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First video of a working "One Laptop Per Child" laptop (Exclusive)

Last week the One Laptop Per Child project produced its first working prototype and for the first time showed it off publicly at the Red Hat Summit today.

Red Hat engineer and Mozilla Corporation board member Christopher Blizzard is carefully guarding the unit, but he was kind enough to give us a private demonstration. Watch the video below.

Tags: olpc, one laptop per child, linux, microsoft, intel, red hat, negroponte

June 2, 2006 at 09:56 PM | Permalink


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Tracked on 15 Oct 2006 02:12:35


Oh wow... learning to double-click? Like, crazy, man... totally far out. Erm, yeah it's not a single click? Woah. Dude.

Posted-by: Bob Thedino | 3 Jun 2006 01:39:38

this video doesn't work in linux,
can you give us a link to the video
in an open format please???

Posted-by: | 3 Jun 2006 01:44:15

Seems a shame that they cover the 100% open laptop and make the video proprietary.

What's wrong with theora people?

Posted-by: thedave | 3 Jun 2006 01:48:19

It doesn't work on OS X either. Can you make it like a .move format or something?

Posted-by: colonels1020 | 3 Jun 2006 01:54:20

video works fine for me, and I'm not a windows user. All you need is a flash plugin.

Posted-by: torbjorn | 3 Jun 2006 02:04:29

sure it works in osx, I just watched it in Safari, maybe you just need a newer version of flash?

Posted-by: Benji | 3 Jun 2006 02:09:03

I'm using Firefox on Windows and it doeesn't work.

Posted-by: Frank | 3 Jun 2006 02:17:04

it isn't working in the Linux Flash 5 player, oh he egg on their faces

Posted-by: | 3 Jun 2006 02:19:40

Posted-by: lidiving | 3 Jun 2006 02:40:03

Friggin Idiots....Get the Damn Flash plugin for firefox. Firefox/Win and Firefox/Linux works fine.
Get a friggin clue newbies!

Posted-by: John | 3 Jun 2006 02:52:37

it works fine on OS X :P

Posted-by: CRiZ | 3 Jun 2006 03:00:58


Not working for me too, just the sound...

Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv: Gecko/20060322 Firefox/

And yes, I have flash 7 stupid.

Think before posting rants!

Posted-by: Fox | 3 Jun 2006 03:12:49

Yeah it worked fine in Safari! I don't know what the the hell thedave is talking about.

Posted-by: sandro | 3 Jun 2006 03:21:12

Looks interesting, but I am not sure about the small wide screen...

Posted-by: Alan | 3 Jun 2006 03:22:07

I get a couple of seconds of video then nothing..I think that their servers are just crap

Posted-by: Frank | 3 Jun 2006 03:50:39

"And yes, I have flash 7 stupid."

It's not like the latest Flash player release is version 8.5 or anything.

Posted-by: Kendall | 3 Jun 2006 04:25:26

"It's not like the latest Flash player release is version 8.5 or anything."

And it's not like it's available on linux either.

Posted-by: saon | 3 Jun 2006 04:33:56

Nifty, no trackpad! Why not just give them DOS and get it over with.

Posted-by: T | 3 Jun 2006 06:34:14

it works in OS X using Firefox, it's a flash video.

Posted-by: bob | 3 Jun 2006 07:20:20


Seriously... a laptop which spills won't endanger, that looks fairly small, has a carry handle, is made of rugged-looking plastic, AND is $100 so if it breaks or gets swiped you can just get a new one? AND you can plug in a USB drive for extra storage?

If it can browse the web then this is enough computer for millions of customers. Double the price, sell some in western markets, and fund the project with the profits!

Posted-by: John H. | 3 Jun 2006 07:32:13

Ya I think that would be an awsome idea for them to double the price and sell it and use the profits to help fund the project, I would buy one maybe 2. I also work as a Technology Facilatator for a School, so I am hoping to try one of these out when they are available.

Posted-by: Silver | 3 Jun 2006 07:53:48

PFftt.. this thing is a joke.

Typical American Bloat. All style and no substance.

If you want a cheap Linux machine, its already here:

The GP2X costs $150, has complete linux onboard, boots in 5 seconds, has literally 10's of thousands of applications available for it, is very, very easy to develop code for, and doesn't require the over-engineering of any significant components. It uses standard batteries (which can be used to power *other* things, unlike the OLPC custom-job), has a decent screen, and can most definitely be expanded with peripherals that would be useful in the developing world ..

To me, the OLPC is like, the Shuttle. Huge, over-hyped, and ultimately: useless.

Posted-by: Jay Vaughan | 3 Jun 2006 09:33:43

Has anyone else noticed that it doesn't appear to have a trackpad? Are kids going to be using this with external mice? Would limit things a bit, wouldn't it? (Especially outdoors, in places where desks may not be available, etc.)

