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There goes the neighbourhood

  • 14/05/04 IBurst provides wireless internet connection at up to 1Mbps (Sydney June 2004, Melb / Bris / Canb August 2004, other capitals '05) from $80/month (200Mb) to $175/month (1Gb), plus $99 connection, 12 month contract, plus modem / laplink PC card $600. Resellers have varying prices eg offers $283/month unlimited data, $50 setup. $500 modem, or $155 + $0.08/Mb (1Gb plan), or $187 + $0.07/Mb (3Gb plan), on a six month contract.

UK fast data, on the move

  • 11/05/04 Vodaphone launches 3G data service in the UK. Pricing ranges from low rates (GBP 0.59/Mb, PC card GBP 100), high Mb (500Mb), to high rates (GBP 2.35/Mb, PC card GBP 200), low Mb (5 Mb)(as usual). Coverage is around London, M25 and some other routes and cities, and when not in range, the service uses GPRS (much slower eg 64kbps) but with near total coverage.

India leads move to electronic ballots

  • 20/04/04 India's 660M people will vote using 1M voting machines rather than paper ballots, saving 8000t of paper, and combatting fraud.

Just reward

  • 15/04/04 Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the www, web browser/server/html, won 1M Euro in the first Millenium technology prize, from the Finland governent, from 74 nominations. The committee cited as important the decision not to 'commercialize or patent' his work.

High performance

  • 01/04/04 The LHC grid, a grid computing network to process particle accelerator data - about 30 terbytes / day of use, will ave a major test in April. Based on government and research hardware, the aim is 'on demand computing capacity anytime anywhere.' Already the network is peaking at 5.44 Gbps.

3 lures developers

  • 24/03/04 Three is launching in April a developers website (http://, and releasing a sG PC card, to focus on business application for 'vertical industries'.

Out and about.

  • 20/03/04 World wide panorama offers 180 * 360 degree photos from around the world on the equinox. It needs Quicktime to view the VR panoramas.

3G at risk from WiMax!

  • 11/03/04 WiMax, like WiFi (range 50m) has an extended 30 mile range and 'could prove to be a far more useful and disruptive technology'. A competitive threat to 3G, WiMax is a 'high speed, long range wireless standard' used by companies like Aperto Networks, who received $20M funding this week, and backed by Intel, Nokia, and AT&T;, and capable of speeds up to 70 Mbps.

Flying high and fast...

  • 10/03/04 Boeing will offer in flight broadband from April, at up to 20Mbps for a flat fee of $25 - 30 per flight, on six Lufthansa planes. See more at

Three opens in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Perth today

  • 01/07/03 3G in action3G video phones hit Brisbane today. Here is a photo from the cheapest phone, emailed. Two surprises - a 50% off deal, if you buy two phones (until 31 July 2003). And you have to bring a mobile number from another service. Take that Telstra, Optus, Vodaphone.

Three more...

  • 27/06/03: 3G here "at last" @ Three Australian launch in Brisbane on 1 July. Stores in Myer Centre, Tattersall's Mall, CBD, Toombul, Chermside, and Pacific Fair. See coverage for video calls here.

Future Proofing

  • 25/06/03 The Federal government response to the Regional Telecommunications Inquiry report has been released. Broadband schemes include:
    • Higher Bandwidth Incentive Scheme $107.8M over four years
    • National Broadband Strategy $142.8M over four years
    • National Broadband Strategy Implementation Group $2.9M
    • Demand aggregation funding $8.4M

    DCITA media release

Share the power

  • 30/04/03: Grid Computing developer, Sengent, is using its Community OS to help D2OL look for a SARS cure. Scanning 1M possible molecules for a lead in the fight to stop the SARS virus, your computer could help.

Sweet tunes

  • 30/04/03: Apple is offering, iTunes, a music download services @ $0.99/track for Mac users. Windows later in the year. The catalogue of 5 major distributors is 200k tracks. Previews (30 secs) are free. Only in the US.

