Project Blue Book

An Audio Retrospective

Wendy Connors
Audio History of Ufology Series

75 Tracks
Total Running Time: 15:20:30


Project Blue Book went through many evolutions during its 33 year run for the US Air Force's investigation into UFOs. Initially begun in late 1946 under the unofficial title of Project Saucer, it soon morphed into an official investigation under the code word, Project SIGN in late 1948. SIGN sequed into Project Grudge in 1949 and then into Project Blue Book in 1951. These recordings highlight those years.

Track Listing

01: Dr. J. Allen Hynek, contracted to Project SIGN, was an early debunker of UFOs. However, over time, Hynek changed his mind based upon the data. This short recording is Dr. Hynek dismissing UFOs on behalf of the U.S. Air Force. 01:56

02: Capt. Thomas Hanchett, USAF, describes his encounter in 1948. 07:45

03: Col. Howard M. McCoy, in charge of T-2 Intelligence at Wright Field (Wright-Patterson AFB), comments to Richard Hall and others in 1966, regarding his thoughts on the "space people." Col. McCoy was a member of NICAP. 01:51

04: Interview of Bruce Deyarmond by Wendy Connors in 1998. Bruce's father, Col. Albert B. Deyarmond, was a member of Projects: Saucer, SIGN and Grudge. Copies of Col. Deyarmond's personal files were obtained by Wendy Connors and have been archived. 32:10

05: Dr. George E. Valley, Jr., Air Force Scientific Advisory Board, remarks to Wendy Connors regarding the Estimate of the Situation in 1998. 00:47

06: Interview with Major Victor Bilek by Wendy Connors in 1998. Bilek knew the people involved in the UFO investigations from the beginning and through Blue Book. 75:05

07: Interview with Donald Loedding by Wendy Connors in 1998. Don is the son of Project SIGN originator, Alfred C. Loedding. 75:14

08: Comment by aeronautical designer, Charles Zimmerman, regarding the V-173 and Navy XF5U-1 (flying pancake) low aspect ratio aircraft in 1948. 01:00

09: Paul Hibbard, VP of Lockheed, comments on flying saucers in 1948. 01:15

10: David Prince, VP of General Electric on flying saucers and the XF5U-1 in 1948. 00:56

11: Major Dewey Fournet on the Estimate of the Situation. 00:49

12: Newscast of the Glenn Bernie, NJ flying disc discovery, in 1949. Project Grudge personnel investigated this prosaic case. 00:58

13: Major Gen. William F. McKee, USAF, comments on Project Saucer in April, 1949. At this time the code named project SIGN was not revealed and the media used the moniker, Project Saucer. 01:07

14: Lt. Col. Althasan Spilhaus, a member of the Air Force Scientific Advisory Board, comments on flying saucers in 1949. 01:20

15: President Truman denies UFOs in 1949. 00:27

16: AFOSI Interview with George Koehler in 1950. 30:30

17: Gen. Douglas MacArthur comments on Interplanetary War in 1951. He restated this position in Manilla in 1961. 01:44

18: Maj. Gen. Samford News Conference in 1952. 00:41

19: Newscaster Frank Edwards discusses the death of Gen. Hoyt S. Vandenberg on April 8, 1954. 00:59

20: Ground Observer Corps radio promotion from 1954. The GOC was in effect to secure the skies over the U.S. while the new military radar systems were being developed and deployed across the U.S. and Canada. GOC reported many observations of UFOs. 00:27

21: Dr. Lloyd V. Berkner on the Robertson Panel. 01:39

22: A radio editorial regarding Project Blue Book by an unknown canadian broadcaster in 1956. 01:29

23: Captain Edward J. Ruppelt, first director of Project Blue Book, is interviewed on an unknown radio station in 1956. 07:45

24: Captain Edward J. Ruppelt recollects his visit to Giant Rock in 1956 to see the Contactees. 38:00

25: Lake Welles, FL airport UFO case recorded for the Blue Book files in October, 1956. 03:24

26: Captain Edward J. Ruppelt interviews Contactee George Adamski in 1956. 85:15

27: Radio report of Gen. Nathan F. Twining on UFOs in 1956. 00:40

28: News report from 1957 regarding Dr. J. Allen Hynek and the launch of Sputnik ll. 02:45

29: Albert Chop interviewed on radio November, 1957. 03:47

30: William Lear interviewed on radio regarding his sighting in November, 1957. 04:00

31: Captain Edward J. Ruppelt radio interview during the flap of 1957. 03:00

32: Captain Edward J. Ruppelt radio interview during the flap of 1957. 02:45

33: Public Information Officer on the November 3, 1957 White Sands Missle Range UFO case. 03:56

