Founding Sisters



             From the Right: Mary Drohan  May McGahey  Ellen Fitzgerald Therese McLaughlin  

Catherine McGrath Catherine Lynch Julia Cooney

  The Sisters wore the Nurses uniform of the day. They chose to wear the a brown veil and cape in honour of St Joseph. They began to be known as the Brown Sisters.



   Was born at Ballarat, Victoria and educated at the Convent School in Ballarat.  Mary joined the group on 31 May 1913 and died 24th December 1934.  Mary’s brother was a Missionary of the Sacred Heart.



Was born in Ryde NSW and educated at the Sisters of Mercy,  Ryde.  Eileen told her she would accept her prior to Eileen going overseas providing Cissie could be in charge of her. May came 24 January 1915 and in 1965 was Superior of the first Branch House in Brisbane.  In 1965 she was elected Mother General and re-elected 1971-74, when she retired due to illness and died in January  1979 having completed sixty four years in Religious Life




Born at Harden NSW in 1886, was educated at Yeerong Creek, NSW.  Was a teacher prior to joining the small group of followers to Father McGrath and Eileen’s work on 8 August 1913 and after giving over sixty years to the work, died in June, 1975.




Was born in Sodwall NSW she was educated at Rosebank College, Fivedock. Theresa was the first to join Eileen on 26th May 1913.  She became the first Superior of the small band and latter Mother General of the Order and retained that Title till her death, on 28th  March 1965.  Cissie as she was affectionately called had a police escort at her funeral.




Was born in Parkes NSW and educated at Parkes Convent School.  She was one of fourteen children and came to join the slowly growing group following Father McGrath giving a  Mission in Parkes.  Kit died in August 1942.



 Born in Parkes NSW also, came to Coogee 8 April 1914.  Katie was very good to all the younger ones as they came along.  Although she was a frail sickly woman, she loved to entertain all the visitors that came to the home.  She died 12 June 1942.


Born in Bathurst NSW on 19 December 1887 was educated at a Convent in Perthville.  Julia worked for her brother at Ryde and also assisted his wife with their young family.  Father Gell introduced her to Eileen.  Julia wanted to join the group, but Eileen said her brother needed her and she could come when she (Eileen) returned from overseas.  Julia came to join the small group on 28 December 1915.  She was the first Novice Mistress of the Society.  She died after sixty three in the Society on 21December 1978.  She had her Birthday – Entry Day and Heavenly Reward all in December.



                                                   Back Row:  Kit McGrath  May McGahey  Ellen Fitzgerald

                                     Front Row:  Katie Lynch  Theresa McLaughlin Julia Cooney Mary Drohan

The Sisters chose to wear white and blue at home for 'Our Lady'


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