Posted-by: Aral Balkan | 3 Jun 2006 10:04:29

Apple had this computer over 10 years ago, it was called the emate.

Posted-by: jay | 3 Jun 2006 12:17:19

The GP2X screen might be a little on the small side for web surfing and the lack of a keyboard might cause problems if you're trying to do anything requiring moderate to heavy typing. The usability is completely different here for the OLPC.

Posted-by: | 3 Jun 2006 13:10:21

I can't see the video, but I can hear it.

Using last available flash plugin ( for linux x86.

Posted-by: yS | 3 Jun 2006 15:32:39

The GP2X is a gaming device, it doesn't even have wifi. This is a wifi laptop that becomes part of a mesh network, something completely different.

Posted-by: Vince | 3 Jun 2006 16:20:08

i think this is a great project that is going on. and in the 3rd and 2nd world coundries they should sell this thing so that we can educate them on the new tech and get most of the poeple on the internet. and in the 1st world up the price. we can all afford this that way they can put more into R&D for this. so that it can get better.

and yes the lack of a track pad is a little odd. they are very thin and simple hardawre. so not sure how that will work but this is the first model. so we shal see what time has in store for us.

Posted-by: steve | 3 Jun 2006 19:01:18

Usb ports and audio out? with a 100 dollar laptop, there is little point. What accessories are extremely poor people going to use, they dont exactly have logitech laser mouses lying around.

Is that guy wearing a mozilla shirt?

And is that a keyboard from the new macbooks in black - looks very similar!

Posted-by: alexdcd | 4 Jun 2006 14:34:02

They should have made it Windows CE. The OS is free, it's a super simple platform to develop on, it's documents would be compatible with office, and it's not a hack job.

Posted-by: T | 4 Jun 2006 17:49:15

for one, i have had many windows CE devices in my time. It just doesnt match the capability and portability that linux does. Linux is simple to develop on aswell. Oh, and BTW, incase you didnt know already, theres this magic little program called OpenOffice.Org... Think before you speak and the world will like you more :)

Posted-by: RedBull | 4 Jun 2006 18:30:16

Something tells me that the number of 419 and other related scams will rise exponentially when this is released.

Posted-by: steve | 4 Jun 2006 19:57:01

this is retarded. consider the following, many chinese brand has notebook priced at 3xx dollar, Dell has 14 inch notebook B310 sell for 33x dollar (with coupons). the point is a poor man can not afford to buy cheap stuff becaues it is going to get replaced/borken soon.
yes, those notebook is double the price, but quadruple (maybe even more) the functionality. it get windows xp home, 1.5 ghz centrino, 512 ram, 40 gb harddirver, a 1024*768 display. i mean, u get a notebook. what do you have out of this piece of carp? nothing, no hard driver, no notebook screen (they use the cheap portable DVD player' screen with horrible quality), no cd/ dvd driver, 1gb storage,no nothing.

do u think it is wiser to have one Realy Notebook per every two children, or One piece of crap Per Child?

Posted-by: sean | 4 Jun 2006 22:47:07

the blog community does not cease to amaze me in its provincialism; while it discusses the tech apps ans system aspects of the OCLP program, no one is discussing the unintended consequences: introduce a $100 laptop into a poor community and the first thing you will have is a spike in theft; if you're hungry, and can rip one of these things off from some kid, sell it for $25, that could be equivalent to a month's wages.

Posted-by: alan g | 5 Jun 2006 07:14:43

If it's not going to be made available for 1st world nations, don't you think owners will discover the market for exporting these on eBay and just use them to turn profits? I'd think US hobbyists and geeks would pay up to $300 for one of these, for nowelty alone. These third world countries would be better off selling tons of them them back to us, then buying something better with the profits. lol

Posted-by: Dana Hanna | 5 Jun 2006 18:25:43

piece of carp sounds delicious. i'll take mine with extra wasabi

Posted-by: fred | 7 Jun 2006 01:12:19

Что сказать? Прикольная штукенция!

Posted-by: Даша | 7 Jun 2006 11:47:34

가격이 문제가 아니라 안에 탑재되는 s/w 의 질이
문제가 될듯, 아마도 배터리는 일반 AA 를 써야
할것 같음

Posted-by: 동수 | 12 Jun 2006 07:05:55

의도한대로만 된다면 좋겠지만,
네트워크 인프라 보급이 더 급한거 아닌지...
그리고, 애매한 저가형 보급은
빈부차를 더 느끼도록 만들수도...

