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We step you through the process


Read below about what you need to do to give blood. You can also watch our short film which gives you an overview of the process.

First ...

Search for your nearest donor centre here, by entering your postcode or clicking on the State/Territory in which you want to donate. The result will give you the nearest option - or maybe options, depending on where you live.

Second ...

You can register for an appointment online, or call us on 13 14 95 to make an appointment.

Third ...

It's donation day!

Please make sure you have plenty to eat and drink before coming in. For example, if you're coming in after breakfast, have some cereal and toast with at least 3-4 glasses of drink such as water, fruit juice or milk.

When you get to the donor centre, you will be provided with a donor questionnaire which you will be asked to complete while waiting for your interview with one of our friendly nursing staff. You will also be asked to present some identification to confirm your identity. This must include 3 separate identifiers (e.g. name, date of birth, address, signature, photo if possible).

The questionnaire asks about your health and lifestyle to help us assess whether you're eligible to give blood on the day. There are many reasons why you might be temporarily or permanently deferred from giving blood, and you can check out some of the detailed issues at Frequently Asked Questions.

Fourth ...

One of the nursing staff will conduct a confidential interview, which includes going through the questionnaire, weighing you, taking your blood pressure and checking your haemoglobin level. (This is a tiny drop of blood taken from your fingertip which we perform to make sure you're not anaemic.)

If everything is okay, the next step is the actual donation!

Please see below a sample Donor Questionnaire Form - you will be provided with a formal copy to fill in just prior to your donation. Please note that this document is provided for information only and should not be taken as a definitive guide to eligibility, which often requires medical interpretation

PDFDonor Questionnaire.pdf (212k)

Fifth ...

Once again, one of our nursing staff will be looking after you.

This is often the bit where most people feel a bit nervous. It's understandable, but please don't. We always say the needle feels no worse than a pinch on the inside of your elbow, and you don't even notice it once the blood is flowing and you realise you're actually doing something which will help save up to three people!

You can be assured, though, that if you are one of the really rare people where giving blood is not a pleasant experience we have skilled health professionals on duty at all times.

Sixth ...

Once the donation process is over, we ask you to relax in our refreshment area for a while to give you something to eat and drink and to make sure you're feeling well.

What you get to eat and drink depends on which donor centre you visit ... but you can generally expect something like a sandwich, cheese and biscuits, something sweet, fruit as well as coffee, tea, water, fruit juices and milk drinks.

We ask you to spend about 15-20 minutes in the refreshment area before departing but, before doing so, please don't forget the next step!

Last, but definitely not least ...

Please make your next appointment.

If you are a whole blood donor, it can be in around 12 weeks; if you are an apheresis plasma or platelet donor, you can give again in around 2-3 weeks.

We'll remind you by e-mail, phone or SMS a few days prior to ensure you can make it but it helps us and you if you lock-in your next appointment before you leave.

Having done that, and after having spent around 60-90 minutes with us, you're ready to go - and let your friends, family and colleagues know that you just helped save three lives!

What else could you do in that time which would have such an enormous impact!?

As we say, it takes someone special to give blood.