When contestant number three from each team - Ziggy and Carole - were summoned to the Vestibule for a special, 'mystery guest identification' challenge, they were in for a BIG surprise...

After donning blindfolds, Ziggy and Carole were given two minutes to identify the visitor.

"You can feel and touch the mystery guest, but you cannot ask any questions," boomed Big Brother.

Big Brother then instructed the person to enter the Vestibule.

And in walked - gasp - Chanelle!

Ziggy and Carole began their feel-a-thon with earnest, and it didn't take them long to guess who it was.

"I think it's Chanelle," said Ziggy, with a touch of panic.

"Yeah, Chanelle," echoed Carole, as the two ripped off their masks.

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"Hi guys, woo woo!" screamed Chanelle as she hugged Ziggy and Carole and hammered on the door of the House.

"Are you alright?" Carole asked her, "You're looking fabulous."

But Ziggy was filled with dread. "You know what I'm thinking?" he asked with a look of fear in his eyes.

"What?" asked an equally fearful Chanelle.

"I've just eaten smoky bacon crisps," said Ziggy with a smile.

Ooh, will the ex-lovebirds get past the bacon to kiss and make up? Find out what happened next.