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Sister City

Asakuchi is a beautiful city surrounded by mountains, situated in Okayama Prefecture, Japan. It covers an area of 66 square km and has a population of 38,000 (April, 2007). Asakuchi City produces a range of high quality products including Sake (rice wine), Udon (Japanese Noodles) and Lacquer Ware. Asakuchi City major industries include agriculture (peaches and pears), fisheries (Oysters, Crabs, etc.) and the production of motor parts. The community of Asakuchi are extremely proud of their heritage and welcome all to experience the unique culture displayed throughout their township.

In April of 2006, the City of Tea Tree Gully's Friendship Town - the Town of Kamogata merged with adjacent towns - Konko and Yorishima. These towns are now collectively known as Asakuchi City. The former Mayor of Kamogata, Mr Tanushi has been elected as Mayor of Asakuchi City. The City of Tea Tree Gully is thrilled by the appointment of Mayor Tanushi and looks forward to building relations with Asakuchi City. This merger creates the opportunity to create and develop a Sister City Agreement.

The proposed Sister City Agreement is to be signed in October of 2007 and will be the basis for developing cultural, educational, sporting and business ties. The City of Tea Tree Gully is committed to the further development of this sister city relationship and encourages all community members and groups to visit Asakuchi City for a truly 'Japanese experience' based on friendship and mutual understanding.

Past activities undertaken with Kamogata Town under the Friendship Program