Three at last

  • 15/04/03: 3G here "at last" @ Three Australian launch in Syd / Mel.
    • Handsets $480 - $950 to buy outright, or $20 - 40 per month (over 24 months plus $100 connection), all with digital picture and video camera. Video call @ $1/min Aust ($1.85/min international) (with up to 38min free per month - depending on handset),
    • video email $0.50, photo email $0.25, Modem $5/Mb, but first 5Mb $10/Mb. Content includes Maps(1), video downloads(2), pictures(2), games(2) and ringtones(3) - first three months free, thereafter (1) $0.10, (2) $0.50, (3) $1.50. Content fees capped at $25/month.
    • SMS $0.15.
    • Email free to 31.12.2003 (500/mth), then $0.10/message send or receive.
    • Voice calls $0.30/minute plus $0.25 flagfall,
    • but to Three phones, free for the first 10 minutes.
    • Voice calls capped at $100per month.

Free or not to free

  • 27/03/03 A free book on Adobe GoLive published on the net, caused problems for the author. At 23Mb, the 15k downloads may cost him $15k in ISP fees. To free or not to be free.

Subscription audio

  • 27/03/03 Full Audio ( releases a paid digital music service, aimed at affluent 30-50 year olds. Radio $4.95 per month, downloads $9.95 per month plus $1/track.

Get organised

  • 20/03/03 Next generation academic publishing: a proposal for exploratory work on an inteligently organised research archive and discussion list for research on E-commerce and related topics. Authors: Erik Brynjolfsson, John DC Little.

Where's that mail?

  • 13/01/03 SEC requires companies to keep 3 years of business related emails, and fines Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Salomon Smith Barney $8.25M for failing to keep emails. @44

Online sales making an impact

  • 13/01/03 US online sales up 30-40% (offline 4%). Online sales small 1.5 - 3% of total but big in books, music, video, electronics, and computers - up to 23%. @65

Amazon bounces back

  • 13/01/03 Amazon shares up 100% for the year to $22 (after plunging from $106 to $5), the highest rise on the NASDAQ 100. Amazon revenue growth '03 25% (Ebay 60%). @65

Playstation riches

  • 13/01/03 Sony computer entertainment (read Playstation 2) generates 53% of Sony profits.
    @93 Fortune

Learning bucks

  • 18/01/03 The Learning Federation ( is an Australian, NZ ministerial initiative to develop 'educationally sound quality assured online content for all Australian and New Zealand schools.' They are currently seeking partners, and doing a cross country roadshow 10 - 17 Feb. There is a $50M budegt to spend over the next five years.
    The Australian

Broadband policy advisory report released

  • 01/01/03 The Broadband Advisory Group's Report (PDF 1.8M) to Government has been release by NOIE, and is available online. Setting a goal
    "Australia will be a world leader in the availability and effective use of broadband to deliver enhanced outcomes in health, education, commerce and government and to capture the economic and social benefits of broadband connectivity." (@1)
    It notes South Korea's goal is to 'deliver Internet connections of at least 1Mbps and preferably 20Mbps to every household by 2005' (@14). A Broadband Strategy Implementation Group is a major strategy for achieving our goal. See THEJOIE review and analysis.

Free for all

  • 25/02/02 NSW public schools are rolling out email and internet access and a personal hoomepage to 1.2M students by June ;'03, including 24 hour technical support. A $33M contract was awarded to Unisys.
    ZDNet Australia.

