Aims and Objectives

Vision & Mission

Vision Statement

Our vision is that there will exist a proud, safe, active, knowledgeable, understanding and flourishing Jewish community to which all Jewish students contribute and continue to engage with.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to inspire and encourage all Jewish students to engage in Jewish life and learning in order to create an open-minded and vibrant Jewish student community.

Values / Guiding Principles

'Kol Yisrael Arevim Ze Lazeh – All Jews are responsible for all other Jews.'

  1. UJS will provide for and engage with all Jewish students (within mainstream Judaism), both on and off campuses, regardless of the size of the Jewish student population.

  1. UJS must be an honest and open organisation of integrity.

  1. Jewish students have the right to be Jewish, feel safe on campus, and to participate fully in secular life free of discrimination – religion should not, in any way, be an obstacle.

  1. UJS believes that every Jew has a right to their heritage, and a responsibility for the future of the Jewish people, and that a strong Jewish identity is rooted in knowledge.

  1. UJS will encourage the most diverse range of activities to meet the needs of the largest number of Jewish students.

  1. UJS will gladly work with all partners who share the same basic values to achieve a common goal.

  1. To promote commitment to and the support of the State of Israel as envisioned in the Declaration of Independence.

  1. To encourage equal opportunities for all, regardless of background, gender, disability, or any other discriminatory factor.


  1. To provide for all Jewish students, both on and off campuses, regardless of the size of the Jewish student population.

  1. To provide support for local J-Socs, helping them to develop Jewish student communities in order to maintain Jewish commitment and identity, realising that success at a national level is dependent on combined success at a local level.

  1. To provide an increased level and diverse range of Jewish and Israel education at a grassroots level, increasing Jewish identity on campus, and providing meaningful, positive, engaging, and relevant Jewish experiences at a consistently high standard.

  1. To further increase our status as a Campaigning Union, providing more diverse and proactive campaigns on issues affecting, or of interest to Jewish students, increasing our level of activism, number, and ability of our activists.

  1. To recruit and engage more students through increased opportunities and appropriate training, finding new roles that provide a variety of dynamic challenges.

  1. To create a better image of UJS on and around campus, and within the wider Jewish community.

  1. To establish a positive and friendly relationship with all the denominational bodies within the Jewish community to demonstrate that Jews can cooperate and come together in a cross-communal body.

  1. To ensure and maintain a balanced image of Israel on campus.

  1. To develop educational programmes and political campaigns with regards to Anti-Racism, Inter-Faith, and Social Action.