34: MSgt. William Stokes case newscast of USAF radar and UFO in November 5, 1957. 01:15

35: News report regarding the 1957 UFO flap broadcast November 7, 1957. 01:15

36: Major Robert Friend interview in 1958. 03:07

37: Col. Spenser Whedon gives the official USAF position on UFOs on the Armstrong Circle Theater's, UFO: Enigma of the Skies, January 20, 1958. Dr. Donald Menzel and Major Donald E. Keyhoe also provide guest opinions. 52:00

38: Richard B. Horner, Assistant Director of the USAF Research and Development Board comments on the USAF and UFOs on the Armstrong Circle Theater's, UFO: Enigma of the Skies, January 20, 1958. 02:25

39: McChord Air Force Base UFO case news report, May, 1958. 01:41

40: Jackie Gleason comments on flying saucers on the Long John Nebel radio show, November 16, 1958. 01:04

41: Lt. Col. Lawrence J. Tacker on flying saucers and air defense, November 20, 1958. 03:48

42: Newscast of the mystery satellite in 1960. 00:40

43: Larry Moyers of the Flying Saucer Investigations Committee, Akron, OH, relates how they were offered full access to Project Blue Book's files in exchange for the FSIC adhering to Blue Book's explanations of UFO events. 1961. 01:50

44: Dr. Theodore von Kármàn and General Homer S. Boushey statements while at Aerojet General in 1962. 16:45

45: Phone conversation between Maj. Robert Friend, USAF and Larry Moyers and Marc Candusso of the Flying Saucer Investigations Committee of Akron, OH in 1963. 11:10

46: Astronaut Frank Borman comments on UFOs in 1963. 00:22

47: 1964 news report regarding Arthur Godfrey's UFO encounter. 00:46

48: Captain Hector Quintanilla interviewed in June, 1964. 08:00

49: Major Hector Quintanilla and Lt. Col. Lawrence J. Tacker on UFOs in an unknown 1964 television interview. 04:30

50: Senator Barry Goldwater on Gen. Curtis LeMay and UFOs at Wright-Patterson AFB in 1964. 00:15

51: Dr. William Pickering on Life on Mars in 1964. 00:33

52: Congressman Gerald Ford comments on the Michigan UFO wave on March 27, 1966. 01:26

53: Congressman Edward J. Roush on the Michigan UFO wave in March, 1966. 01:13

54: Dr. J. Allen Hynek is interviewed on the Merv Griffin show, July 13, 1966. 15:16

55: Dr. I. M. Levitt interviewed regarding UFOs on the Mike Douglas show, November 23, 1966. 14:00

56: Dr. J. Allen Hynek interviewed on Voice of America in 1966 regarding the Michigan swamp gas debate. 25:45

57: Major William Coleman, USAF, comments on USAF secrecy regarding UFOs in 1966. 00:41

58: Wilbert B. Smith comments on USAF secrecy of UFOs in 1966. 00:33

59: Lt. Col. Lawrence J. Tacker debunks USAF secrecy of UFOs in 1966. 00:48

60: Dr. Edward Teller on flying saucers in 1966. 00:40

61: Dr. J. Allen Hynek on KABC-TV's Press Conference on February 26, 1967. 22:08

62: Dr. Edward U. Condon and Dr. Robert Lowe interviewed in 1967. 06:17

63: Dr. David Saunders, Condon Committee, on UFOs and the ETH in 1967. 00:24

64: Gen. James McDivitt, Astronaut, on UFOs. 02:01

65: Gen James McDivitt, Astronaut, on UFOs. 00:43

66: Dr. Donald Menzel remarks on UFOs at the American Society of Newspaper Editors on April 22, 1967. 33:26

67: Major Hector Quintanilla remarks on Project Blue Book at the American Society of Newspaper Editors on April 22, 1967. 10:45

68: Dr. J. Allen Hynek is interviewed on WINS in 1968. 44:12

69: Dr. Thornton Page addresses UFOs at the AAAS Symposium in 1969. 19:00

70: Dr. J. Allen Hynek addresses the AAAS Symposium in 1969. His famous 21 Years of UFO Reports is presented. 35:21

71: Dr. James E. McDonald addresses the AAAS Symposium in 1969. This is his famous, Science in Default presentation. 40:30

72: President Jimmy Carter on UFOs. 00:44

73: Major Dewey Fournet lectures in 1972. Recorded from the audience and is of poor quality. 59:57

74: Project Blue Book's 1994 National Air Intelligence Center Alumni Days Reunion, 1994. 60:15

75: Lt. Col. Hector Quintanilla is inteviewed by Carl Day in 1997. 20:30

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