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July 20st, 2007

Greetings! since last month, you may have noticed that there have not been many news updates, this is down to alot of heavy work behind the scenes organising some spectacular things that we will soon be announcing right here for you to feast over!

In the next few coming days things here will be changing starting from a heavily needed site update, and also a brand new line-up featuring some things that we have been promising for the last few months (yes we have not forgotten!). This includes the heavily anticipated release dates for Daif Record's first 2 amazing feature length mp3/cd ALBUMS!!!! plus atleast 3 single releases with backing and remixes and (unconfirmed) original productions from some already famous names you will have no-doubtely already heard of! When "you ask" will all of this be taking place? well everything starts on the 1st of August! so make sure to check back here then, and we promise not to dissapoint even the most anorak of trance fans :)

August 1st, 2007

After weeks and weeks of headed discussions & development, lots of broken fingers, a heap load of restless nights, and alot of coffee later, WE HAVE FINALLY DONE IT!!!!!
Yes after all that time we have finally finished the design for the new home of Daif Records, plus in time to celebrate 10 MASSIVE months of being here!!!
This update includes the following; A BRAND new design thats more sleek & easier to read, new sections that go into even more details about the artists & dj's you want to know about! 2 brand new sections 'Events' for all your entertainment needs, & 'Interact' that will provide you over the next year with goodies, competitions, pictures plus anything else you can imagine!!! A new 'Track Of The Month' for you to download! & Finally a fully automated release system that will now be able to keep you upto date with releases from both DAIFR & DAIFM!
Over the duration of time its taken to develop this site, there have been alot of people who have participated in the creation, but it has been mainly down to working 18-19hr days to get this finished, so thanks goto Raj (for the designs) first off, and we hope you all enjoy this new site, and we look forward to filling it with everything you need!
Joakim Daif & Aimee Bailey.

July 20st, 2007

Greetings! since last month, you may have noticed that there have not been many news updates, this is down to alot of heavy work behind the scenes organising some spectacular things that we will soon be announcing right here for you to feast over!

In the next few coming days things here will be changing starting from a heavily needed site update, and also a brand new line-up featuring some things that we have been promising for the last few months (yes we have not forgotten!). This includes the heavily anticipated release dates for Daif Record's first 2 amazing feature length mp3/cd ALBUMS!!!! plus atleast 3 single releases with backing and remixes and (unconfirmed) original productions from some already famous names you will have no-doubtely already heard of! When "you ask" will all of this be taking place? well everything starts on the 1st of August! so make sure to check back here then, and we promise not to dissapoint even the most anorak of trance fans :)

So for now please stand-by, and see you on the 1st!!!

The Daif Records Team.

June 13th, 2007

Over the last few months we have had some massive success with this site, and also with the record label having some simply amazingly received releases. However we here at the office have been eagerly awaiting today as probably one of the biggest in anticipation for today, we are proud to announce the major expansion of our label, and thus now including 3 understatedly humongous additions to our web presence! Here’s a low-down on what these 3 are:

1. has now been moved to a secure HP web server with gigabytes of extra bandwidth, this means not only will your page loading times be a lot faster, but we can also start to introduce other features including music videos (coming soon) and the two features I am about to cover!

2. Promo Pool v2, since January this year we have been providing the music industry and its esteemed DJ circle with exclusive promotion material, however now with an upgrade in hardware (from the web server) and software technology (from darkbox soft) we can finally provide a secure and efficient service comparable with many systems across the world!!!!!

3. The Official Daif Records Forum!!!!!! Yes, we promised it months and months and MONTHS ago, but finally IT IS HERE! Hosted directly from DaifHQ you can now get on and join what will soon be a bustling and lively community! Make sure to bookmark the address, as were sure you'll be back over and over again to see what’s going on!

So as you can see, we have something to shout about this week, and you bet that Joakim & Aimee will be bouncing smiley across messenger this afternoon as the whole label celebrates the new additions :) So finally lets get to what some of you may have been waiting for!....

So this Friday is the release of newcomer Backslash's brand new (and we think stomper) track 'El Nino' is released. Audiojelly is getting ready to cut up extra bandwith ready for it, so we say as always, make sure to get your copy ASAP!!!

