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Taps Turn for Yarroweyah

15 March 2005

The residents of Yarroweyah now have access to a potable town water supply. 

Goulburn Valley Water’s Chief Executive Mr Laurie Gleeson, said that the Authority was very pleased to announce last Wednesday 9 March 2005, that the potable water supply was ready for residents to connect into.  “Thanks to the Cobram to Strathmerton pipeline the Authority was able to offer the residents of Yarroweyah the opportunity to have a town water supply, which was supported by nearly 70% of the property owners.”

“Goulburn Valley Water first went to Yarroweyah with the proposal in July 2003, there was overwhelming support at the public meeting and a working group of residents and Authority employees was established to get the project off the ground,” said Mr Gleeson. “The residents were an invaluable part of the process, without them championing the project the community may still only have access to bore water.”

Mr Gleeson said that the working group also saved their community a significant amount of money by suggesting that the plumbing of the service main be undertaken by the whole town, rather than by the individual property owners. “Initial costs indicated that a property owner could expect to pay somewhere between $700 and $1000 depending on which side of the road their property was on,” he said. “The Authority then asked for a price to do the whole town at once and the indication was it would cost approximately $500 per property, in the end it was even cheaper coming in at $245 per property.”

“The overall project excluding the property service pipes, is expected to come in on budget at around $220,000 of which the community has contributed approximately $150,000,” said Mr Gleeson.

Mr Gleeson said that the Authority has allowed water to be delivered to Yarroweyah prior to the Cobram to Strathmerton pipeline being Fully commissioned to Strathmerton. “As an incentive to get the residents to connect their property to mains straight away, which will assist with the operation of the water supply, the Authority has offered residents three months worth of water for free, he said. “If residents have their meter fitted before 31 March 2005, then they will not incur water charges between now and 30 June 2005.


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