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Portland Wind Project

Portland Wind Project Our Portland Wind Energy Project involves the development of four wind farms at Cape Bridgewater, Cape Nelson, Cape Sir William Grant and Yambuk in southwest Victoria. As one of the biggest wind farm development in the Southern Hemisphere, the 195MW project will deliver major environmental, economic and social benefits including a new manufacturing industry in Portland.

The four Portland sites are ideal wind farm locations, with consistently strong winds, access for construction vehicles and machinery, a nearby connection to the National Electricity Grid, compatible farming activities and a large land area.

They were selected after an extensive period of community consultation and analysis. We considered the project’s effect on the area’s birdlife, native vegetation and aboriginal cultural heritage, and how great the visual impact, noise and disturbance during the construction phase would be. All stakeholders were kept informed throughout the development process and we listened carefully to the concerns of the local community, landholders and the local government.

The 195MW project will produce enough clean electricity to power about 125,000 homes each year. That’s equal to more than 7 per cent of Victoria’s residential electricity demand or powering a city the size of Geelong.

But the benefits don’t stop there. By replacing traditional electricity generation, the Portland Wind Energy Project will avoid up to 920,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases being pumped into our atmosphere each year. That’s like planting of a 950,000 hectare blue gum plantation (covering 4 per cent of Victoria), or removing 210,000 cars from the road.

The project will create new jobs in regional Victoria, and establish a wind energy manufacturing and assembly industry with the potential to service other wind farms around the country and overseas.

The Portland Wind Energy Project is also likely to become a major tourist attraction, but not at the expense of the area’s biodiversity. A revegetation program will enrich the habitats of indigenous wildlife and reestablish indigenous vegetation around the projects.

Click here to view the Portland Wind Project Environment Effects Statement

Download overview of visual screening of residences program

Download map of visual screening of residences program 

Download expression of interest form for visual screening program

Capacity 195 MW
Electricity Generation est. 670 GWh p.a.
Completion 2007/08
Location Victoria, Australia
Project Cost A$330 million
Number of Wind Generators 120
Greenhouse Gas Saving est. 920,000 tonnes pa
Homes Supplied est.125,000 p.a.