3KND is now streaming over the web so you can listen to 3KND with your computer using your internet connection no matter where you are.
If you're new to streaming, or if you've never listened to streams in aacPlus format (as opposed to mp3 or Real Media), then follow these steps>>> 

STEP 1 - Install the software you need to listen.


Choose ONE of the software options below and read the instructions.

Note: If you're not using your own computer, you may not have the permissions to install software. Ask your system administrator to do it.

Note: Real Player is not a compatible player and will not read our streams! 

Download and install Winamp Lite. IE users: just select the stream in Step 2, and you're away! Mozilla/Netscape users: select the stream for your connection in step 2, and open it with Winamp. Done!
Download the installer and install FooBar2000. Then, open your browser and click on a link below for your connection. If a question appears to open or save the link, choose open, and find the FooBar2000 program. FooBar2000 will then start reading the stream.
Windows Media Player will only read our dialup stream if you install the Orban aacPlus plugin. For 2000/XP only.


A particularly flexible player. Popular for Linux and Unix based systems
A player that gives good results on Apple Mac's


STEP 2 - Select the stream for your internet connection.   

After installing the software, choose one of the streams on the bottom of this page and listen!

    Click this button if you have a low-speed internet connection, such as a dial-up or ADSL/DSL service. (bit rate: 20 kb/s)
    Start High Speed Stream Click this button for higher quality audio if you have a high speed ADSL/DSL broadband internet connection. (bit rate: 48 kb/s) (Coming soon!)

  • Select your connection type below to start stream.

    Low Speed Stream

    Start High Speed Stream
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