The Victorian government is drafting legislation to outlaw vilification of homosexuals. Presently the details are not known, however, there is already legislation in N.S.W. and Tasmania that can give us a guide as to what might eventuate.

The likely effects are -

  • Homosexual practices (anal intercourse, oral sex, anal licking, anal fisting, body waste sex activity, etc.) will be normalized and will increase.

  • Those who object to homosexual practices will be attacked by the homosexual activists before the Victorian Equal Opportunity Board.

  • Those who for religious reasons object to homosexual practices and lifestyle will have to defend themselves even though exemptions "may" apply to religious bodies.

  • The known medical effects of homosexual practices (chlamydia, syphilis, herpes, gonorrhea, hepatitis, crabs, scabies, genital warts, anal warts, gay bowel syndrome, incontinence, AIDS, anal dermatitis, anal cancer, throat cancer, etc.), will be normalized and will increase.

  • The public cost to treat the medical effects of homosexual practices will increase.

  • Dysfunctional causes of homosexuality (rejection, self centeredness, sexual abuse, physical abuse, mental abuse, rape, sex with minors, lack of affection, etc.) will be normalized and will increase.

  • Homosexuals are more prone to depression, drug taking, suicide, domestic violence, alienation and lower life expectancies so these will be normalized and will increase.

  • Homosexual characteristics (promiscuity, sex with minors, multiple partners, casual sex, group sex, orgies, violent sex, sex in public places, etc.) will be normalized and will increase.

  • As less than 2% of males and less than 1% of females are homosexual this minority activity will be normalized and will increase.

  • Vilification (using mythical homophobia) will be used against those who are opposed to the normalization and increase of homosexual practices, characteristics and causes.

  • As homosexual practices are only legal in 85 of the 210 nations of the world, Victoria will be out of touch with the world.


  1. As there is up to an 80% success rate in getting homosexuals to change, why is support not being offered to them?

  2. As there is no evidence that homosexuals are "born that way", why is there no programs to assist homosexuals to change?

  3. Governments have a duty to - protect citizens who want decency; promote free speech; promote healthy activities; prevent causes of dysfunction; eliminate preventable illnesses; promote religious freedom; spend taxes wisely; and govern for all citizens. Why proceed with this oppressive legislation which breaks all these rules

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