August 27, 2007

Vick's mother defends son, slams her husband

Brenda Vick defended her son this weekend and said Michael Vick's father fabricated stories about the star quarterback staging dogfights in the family's home when he was growing up in Newport News.

In her first public comments since her son became the focus of a federal dogfighting investigation expected to culminate with a guilty plea this morning in Richmond, Brenda Vick told the New York Post tabloid that she is trying to be strong for her son.

"They are trying to put my baby in jail, and for what?" Brenda Vick told the Post. "Everybody makes mistakes. Everybody deserves a second chance. He has given his life over to God. He is not a criminal . . . He's a good person. He has a big heart, and it just hurts."

Vick's estranged husband, Michael Boddie, made headlines last week when he said Michael has been fascinated with dogfighting for years and used to stage fights in the family's garage.

Brenda Vick angrily denied that and told the Post that Boddie was an abusive drug addict.

"I don't know what kind of a father would do that to his child," Brenda Vick said. "There was no dogfighting [at our home]. There were no cages."

Brenda Vick described her husband as an absentee father who has had little to do with Michael's life.

"Everybody thought I was a single parent," Brenda Vick told the Post.

In the same report, Vick's brother Marcus said Michael is primarily worried about his career.

"Playing football," Marcus Vick told the Post. "That's his main concern."

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