For now, farewell, and we hope you will celebrate with us by joining us in the forum this evening ;)

The Daif Records Team

June 5th, 2007

Today the lucrative Lidstroem brothers get their chance to shine daif records style with a new track 'life' under a also new guise 'Terra Cotta', avelable for download now in all of our stores including Juno, Audiojelly & Trackitdown we encourage you all to get your hands on this!!!

June 2nd, 2007

Greetings from the the team! Its finally Summer season, and it's time to open up a can of summer whoop ass! We have such a banging great line-up of tracks leading up to august, and we cant wait for you to throw your hands up in the air as they arrive! First up, we just want to give a big welcome to Hodel, who has just taken over as promotions manager!!! he's going to prove to be a great asset, and we look forward to working with him!!

Last week 'Perpetual' released their second single with us 'Beautiful Feeling', superseeding their ASOT smash hit 'Legendary Theme' its already started to pick-up fantastic eyes again from accross the scene, lets just watch that space! and if you havent got your copy yet, then why not!!!!

Now onto something we feel needs a full celebration, Daif Records is now in it's 8th month, and from all of the head staff here, we would like to congratulate all of the artists who have done well, plus we would also like to thank you the trance-headz out there! if it wasnt for you, we would not be stood here now ready to keep blasting with confidence

so again.... THANKS!!!!!!

To start this month off, as you may have noticed we have a special 2 new freebie tracks for you to download! YES... THEIR FREE!!!! haha, so make sure to grab it, share it, blast it, and whatever you do with your summer trance :) As Aimee B said this week, if only everyone had a copy, then maybe we'd all fall out into an orgy of euphoria (giggling).... Aimee!! get your head checked young lady!!!!

Also this month, we will be introducing (hopefully after much work) cd sales, allthough watch this space as we reveal more!!!!!! Final note this week is to all the pro's who access our leviathan of a sister tool 'PromoPool', Starting from monday, there will be a brand new system, plus to those established DJ's who are not on the list yet, good news!!!! the new system will be on a notification system, so again... watch this space, and we will provide details about how to get your account!! (please note this service is provided for established and professional dj's only).

For now, go chill, stick your feet up, even stick a pizza in the oven!!! (mmmmm crispy haha), until next week, enjoy your slice of DRS!!!

May 13th, 2007

Absolutely stark raving monkey-bonkers! is a way to explain whats been happening recently lol with the big release of 'Solar Project - Radial Emotion' just a few days ago, and the simply whopping release of Tragida's 'Dream Eyes' due to hit the clouds on tuesday, its all fun and games here! Seeing as we are just about to hit the summer season, its time we announce that we have a huge line up of summer tracks awaiting listings later this week. For this we will be using the 'DAIFS' prefix in our catalog numbers.

Also please note that we will be using the branched off catalog prefix 'DAIFE' for an exclusive line of tracks to be released starting this mid-summer. It will be called 'Daif Essential', and it will be a galactic portal for fast track releases so that our resident artists can get their newly inspired tunes out to the dancefloors without remix delays!!! keep watching for more news on this in the coming weeks :)

Right, now for a bit of an appology, its been almost 3 weeks since we last posted some news up, this is entirely down to the office staff making too much marmalade toast and getting backlogged with sticky fingers and organising remixers! again sorry for this, and we will consider going back too good old peenut butter!!

Now finally for today, we just wanted to give a big thanks to for giving Perpetual's hit 'Legendary Theme' a thorough roasting, but fabulous review, on the subject of this duo, will be doing an exclusive interview with the boys in 2-3 weeks time to celebrate their second release, so make sure to check back here to see what happens!!!

For now, make sure to keep your eyes on the release section, and grab your TrackItDown & AudioJelly tracks while they are hot!! peace, and enjoy the week! :)

The Daif Records Team.

April 25th, 2007

Ok only a quicky of an update today, but an important one! Anders Lauritsen's track 'After The Sunset' is released today and so u better get your walets out and prepare to go into trance bliss! Featuring enchanting remixes from Likuida and Solar project, and featuring swift but beautiful melodies and a mean kick!

