List Totals as of Wed Aug 29, 2007 11:59 -05  Spam Trap: 1,372,969
New: Real Time Escalated Range Listings

Open Removal Ticket Status.

If Your IP is Listed, PLEASE do not attempt to contact us by regular email. Please use the removal form.

The is the home of the TQMcube real time blacklists. This is a non-commercial endeavor; All resources are made available without charge. Our only objective is to help stop the scourge of spam. We welcome your comments, feedback, questions, rants and raves. Please use the contact form.

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Data rsync and daily tarball users, please note: At this time, the data provided for local RBLDNSD is not in the same zone allocations as the data that is mirrored for DNS query. File sets and zone will be merged by June 15. Until then, both file sets will remain available by rsync while the daily tarball will be comprised of the original zones. The file comparison is below:

"spam" includes the data now provided by asiaspam, clients and relays.

"dhcp" provides the identical data as dynamic.

New files ko and prc provide filtering of all of South Korea and the People's Republic of China respectively.

If this is at all unclear or confusing, please contact us!