Grid is good

  • 20/02/02 The Grid is 'a project that allows many computers to connect through the internet, pool their power and act as one supercomputer'. IBM announced it would Grid enable its entire product line.
    Wired (More at

To lead or to manage

  • 01/12/01 Management is about coping with complexity. Leadership, by contrast is about coping with change.
    @86 Harvard Business Review

New age business

  • 01/12/01 Not organise people, align them, motivate, inspire.
    @90 Harvard Business Review

Your next IT Strategy

  • 01/12/01 Shared vision, transition plan, moving fast enough, clear understanding of organisation obstacles, exciting sufficient leadership - Your next IT strategy Hagel, J, Brown J.S.
    @109 Harvard Business Review

Ford folds

  • 20/10/01 Ford dropped its employee home PC plan, after handing out 166k PC's in the last two years, citing 'radically different' economic conditions.
    Net News

More is good

  • 05/09/2001 96% of UK schools are now online (1997 - 17%), with computers for every 7th high school, and 17th primary school student.
    Net News (More at

Big bang

  • 04/09/2001 HP and Compaq have agreed to merge in a share swap deal worth $25B. The combined company to be called HP will have revenues of $87B, earnings of $3.9B, and employees 145k. Carly Fiorina, HP CEO, will be CEO of the new HP, and Michael Capellas, Compaq's CEO 'will be President and Chief Operating Officer'

Get connected

  • 19/06/2001 IBM will offer 80M Lotus notes wireless instant messaging on their phone, palm top or other device from next month.
    Net News

Cash is good

  • 15/06/2001 Adobe announced Q2 results of $61M (2000 - $66M) on revenue $344M (2000 - $300M)
    Net News

Library @ home

  • 15/06/2001 The British Library is digitising its collection. A paper exploring the options is at

High flying browsing

  • 14/06/2001 High speed web access (5Mb/s) is coming to US airlines - American, United and Delta, courtesy of Boeing, for 1500 planes, next year. Costs are expected to be $20/hr for web. TV etc.
    Net News

Earth to web, come in web...

  • 25/05/2001 The IETF has published specifications to extend the internet to space, with the first web enabled probe due for launch in 2003 to Mars.
    Net News

MP3 swallowed

  • 21/05/2001 Vivendi to buy in a cash and stock deal worth $372M. Vivendi own Universal Music, the largest record company.
    ZDNet Daily

Bwebs - a new way to look at the web

  • 2000 B web types (@30): Agora eg eBay assembly of buyers and sellers, Aggregation eg, Value chain eg Cisco, Dell, Alliance eg Linux MP3, Open source community, Distributive network eg the internet
    Tapscott (2000)Digital Capital

Gone are the 4P's

  • 2000 Market 4P's -> now the ABCDE (@198) Anyplace, Anytime, Anyway shopping replaces place; B web customers drive revenue; Communication works, not promotion, Discovery of price replaces fixed price; Experience replaces product
    Tapscott (2000) Digital Capital

Catch the value

  • 2000 Value layers (@214) customers, context ie interface to customer (b-web), content, commerce, infrastructure.
    Tapscott (2000)Digital Capital


Key Publications:

  • Miller, S.K. (2002) Maximising strategic opportunities from mobile communications technology (Pearson Education Ltd : Edinburgh)
  • Tapscott D. (et al) (2000) Digital Capital: harnessing the power of business webs (Nicholas Brealey Publishing : London)

Other Publications:

  • Cassidy, J. (2002) Dot.con
  • Welling, J. (2001) PHP MySQL Web Development
  • McCarty, B. (2001) PHP4: A beginners guide
  • Gilder, G. (1992) Life after television
  • Himanen, P. (2001) The Hacker ethic
  • Beck, K., Fowler, M. (2001) Planning Extreme Programming
  • Jeffries, J. (et al) (2001) Extreme Programming Installed
  • Nautisk, J (2001) Extreme Programming in Practice
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Three years ago...

Free for all

05/04/01 MIT will publish its OpenCourseWare on the internet. It's 2000 courses will include 'lecture notes, course outlines, reading lists and assignments.' MIT OpenCourseWare
Net News

On the go

26/03/01 Microsoft's tabletPC was demonstrated at the Windows hardware and engineering conference. Watch out Palm Pilot! Due for a release in 2002, it is a full PC running Office XP.tabletpc.jpg (21266 bytes)

Would you like net with that

01/03/01 KMart(US) is offering free internet access, when you spend $50 there, but it's only for a month. KMart has an ISP subsidiary called BlueLight.
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