Make sure to look out also for the next release 'Solar Project - Radial Emotion' also! its getting alot of attention too from many famous faces already in the promotions circuit, and sure to be fabulous :)

In other news, we have added some new additions to this summers catalog! so get yourselves over to the releases section to find out what the fuss is about! Finally we have also updated the radio section with all the up-coming radio show broadcast schedule for May, make sure to not miss out the next incredible 'From Trance Till Dawn'!

April 16th, 2007

Greetings! today it looks like most of you got to see the sun, and we here at the office hope you all made sure to soak it up!!! As usuall we have made a few updates to keep you in 'the know' about everything here at the label! Changes include a full update to our About section, new show times in the Radio section for all Daif Records hosted shows!

Big news today for Dan-J as his track 'A Lonely World' (including the competition winner Dj Antoni's remix and a trance-tastic remix from trancepulse inc) has just been released on all shops, please make sure to take advantage of our new ones including Trackitdown & Juno as their prices are fantastic!!! As always, you can grab your Audiojelly fix here too.

April 12th, 2007

Quick news today, but AWSOME not the less, Perpetual's track 'Legendary Theme' scored a massive hit today reaching Armin Van Buuren's 'A State Of Trance 296' playlist!!!! This is great news, and the first track the label has had on ASOT, so thx to Armin, and a massive congrats to the Perpetual duo!!

April 11th, 2007

Rite! over the last few days we have been battling with trackitdown to get our catalog on their store, partly because its the bank holiday, and partly because someone who will rename nameless read their upload instructions wrong lol! Anyways now we are pleased to announce all tracks are avelable on their site here, so make sure to grab ur tracks from there if you havent already!

Next on the news agenda today, is our sad farewell to mike one, he has been with the label since day one, however his life has moved away from his music career somewhat, never the less, he has been a big slice of the alpha team, so we would just like to thank him for his time, and wish him the best of luck in wherever life takes him!

Last thing to talk about today is the addition of 2 brand new tracks from 2 outside but known artists 'Robert Lidstroem' & 'Backslash', the info for both tracks is up now in the releases section, so get your noses over their now to find out what the big deal is!

April 7th, 2007

Ola, hej or whateva floats your boat! were here again to give you a quick update on whats been happening over the last 2 days! First up thanks to some great negotiations from joakim, we now are able to air our monthly radio show 'From Trance Till Dawn' on the fabulous swedish network Radioseven!

Tonight will be the first airing featuring a wicked new mix-up by the heavily talented Daif Records star Mikael Sjoberg, the show starts at 22:00 - 24:00 CET, just a quick note as well that Aimee B's weekly radio show 'Sex On The Dancefloor' takes off again with episode 3! make sure to check out her site for more info!

Speaking of shows, tonight is also a big day over at with their massively appriciated Daif Records easter bonanza! because weve had a few problems getting shows aired over the last few months with them, theyve decided to air all the backlog of shows our dj's put together in one big slog! so make sure to head over there for this mega easter smash, and enjoy a day of pure Daif Records euphoria :) 12:00 - 18:00 CET @

Further in the news, we are now in discussions with one of the nations biggest mp3 distributors, we cannot name them yet, however this will work towards making sure no matter where you are in the world, you will be able to pick up your favourite DRS tracks!

Finally its a big week for us this week as weve just hit our 6 month anniversary! So to mark the big occasion, were looking to you all to email us with your best Daif Records bits since launch! our favourite comment will get some vis time here at the end of the week so make sure to get over to the contact section and email us NOW!!!

April 5th, 2007

Its a new day, and a heap load of news from the DRS team! Not only do we have a new release to announce, but the site has had a 3rd coat of paint :)

If you check the releases section today you will notice that there are now 2 pages! we felt as our catalog was building that to avoid confusion, we would place the newest release first, and have previous releases on the second page. Further more on the releases section you will now see we have 3 brand new tracks announced for release including Tragida's debut DRS single 'dream eyes' and perpetual's massive follow up "Beautiful Feeling", aswell as Solar Project´s follow up "Radio Emotion" including 2 killer remixes!

Rite, onto the jucy stuff, THE RELEASE!!! Back with a vengance Aimee B releases her second single today 'Soundscape Euphoria'. With nodd's from many big names such as 'Jose Amnesia (Armada)' and 'Amber Agnell (The Gallery, London Superclub)' were sure its going to eat up dancefloors for a time to come :) For more details on how to grab a copy and remixes, head over to the releases section!

