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Co-Curricular Activities

Apart from the formal school curriculum, pupils participate in co-curricular activities (CCAs) which provide healthy recreation, and instil self-discipline, teamwork and confidence in the pupils. The character development and physical growth of each child is hence provided for.

There is a wide range of CCAs in our schools. Pupils may choose from a variety of sports and games such as track and field, basketball, tennis or uniformed organisations such as the Red Cross Society and National Police Cadet Corps. They can, alternatively, opt for a cultural activity such as the Military Band, the ethnic dance group or the drama club. Students can also participate in clubs and societies like the Photographic Society, the Computer Club and the Gardening Club.

Pupils are introduced to CCAs at Primary Four and participation is voluntary. At secondary level, they must participate in at least one core CCA .

Schools compete in a number of co-curricular events at the zonal and national level each year. These include sports events such as the Inter-School Cross Country Championships, and the National Track and Field and Swimming Championships. The Singapore Youth Festival is an annual event which showcases the creativity and talent of Singapore students through drama presentations, choral singing, an art and craft exhibition, uniformed group events and sports events.


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