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The Electricity Commission of New South Wales is a statutory body responsible for the generation of electricity and its bulk transmission throughout New South Wales. Local authorities, mainly County Councils, are responsible for the retail distribution of electricity to New South Wales consumers. However, the Commission makes supplies available directly to several large industrial consumers and to the State Rail Authority.

The Commission was constituted on 22 May 1950 by the Electricity Commission Act 1950. It was restructured on 1 August 1982 by the Electricity Commission (Amendment) Act 1982, on 12 June 1987 by the Electricity Commission (Amendment) Act, 1987, and on 12 April 1989 by the Electricity Commission (Amendment) Act 1989. At the time of its establishment the Commission's functions were to restrict and regulate the use of available supplies of electricity, to acquire the power stations and main transmission lines of the four major supply authorities (Southern Electricity Supply, Sydney County Council, the Department of Railways and the Electric Light and Power Supply Corporation Ltd, known as the Balmain Company), to increase power production, and to develop the State's resources in order to cater for its future requirements. The current charter of the Commission is:

1. Minutes of meetings of the Commission, 22 May 1950-30 Jun 1983, CGS 4192

(Kingswood 11/19346-78). 33 vols.

2. Annual Reports, 1954-61, CGS 4193

(Kingswood 7/1520, 8/2245). 1 box, 1 vol.

3. Records relating to the operation of the Balmain, Pyrmont and White Bay power stations, 1892-1984, CGS 4194

(Kingswood 6/14875-81). 7 boxes.

Page Top Administration Group

The Administration Group assists the Commission to attain its corporate objectives by ensuring that all customers receive a cost-effective and professional level of policy, advice and service. The main emphasis of its operations lies in the provision of quality service to its customers, and the rest of the Commission.

4. Records relating to power restrictions, 1973, 1981-82, CGS 4195

(Kingswood 18/1498.4-1501.1). 4 boxes (part).

Page Top Community and Media Relations Group

The Community and Media Relations Group was established in 1986, having been formed from the Public Relations Branch of the Commission which had operated since about 1953. The main role of the Group is to identify, interpret and present advice on internal and external issues which may affect the Commission and its relationship with the outside community. In addition, the Group is responsible for developing programs which keep the community informed about the Electricity Commission's activities and help to promote its image. The Group is also responsible for the editing and production of the Commission's Annual Reports, the staff magazine Network, promotional brochures, and the creation of the Megawatt Club (a children's interest club).

5. Community and media relations files, c.1976-81, CGS 4196

(Kingswood 18/1508). 1 box.

Page Top Finance Group

The Finance Group is responsible for the planning and monitoring of the financial operations of the Commission. In early 1989 the Treasury Group was established, and it assumed responsibility for many of the functions, including raising loans on behalf of the Commission, previously carried out by the Finance Group.

6. Administration files, c.1975-85, CGS 4197

(Kingswood 18/1509.1). 1 bundle.

Page Top Planning and Development Group

The Planning and Development Group was responsible for the design of options for the longer term development of the Commission. In addition, the Group also prepared specific plans for shorter term implementation.

In 1990 the organisational structure within the Electricity Commission underwent considerable change. As a result of this re-organisation most of the functions of the Planning and Development Group were absorbed by the newly created Supply Planning Group. This new Group performs three main functions: Grid planning, System Performance planning and Generation Options planning.

7. Papers relating to staffing levels of the Group, 1987-88, CGS 4198

(Kingswood 18/1509.2-.3). 2 bundles.

8. Papers associated with new legislation relating to the Commission, 1987, CGS 4199

(Kingswood 18/1510.1, 6/14874). 1 box (part), 1 vol.

Generation Projects Planning Branch

9. Development ("DE") files, 1970-89, CGS 4200

(Kingswood 18/1501.2-1507). 7 boxes (part).

Research and Investigations Branch

10. Electrical Plant Studies Section files, c.1944-59, CGS 4201

(Kingswood 18/1510.2). 1 bundle.

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