Speaking of releases today, its important to mention a massive new deal for us with ''!!! Now all releases including Aimee B's 2nd DRS track are avelable for download, weve said this already, but we aim to make sure you have the best choice in shops when it comes to our tracks, so grab at your now!

Finally the last thing we need to express today is our walm welcome to the very talented dario lupo (aka Tragida). Hes been working for the label for a while now, and as DRS fans know, when someone joins the family, they need a contract too boot! ;) So again WELCOME TO DAIF RECORDS DARIO, and we hope you have a fantastic time with us!!!

March 25th, 2007

Whoooraa! Perpetual's track is finally here, and what a great first release with us! make sure to check out your closest store to get hold of their track, were sure it wont dissapoint even your granny!

Now we promised that we would announce the winner to the 'Dan-J' remix competition today so here it is!:

DJ ANTONI (Simon Antoni Jensen) (DK)

The judges felt his remix was the strongest and best put together, however there were runners up, and those people will be contacted possibly in the future to help see weather we can work with them! Thanks to everyone who entered, and please watch out for further competitions during the next few months :)

Final note, Aimee B's show went down a storm last night attracting more than 1000 listeners for an entire 2 hours set, if you missed it then where were you! next week its sure to be even bigger.

March 21st, 2007

Already near the end of march and its about time to announce the first season roster of radio gigs! This year after alot of testing, and making sure the stations actually do what we are now able to announce that Aimee B will have a weekly show over at ETR Radio every saturday called 'sex on the dancefloor', and the first of this seasons 'From Trance Till Dawn' epics proformed live by Mike One will be played on RMX just before 'Sex on the Dancefloor' leaving this weekend one not too miss! Please check the 'Radio' station for more info

In other news, we have finally landed an amazing deal with Juno records, we will now be selling through them giving us an oppeertunity to give you great prices on the music you want plus at the most convinience possible! Check it Juno Records.

Finally please make sure to have a gander at the release section as we now have release dates confirmed for all releases visible!

March 18th, 2007

Its been a rompa stompa of a day down here in the office, swimming through the masses of remixes we recieved, it's truly been fun to see who has the talent and who has the spaggage ;) In Joakim Daif (label owner's) own words today "the last time i had this much fun, i was poking holes in asbestos... yay". Being the serious person he can be though he did ask to thank all the entrants who entered this competition and extend thanks from Dan-J as he is most impressed with some of the entries we have had! We will be announcing the winner very soon, so keep an eye to the sky!

So we suppose you want to know what is actually happening here this week! well good question :) first up, we have just updated the release section to include a newly signed track 'Then & Now' by a fab new UK duo crew 'Rozza vs. Simon Hunt'. Their tracks fit so well into the Daif style that we just had to have them! Make sure to watch out for DRS events this year as we are sure Aimee B will have a lot to do with them around the UK!

Now we dont usually like to make a point of grabbing everyone by the scruff and shouting to them our best and brightest of things happening, however big things ARE about to happen soon on our label, including some Massive continental events featuring some of our finest talent, plus brand new radio shows to dig your teeth into, so make sure to watch out for our next news update this week coming!

For now....... go get smashed!
The Daif Records Team

March 15th, 2007

Without a shadow of a doubt it has been quite a hectic few weeks since we last updated you, so now it time to get down to the nitty gritty and shed the gossip on all the things that have been happening on daif records this month.

With only a day until the Dan-J competition ends (00:00) we are glad to say we have been amazed and inundated by the amount of entries we have had, keeping this in mind, we are sure to find a great winner out of the many hard worked on remixes we have received already, if you haven't got yours in yet, then please make sure to do it ASAP so u don’t miss out on the fantastic prizes were offering!

To those who made it to the mondaybar cruise in Sweden last week, the team here would like to give a massive HI5! yes joakim & perpetual were supposed to be there to mingle and possibly scout for new talent + other stuff, however like usual they ended up getting smashed off their faces and doing questionable things with bottles of beer with stupid name's (yes Henrik, were talking to u!). Overall they seemed to have a fantastic time, so we will be doing a feature on what happened later in the week, make sure to check it out!

