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The Association invites you to join the ranks of Old Boys.  Our members are part of an ever-widening network in a large number of professions, trades, businesses and walks of life.  Your Association is also working on ways to provide our members with the benefits of being in the "Churchie Old Boy network" by being a member. 


The membership fees of the Association are as follows:
Ordinary Membership (Yearly) $40.00
Ten Year Membership $250
Life Membership $385.00

If you wish to join, please download the following form

  Membership Application PDF

Seniors leaving the School in their final year can join the Association by completing the response to the Entry Deposit mailed to parents late in their final year. This has been and remains a very popular way of joining the Association.

Old Boys Login Area

You do not need to be a financial member of the OBA to access this areas. Please click here to find out more.