Posted-by: 배성일 | 14 Jun 2006 00:56:13

생각보다 훌륭하군. 시도 자체가 아주 훌륭합니다. 뭐 최종 디자인은 더 나중이지만.. 어플리케이션이 가장 중요할뜻 .. 흠 아이들 선물로는 딱일듯..

Posted-by: Houng June | 14 Jun 2006 04:55:15

We can create "one laptop per child" computer project for peace between Palestinians and Isreali children.

Dr. Fouad EL-Harazin
Gaza International Foundation for Peace on Earth. Gaza Strip-Palestinian Authority
Office: +970 8 282 4157

Posted-by: Dr. Fouad M. EL-Harazin | 19 Jun 2006 18:31:43

so if linux is all so great, why is the video on here unplayable for so many people? shouldnt linux sort itself out oneday? how about a bootup which works automatically (with graphics instead of verbose|) how about an open source graphical installer that every build/release will want to use?
how about someone decides to sit down and tie all the 'hacker' difficulties that socalled'newbies' are forced to endure to the point that people just buy windows or osx. this is a very clear demonstration of why people cant be bothered to use linux. i only hope that this olpc laptop project makes the os very slick and user friendly; how can millions of children be expected to use it (as their first exposure to computers) if they dont have a user-friendly os to learn on. i remember bbc and acorn cokmputers at school. the bbc was scary to learn and the acorn was ok. the pcs were worse than the acorn. it seems linux might be like a bbc pc with graphics and mouse - but that seems too hard to learn as a first computer. please make sure it works easily and slickly.

Posted-by: linux? | 20 Jun 2006 16:10:12

You cannot see the video try installing
Google video player!!!

Posted-by: arxytas | 20 Jun 2006 19:01:38

If you people would bother to go to OLPC's website, things would be much more clear. For instance, yes there is going to be a track pad, the video displaying a PROTOTYPE without one is simply outdated. To those of you who are talking about "better systems" with all those really nice features, you are not considering that this product is being targeted at poorer NATIONS! Have you stopped to think that not every child will have a power outlet to charge those power hungry laptops? Most of the design of this laptop is aimed at low-power-consumption. If you want to argue that they should buy a $200-$400 laptop instead because it isn't much more money; it may not be much to you, but consider how poor these people are going to be, $100 may end up being the absolute maximum for amount that they can afford, if that.

Posted-by: Jarred | 25 Jun 2006 07:13:52

It's really so difficult to post a link to a simple AVI file with XVID/DIVX video and MP3 audio? Everyone can play them.

Why use a proprietary format that requires a proprietary plugin distributed by a single company?

Posted-by: anonymous | 14 Jul 2006 02:31:09

Good to consider that this product is targeted to poorer countries, low-cost manufacturing, etc, etc et al.

But what about the rest? Do these countries have infrastructures wich will allow wi-fi acess? Do they have a decent powergrid, to say the least? Will they have people teaching others how to work with this new "OLPC"? Does it matter developing such a machine, if there are no basis to work with? Doesn't matter giving the world a new $100 PC if their social, technological and structural basis are not ready. And so on...A good effort, indeed, but, that's the problem, there is always a "does not have yet a battery here", or a "well, this is not the actual/finished screen", or "this only a prototype", and so on...Why don't you all work together (Intel, AMD, Microsoft, Linux, etc..) and make a decent PC for those countries? Oh, better yet, why don't U FIRST establish the infrastructure for a future development that can outdate this "new" machine?.. Let's face, it's not like you don't heave the money, it's don't wanna spend it...Like someone said above, it's a "Typical American Bloat. All style and no substance."..Better off spending billions os $USD in bombs, military airplanes, and the ordinary killing appliances and sh** like that...

Posted-by: PM | 14 Jul 2006 21:25:19

據說此100元美金之OLPC採用的作業系統是RedHat的Fedora Core 6,既是自由免費的何不也考慮採用Net、Open亦或是Free BSD,如可連接Internet那就更划算了!!!

Posted-by: 俊帥 | 20 Jul 2006 12:24:00

For all of those people whinging about the video format... and blaming linux for it, have you ever stoppped to consider that you are viewing a simple news article on a standard news website..! ie they don't really care about providing every method under the sun.
This article isn't set up for any one in particular and hence.
If you don't have the flash plugin installed (which is one of the viewing methods), Firefox etc should direct you to where you can get the flash plugin, otherwise go to There is a small button there with a link to download the flash player.. The instructions for how to install it are on the page that pops up along with the download button, follow them.
For those people getting sound but no video.. It may be the fact that you have the wrong codec actually playing the video file, and this codec only knows about sound... This takes more room then what is here to fix depending on the exact problem sorry.. (try finding ~/.mozilla/pluginreg.dat or ~/.mozilla/firefox/pluginreg.dat and renaming it with .old on the end and then restart firefox) that might fix it.. if not rename the file back to what it was before and google for a longer answer.. sorry

Posted-by: Richo | 26 Jul 2006 17:15:11

Before you bash the project or make complaints about it, please, please read at least the FAQ on the OLPC website, since it answers many of the complaints people have raised. Also, (I think this used to be more visible) the project is based around certain philosophies of education, so that might be good to consider before forming an opinion. ( )

To address some really common issues people brought up:

The project is using Linux and Open Source software because it's free, easy to fix, and easy to customize. Linux will have much less bloat than Windows CE. They can custom package the software so that all of the linux gobbledigook is hidden. They've still yet to do that, but this is just an early prototype of hardware/os not of their final UI.