Further on the line of news now, its time to mention we have our next release due on the 25th called 'Legendary Theme' by the Perpetual duo, this is sure to be a great release for them already getting plays from several big names across the scene! Check the release section for more info!

On the shop front, Daif Records has now finished talks with Juno Records (the biggest dance music store in the world!) and will soon be selling records through them, with the convergence of other things happening behind the scenes with the label, this means that you will very soon have many more reasons to glow like a bonbon when visiting us ;)

Once again good luck to all entrants for the competition, and check back soon for more daif records spaggage ;)

February 23rd, 2007

If we had a blade of grass for everything that happens at daif records then by now we would have a field, however we thought we would update you with some of the more fundimental things that you might need to know about today =)

First off, we altered our release roster now with a new release from a budding outside artist 'Anders Lauristen', this is a great release for the records as it will be including a remix from the famous asot star 'Amex'!!! Make sure to keep you eyes on that section for more updates, plus if you are a member of the promopool, watch out for more promo's near the end of this week!!

Second in the line of fire this week is an update on whats happening with the ever so popular dan-j remix competition! So far shockingly we have had well over 1000 downloads of the remix pack already!!! with this in mind and many remixes already coming in, we would like thank you all for your attention! please remember though if you are planning to enter, please make sure your remix must be in by March 16.

February 20th, 2007

And now entering the ring! the undergrond destroyer, the melodic back bone breaker, weighing in with a whoping 2nd single, its the one and only.... Mikael Sjoberg!

Yes his second single is out today, including a whopping 4 remix ensamble. As usual features sweeping leads, the usual interlectual precussion structure, and a floating melody to boot :) please make sure to head over to audiojelly or one of our other fabulous store outlets to grab this and ur favourite remixes!!

February 9th, 2007

When the crowds cried "WE WANT MORE!", the dj replied "WELL IT LOOKS LIKE ITS TIME FOR TRANCE TILL DAWN!", yes its finally upon us again, and this time Perpetual is taking the stand! make sure to tune in to tonight 20.00 - 22.00 CET (GMT +1) as its sure to be a smash :)

Those of you who have been watching the release section will have noticed that the beautiful 'Lost Lifes' by Soundphase will be released this saturday! make sure to download your copy from the most convinient online mp3 store to you! (list of stores found at the bottom of the releases section!).

In further news we are almost ready to unveal mikael sjoberg's next release on daif records! all mixes are down for mastering now, and the path looks set for another great velvet release from him! so watch out ;) he'l be on the dutch dance charts again were sure!

Finally we have great news! We have secured deals with: Groovegate, 3 Beat Digital & Release Records which means you can now access DRS releases more conviniently! please watch out in the near future as we are planning big deals into getting you CD's and Vinyl very soon!!

January 31st, 2007

Time has caught up with us again, for its now time to announce our next release! 'soundphase - lost lives' is a beautiful epic orkestrated by another of our new trance talents Soundphase, aka 'mike one' & 'trancepulse inc'. Released on the 10th of february, look out for sawing voilins and epic breakdowns!

Also you will notice today a banging new freebie just on the left of this article! this is a vocal trancer called 'another place' from our latest artist aquisition Perpetual, and features some great vox by Annah (Anna Heden), its absolutely free! so what u waiting for! right click on it now and save it to your hdd fast

Last note, today i:vibes posted a press release about Aimee B's site lanuch, and we thought we would give it a mention also, click here to see the article, or click to visit her site! And remember, there is a fresh freebie everymonth! so make sure to check back!

January 25th, 2007

It´s time once more to spread the trance like sweet but luxurious dairy chocolate as we proudly announce our next release from 'pekka savilampi' aka Trancepulse inc. 'trance express'. This upbeat trance anthem is already getting loads of attention from big names, plus its supported by the famous K-System with an exclusive remix to boot. so make sure to grab your copy fast!

Besides the great release news, we just wanted to give our new residents 'perpetual' aka 'Fredrik Lindblom' and 'Henrik Collin' a smashing big welcome, as there now a part of the great family we call the mob hehe finaly, and we just wanted to note that we are now working with a new swedish trance radio station RMX ! make sure to check back here for updates on new schedule's!

