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Paradise Dam

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Paradise Dam

The Paradise Dam was Burnett Water's major construction project and practical completion was achieved at the end of November 2005 by the Burnett Dam Alliance.

After driving the project through the approvals, planning, design and construction stages, Burnett Water will step aside in December 2005 to allow SunWater to take over operations.

Construction of the 300,000 megalitre capacity Dam took four years to complete and will assist the social and economic growth of the region. The Dam is also significant in the wider context of leading the way in state-of-the-art dams due to many notable environmental features.

Situated approximately 20kms north-west of Biggenden and 80kms south-west of Bundaberg, the Dam is expected to yield approximately 124,000Ml/a of medium priority water for agricultural use and 20,000Ml/a of high priority water for urban and industrial use.

Located at the site of historical mining town, Paradise, locals often refer to the project as the Paradise Dam.

State Government environmental approval for the Dam was granted in October 2001 and Federal Government environmental approval was granted in January 2002.

Being the first and largest component of the Burnett Water Infrastructure Project, the Paradise Dam was the main/initial focus of a number of environmental monitoring programs. Development of the Paradise Dam is a controlled action under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999, and Environment Australia has given conditional approval for the Dam to proceed.

Burnett Water formed the Burnett Dam Alliance in October 2003 to deliver the Paradise Dam Project. The consortium was made up of Walter Construction Group, McMahon Holdings, Hydro Tasmania, SMEC and Wagner Group.



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