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School Reporting Requirements - 2007
Data from the 2006 school year.


All Hallows' School
Founded and Sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy
The Corporation of the Trustees of the Order of the Sisters of Mercy in Queensland,
trading as All Hallows' School. CRICOS No. 00485G
ABN: 94 710 251 744 003


547 Ann Street
Fortitude Valley
Brisbane QLD 4000


Catholic Girls


1346 students (August 2006 census)

Year Levels offered

Years 5 to 12

Distinctive Curriculum offerings

All Hallows' aims at providing a comprehensive Academic curriculum, balanced by Faith and Life Skills Education, to cater for a wide range of student needs and abilities.   Full details regarding the curriculum are set out in the Curriculum Handbooks.


In Years 5 - 10, programmes of study are based on available Queensland Studies Authority (QSA) syllabuses but subject to review as new QSA syllabuses are developed.   Our Religious Education programme is based on the Archdiocesan Religious Education Guidelines.


In the senior phase of schooling students chose from a range of both QSA subjects and vocational studies in their programs which lead to tertiary entrance by Overall Position (OP eligible programs) or by a selection ranking (OP in-eligible programs).  Students may also complete an ACE (Alternative Career Entry) program. Students are able to choose a range of studies in Years 11-12 which will qualify them for the Senior Certificate (students in Year 10 prior to 2006) or the new Queensland Certificate of Education.


The services of ESL teachers are available to those whose first language is not English.   The Department of Learning Support and Enrichment provides assistance to students who need extra learning support or who need extension.   Students in the Senior years have access to other vocational opportunities such as TAFE courses, school-based apprenticeships, traineeships and work experience.


A full description of curriculum offerings can be found here.

Extra-Curricula Activities

 Students participate in Physical Education as part of their core programme and can also participate in extra curricular sports activities and represent the School in inter-school teams.   Sports offered may include such activities as netball, hockey, cricket, touch, tennis, soccer, water-polo, futsal, volleyball, basketball, athletics, swimming, cross-country, softball and rowing.


Public speaking and debating are valued activities and many students take part in inter-school competitions.


All Hallows' has an extensive instrumental and choral music programme. Students from all year levels may participate in the ensembles and choirs. A musical or dramatic production is staged each year in conjunction with St Joseph's College, Gregory Terrace.   A number of concerts and other performances are staged each year and an Arts Eisteddfod is held at the School.   Music and Dance groups also participate in eisteddfods in the wider community.


Private tuition is offered in voice, speech, all orchestral instruments, piano, guitar (and other instruments depending upon demand) and theory of music. Students may be entered for AMEB and TCL examinations in music and speech, provided their teachers feel they have reached the required standard.


There are a large number of interest groups within the School which are often led by the students and work each year with teacher support.   These may include such groups as Mercy Action, Amnesty International, Justice Group, Magazine Committee, Dance Group, Drama Group and Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.


Students have also taken part in a number of interstate and international tours, when they have been privileged to form relationships with students in other schools, especially Mercy schools, sharing an interest in music, sport and languages.


The School and the Parents and Friends' Association host a number of School dances during the year and invitations are given to students from various boys' schools in Brisbane.   These are held in Loretto Hall at the School.   The School also receives invitations for girls to attend dances at other schools.   The School also hosts two special social occasions: the Year 11 Soiree and the Year 12 Formal.


More detail can be found here.

Teacher Qualifications









Total Number of Teachers:       129 (93 FTE)









Bachelors Degree




Postgraduate Diploma



Attendance:                  97.17%


Retention:                     90%



All staff engage in continuous and systematic staff development through professional

learning, performance management and review.  Staff professional learning is promoted and supported through a range of individual and whole staff activities.  These include the development of skills to improve the integration of information communication technologies (ICTs) into teaching and learning processes and environments.  Departmental and Curriculum team professional learning activities focus on ensuring that all curricula and teaching are research based and reflect best-practice pedagogy.


Each year, all staff (teaching and support) participate in a full day retreat programme. In 2006, the key presenter for the retreat day was Father Richard Leonard sj, an expert on the impact of media on young people and on young people's engagement with the Church. Specific purpose professional learning programmes are also held annually to address ongoing identified priorities. These included in 2006 fire training, first aid and CPR, student protection, and Moodle and other ICT courses.


A number of members of staff were engaged in external formal studies including doctoral, masters, Foundations, and other post-graduate qualifications. The staff continue to have a high level of participation in QSA subject panels and committees which provide ongoing professional learning. In 2006, 31 teachers were members of District panels, 2 members of State panels, and 1 was District Panel Chair. Our Middle School staff participate in a schools professional learning cluster with several other Catholic independent middle schools.


The average expenditure per teacher on professional learning at the School level is $950.


Social Climate

The school is organised around our eight Houses - Adderton, Coolock, Gorry, Loretto, McAuley, Mercedes, Tighe and Whitty. Each House has approximately one hundred and forty students from Year 8 to Year 12. Seven Home Groups make up each House and are the primary pastoral groups for the students in Years 8 - 12. Students stay in the same Home Group and with the same Home Group teacher and House Co-ordinator throughout their five secondary years at the school. This enables strong links to be established between students, teachers and parents. Special care is given to Year 8 students in helping them to make the transition from primary to a large secondary school.  The students in the Middle School, Years 5-7, are placed in class groups within each year level. Their class teacher is the primary care giver for the year, supported by the Director of Middle School. Each Middle School student is also a member of one of the eight House groups and participates in a number of House activities throughout the year.