January 20th, 2007

With all the will power and cheeze melt pizzza's in the world it seem'd that last night was no spring chicken ready on track to goto the pie factory, so on behalf of the gang here and over at we appologies for 'From Trance Till Dawn' not getting airplay like it was supposed to. The guys over there have stuck a tenner down and said everythin is fine and brandy now, so... FTTD is being moved time only, either that or the team gets a cheap round lol.

Anyway sorry again it went all pete tong, and we hope u all get a chance to tune tomorrow (Monday 22nd) 18.00 - 20.00 CET (GMT +1) to grab a piece of some much needed trance tune spaggage ^^

January 15th, 2007

We've had news back from the trance grapevine this week that 'Tension' is proving to be a great new year success! Hitting radio stations all around the world, we're hoping the next DRS release 'Trance Express' which has just got back from the studio, will be just as big! But of course, that's all down to how much you all like your phat tunage =).

From Trance Till Dawn will get the first airing this friday the 19th live with Mikael Sjoberg! Make sure to tune in at 20.00 - 22.00 CET (GMT +1), It's gonna be a party frenzy! Miss It & You'll miss out on something great!

Make sure not to miss From Trance Till Dawn live with Perpetual this sunday the 21st, 22.00 - 24.00 CET (GMT +1), on Radio HITEC.

January 5th, 2007

Solar Project & Liquid X have finally had their first Daif Records release 'Tension', featured with 2 smashing and yet diverse remixes, were sure its going to be hot! so make sure you get yourself over to or one of our many other distributors to grab youselves a copy fast! onto other news, and have blessed us with 2 big press releases featuring everything thats happening over here!

Links: (Press release)

In other news, we have now secured a absolutely humungous deal with HOS (House Of Scandinavia), a massive multi-distributor meaning that you can now get daif record's at your conviniece! also this shine's like a star to prove how well our artists are building popularity, and for that we thank them and their hard work! make sure to check at the bottom of the releases section to find your nearest store :)

Lastly we would just like to note our next release 'Trancepulse Inc - Trance Express', its been eating up dancefloors already when tried it out on aimee b's NYF gig, so make sure to look out for it nearing the end of the month! + grab more info, and make sure to download the covers you might be missing! :)

December 31st, 2006

Without a shadow of a doubt we rekkon u can probably tell that the whole team here at daif records has been waiting with great anxt and anticipation for this the great unvaling of our finished and sleek new look! whatya think? ;)

So starting with a turn of a new year, and a fresh slice to glare at, lets catch up with whats been happening at the daif records hq, and beleve us! we have a lot to tell :) ...

First off, an update on how far we have come already! since our launch last month with 2 following releases, word has been spreading fast and furiously about what we are trying to do, not only is Mikael Sjoberg's 'left behind' now climbing the dutch dance charts, but also Aimee B's 'trapped' which recieved some healty remarks from one 'Armin Van Burren' this month seems to be doing just as well! As with the new flush look to the site, we have also been working hard to make sure everyone can get as much out of daif records as possible. Heres a rundown on what weve done:

- TOTM: Each month we will now provide you all with a free music download streight from this site! our fans are special too us, and this is our way of saying thanks!

- DRS @ Myspace: We like to keep you upto date on whats happening, and recognising that everyone who's cool uses myspace, you can now get all the instant goss streight off our myspace profile! just make sure to add us as a friend and send your support!

- New Releases: now that we have our full starting roster of artists, we also have a full and busting release schedule! make sure to check out the release section to see the what's and when's for our stars!

- Radio: We love our trance (if you did not already know) and we also love to mix it up hard and fresh! leading this, weve gone dj loco and secured a deal with the 3rd biggest digi dance music radio station on the planet '' to show you just how we like to party! bringing some of the freshest trance around, plus showcasing the best of what DRS has to offer! make sure to tune in!

- Grab 'a' Tune: Though is fab, we want to give you more options to grab your favourite tunes with more option and choice to go about it! so we went and signed a deal with House Of Scandinavia to sell digital on more 24-7 Music Shops!

Keep checking back for more breaking news!
Daif Records Team Out.

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