Various hardware companies and OEMs have previously announced models intended for the developing world (not third world) and often consist of a computer without peripherals for 3x as much as an OLPC. If you read the way they talk about such products, they always end up talking about unexplored markets. It is very clear that they are motivated by profit more than a desire to help anyone.

Making the OLPC even just $100 instead of $150 is a huge factor of price difference. That means that a country can now supply 60 villages for the price of supplying 40. You get a big difference in absolute numbers of people with a laptop because the laptops are being bought in bulk.

(paraphrased from the faq) They want one laptop per child instead of shared laptops because they feel there is a lot of value in giving the children not only the opportunity to learn, but also to actually own something significant. They also believe that this ownership will encourage more responsibility in maintaining the computers. (end paraphrase) If you ever had to share something with a sibling growing up, I would imagine you can understand some of the issues that arise from sharing. In fact, sharing a laptop per every two children may be far more hazardous to the laptops than public terminals would be.

Posted-by: Gilbert | 27 Jul 2006 17:42:22

I've read all of the comments before this and there are many valid points (mostly by people who like pontificate).
At least Red hat is DOING something designed for low tech Nations. When the manufacturers of other low priced machines put their money where their mouth is, I might listen to them too.
If I might make a suggestion - If you plan to use batteries as a power source I'm buying shares in Eveready, Duracell and Energizer now. If inexpensive, 3rd world TECHNOLOGY FOR ALL is actually your goal consider a small dynamo or motion charger either incorporated or as a supplied plugin.
With a low power warning there would be no more loss of data then with aa batteries.
If a more connected world is the result, a few more scam emails from "Ngobo B'Dabe" or "Princess Wanda Otootoo" is a small price to pay.

Posted-by: Ian | 28 Jul 2006 13:45:43

Wow~it's awesome!
Will there be any commercial version of this laptop?


Posted-by: OliverTW | 9 Aug 2006 08:13:07

sorry,I can't agree with a progamme like this anymore.
I've been to some developing countries and sure that the kids there DONT need a computer.
Think what will they do when get a laptop?
right,to play computer games.
It'll make their life become worse!
They actually need many teachers to teach them knowledges and how to make life themselves.
A computer just cant full their stomach!
This would be another commmercial dumping strategy..
welcome to discuss with me,I leave my e-mail adress here :)

Posted-by: duckkenny | 9 Aug 2006 15:32:30

Nous venons très respectueusement solliciter votre aide sur le Projet "un ordinateur portable par enfant". Mon organisation non gouvernementale (ASSIRKI-DUNUAN) compte sur votre indulgence et votre sens d'humanisme sur le Projet "un ordinateur portable par enfant", pour les enfants déshérités (défavorables) de la République du Bénin.

Dans l'attente d'une suite favorable à ma requête, veuillez agréer le Chef du Projet "un ordinateur portable par enfant" l'expression de ma plus haute considération.


Organisation non gouvernementale ASSIRKI-DUNUAN
07 Boîte Postale 1081 Wologuêdè COTONOU
Téléphone: (229) 90 04 74 98
République du BENIN
Émail :

Posted-by: MAYAKI Eude Joachim | 29 Aug 2006 12:48:28

yes get everybody one! right now!
yes its not a professional notebook but its the best toy ever! i think we should use the us defense-budget to get everyone such a thing. but i would reduce all moving parts - cause sand and watter will destroy it otherwise. put some more gb chip storage into it... get everybody the free access to info

Posted-by: michi | 26 Sep 2006 11:16:34

With a low power caveat here would be no extra loss of facts then with battery. This would be another commercial dumping strategy. just about the same time, Dell unveil a retail enterprise with Wal-Mart that will see Dell computers concert up in the confined aisles of the cut rate retailer's stores its a greatfulknowlege used for me.

Posted-by: Laptop hq | 26 May 2007 11:38:46

They can custom package the software so that all of the linux gobbledigook is hidden. Most of the design of this laptop is aimed at low-power-consumption.

Posted-by: Laptop hq | 29 May 2007 06:46:36

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