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'Doing The 92' is a new site dedicated to that very English quest of visiting every one of the 92 football club grounds in the top four divisions.

Okay, I'm a ground-hopper but why would I use this site?
Doing the 92 has become more difficult over the last few years as the trend to relocate has taken hold, not to mention automatic relegation/promotion to and from the Football League. The aim of this site is to make things easy for fans to keep track of the number of grounds they've visited.

Is it expensive?
The site is FREE to use, so click on the Logon button and sign-up for an account. Otherwise, just have a click around to see what data we've currently got stored. We're expanding the site all the time so feel free to contact us if there's something you'd like to see added. There's a section in the Forum where you can add your suggestions.

Which games can be added?
Any game can be added, even if we don't currently have the teams in the database. Most people use the site to keep track of away grounds they've visited, but some use it to keep track of every game they've been to.

Which games qualify for the 92?
We get asked that a lot. And sometimes 'I sneaked into White Hart Lane for a kick-about - does that count?' The rules we follow are here, but feel free to use your own and only enter the games you want to count.

Top 5 supported teams in the database at the moment:

Number of Supporters
Tottenham Hotspur
West Ham United
Southend United
Charlton Athletic


Change History:
Aug07 ~ Fixed bugs. Added rules page.
~ Predictive code added to Add Game panel to select correct ground where possible.
Jul07 ~ Went Live! Fixed bugs. Minor changes
Jun07 ~ Forum and Links page added.

May07 ~ Home grounds back to 1945 added for all 92 clubs
Apr07 ~ All ground moves back to 1980 added as Events to the Chronological view.
Apr07 ~ Promotions to, and Relegations from the league added back to 1980
Mar07 ~ Site first loaded up. Beta testing started

Contact us if you have any suggestions about the site. Remember this is a free service provided by a few football/computer geeks with a bit of spare time on their hands. So don't be expecting miracles!