All Hallows' School recognises the importance of rituals and celebrations in helping students feel that they belong to this community.   Occasions such as the Inaugural Mass in February, All Hallows' Day in November, and the many special events that School assemblies highlight, are all eagerly anticipated by students and are part of the pattern of their lives at All Hallows' each year.


Student leadership structures which exist at Home Group, year level and senior level, contribute to the sense of belonging to, and active participation in, the total School community.


Expectations and values of the community are made very clear to students.  Insistence that all relationships should be characterised by care and concern for the other person and that all members of the community deserve equal respect is basic to this pastoral philosophy.   It is also expected that each student has a responsibility to contribute to the happiness and well-being of her class, her School and the wider community.   Courtesy, neatness of appearance, punctuality, consideration for others, orderly behaviour in and out of classes are insisted upon.   Academic achievement is highly valued and students work very hard in this atmosphere.


The pastoral policies and structures have been established to build the community, thereby providing a stable and secure environment for students to access fully the many opportunities offered in the curriculum and extra-curricular programmes at All Hallows' School.

More detail can be found here.

Parent Involvement

The Parents and Friends Association is the parent representative body of the school and enjoys enthusiastic parental participation.


The Association provides a valuable forum for parents to discuss the issues impacting on their daughters' education. The Association also endeavours to promote a sense of community by continuing to assist and promote parent support groups (Performing Arts, Touch, Rowing, Hockey, Waterpolo, Netball, Football and Tennis), by shared fund raising activities, and by inviting these groups to report to each General Meeting.


All Hallows' parents also provide valuable services in areas such as tuckshop and uniform shop as well as assistance with the QCS preparation program, learning support parent tutors and library services.


The Ladies' Committee is a sub-committee of the P & F Association and assists the school by fundraising for special projects, organizing Year Level parent social functions, providing school directed pastoral care eg. meals roster for families in times of illness, bereavement etc., providing hospitality at school functions.


More detail about these groupscan be found here.


Throughout 2005 All Hallows' conducted a wide-ranging review involving consultations with parents, staff, students and the wider community via mechanisms such as surveys, forums and face to face interviews and workshops. The culmination of this review was the formulation of a new Strategic Plan 2006 – 2010. 

A full copy of this plan can be found here.

 Regular communication is maintained with parents. A weekly newsletter is distributed by email or hard copy and is available on the School website. The School and the various parent groups use email distribution lists to provide timely information to parents on a variety of matters. Parent feedback is regularly sought through the formal parent groups and through the School newsletter. Surveys are also conducted to gain feedback on specific issues within the School. The Principal provides an annual report to parents on the School year as well as weekly information via the newsletter.


Parents are able to participate in at least two formal parent-teacher interview sessions each year. Staff are also available for parent interviews on request throughout the year. Staff may be contacted by either telephone or email as well as participating in face to face interviews. Parent Information evenings are held for various year levels. Special information sessions are provided for parents and students at the key entry points of Year 8 and Year 5.


Parents and other community members are welcome at the weekly School liturgy and at a number of other events held during the year including Inaugural Mass, All Hallows' Day Mass, Graduation, our two Grandparents Day (Year 5 and Year 8), Introduction to All Hallows' Day, sporting carnivals and music performances.


Year 3, 5 and 7 Benchmark Results 

Only Year 5 applicable for 2006.


Year 5

School Mean

State Mean

% above benchmark

Reading & Viewing













Student Attendance

The average student attendance rate for 2006 was 96%

Retention Rates

Retention Rates 

Year 8

Year 12

Year 8 – 12

Apparent Retention Rate






















Year 12 Outcomes

Total number of certificates awarded: 236

Percentage of OP-eligible students with OP 1-15: 86

Percentage of students awarded Senior School Certificate and awarded a VET qualification.:   2

Percentage of students awarded Senior Certificate with OP-eligibility or awarded a VET qualification:  89

Percentage of QTAC applicants receiving an offer: 100


Post School Destinations


Preferred Course Destinations


Society, Culture & Law


Management & Commerce






Creative Arts


Architecture, Building, Engineering




Information Technology






University of Queensland


University of Technology


Griffith University


Australian Catholic University


Other Universities


TAFE Queensland


Other Tertiary Institutions




Full or Part-Time Work




Distinctive Skills of Staff

The school strives to attract and retain high quality staff who are committed to the Mission of the School, who are effective practitioners committed to excellence, and who are life-long learners.

Use of ICT in assisting Learning

All Hallows' vision is to develop life-long learners who value diversity, and are confident in the critical use of technology in a variety of ways. More specifically, All Hallows' believes that technology is a tool for education to support learners in solving problems, developing critical thinking skills, communicating ideas, and working collaboratively on multi-disciplinary projects. .


All Hallows' offers an extensive computer network comprising of a 10 gigabit fibre optic loop backbone supporting 6 laboratory's (31 computers per lab) and 10 flexible Learning areas (15 computers per area). The Potter and McAuley libraries provide students with a highly IT integrated environment. Internet and access to online digital resources is provided from all computers and wireless devices on campus.


Teaching and Learning spaces are enhanced with multimedia (42) and/or Interactive whiteboards (40) that increase the motivation and engagement of students in the learning process.


In 2005 All Hallows' commenced a trial partly funded by the Australian Federal Government under the ASISTM (Australian Schools Innovation in Science, Technology and Mathematics) looking at ways of integrating Pocket PCs in to the curriculum. In 2005, 180 students, in the areas of Business and Mathematics carried Pocket PCs that connect to the extensive wireless network and the All Hallows' Learning Management System (MoodleBlue).  During 2006, this trial was extended to 310 students.



The Corporation of the Trustees of the Order of the Sisters of Mercy in Queensland, trading as All Hallows' School. CRICOS No. 00485G