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Strategic Planning

The Council has established the following key result areas in our Strategic Plan;
* Development
* Natural Environment
* Lifestyle
* Transport and
* Communications

In 1998 Ausbulk adopted Tailem Bend as a strategic regional site. This decision together with the expansion and improvement of grain crops in the area has seen grower deliveries to Tailem Bend grain storage increase from 83,000 tonne in 1999 to 236,000 tonne in 2002.

The dairy industry is well established and growing with the potential for value adding with good road and rail links to Adelaide and eastern states. The livestock and cropping industries are diversified and change with market trends. Olives, while being a relatively new part of the primary production sector, are proving to be well suited to our climate and soil conditions in parts and with producers we are exploring the potential for value adding within the district. Council works closely with the Regional Development Board in order to service existing small business as well as to seek areas of opportunity that may be available for new business.

In keeping with our Mission Statement and Core Values we aim to serve the community with equality and reliability and maintain a range of services over a wide area so that nobody is more than 80 kms from a Council service centre. By maintaining Council offices in Tailem Bend, Meningie and Tintinara we maintain an open door policy to the community.

Council's Strategic Plan

Coorong District Council's 2006/2007 Business Plan

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