed was also burned down with the loss of 140 sheep.

17 September, The strike was called off.


Banjo Paterson visited Winton and "Dagworth Station".

April 6, The ballad "Waltzing Matilda" was first performed at the North Gregory Hotel, at a banquet for the Premier of Queensland, Mr Nelson.


The first train from Hughenden arrived in Winton. Two churches were dedicated. Water reticulation was introduced.


Worst drought on record.


Some relief from the drought.

1904/5   These seasons were extremely poor.
1906   A record flood occurred.
1909 Telephone services were installed in the town.
1910   Sub-artesian drilling opened up the downs country.
1911   A wool scour opened.
1913 The first open-air picture theatre commenced operations on the site that is now the swimming pool.
1918   First mention of the blow-fly problem in sheep.
1920 16 November, QANTAS was formed. Alba Woolscour provided QANTAS with a wool store as its first hangar.
1921   Winton Shire Council provided land for airstrip. The first in Australia.
1925   Owen Harris and Lila Phillott first honeymoon couple to fly with QANTAS from Colane Station, Winton to Longreach.
1926 Motor lorries were introduced.
1928   Bert Hinkler visited Winton. The Winton to Longreach rail link was opened.
1942   A USAAF Flying Fortress (The Swoose) force landed at Carisbrooke Station. Onboard was Lt Col L.B. Johnson, who later became the President of the U.S.A
1946 The North Gregory Hotel was destroyed by fire for the third time.
1955   The new North Gregory Hotel was completed.
1958   The World Rodeo Championships were held in Winton.
1960 QANTAS Commemorative around the world flight commenced at Winton.
1962 Discovery of Dinosaur Trackways near Lark Quarry.
1966   ANA Viscount aircraft crashed at "Nadjayamba Station" with memorial marking the site.
1967   Winton Tourist Promotion Association formed.
1971 Dinosaur tracks found at a site that became known as Lark Quarry.
1972 First Outback Festival. Opening of the Qantilda Pioneer Place.
1975   Longreach to Winton section of the Landsborough Highway was sealed.
1976 First excavation of dinosaur tracks at Lark Quarry by Malcolm Lark.
1978 Ray Hermann, a Winton resident won the World Championship Bronc ride in Sydney.
1989   Winton to Cloncurry highway sealed.
1995   Centenary celebrations of the Australian ballad Waltzing Matilda.
1998   April 11 Waltzing Matilda Centre opened.
2002   Excavation of "Elliot", Australia's largest dinosaur commenced.
2004   "Mary", Elliot's sister/mate discovered at the Elliot Digsite.