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Filming with the BVG

Are you a film producer or photographer in search of an authentic Berlin backdrop?

We can offer you 170 metro stations, unusual tunnel structures, various metro trains, trams, and buses, as well as our skilled personnel.

Permits for filming / photography
The Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) consists of three divisions: metro (U-Bahn), tram, and bus. Each division has its own contact for film permits. They coordinate the various processes and provide specialized consulting for historical photographs and technically challenging film work. They also arrange contacts with various organizations that work on the history of Berlin public transport.

We recommend the following procedure:
Give us a call during the planning phase to clarify your initial questions and accelerate subsequent procedures. For the film permit itself, we need a written application with a billing address, summary of the action to be filmed, additional relevant information about the action, time schedule, and the proposed sites for photography/filming.

For standard inquiries of this type we usually offer you a consultation free of charge. We also assist and support coordinated operations on site, technical implementation for complicated sequences, and the selection process for special sites.

A permit is issued for the filming work. The metro division always requires a contract. The tram and bus divisions only require contracts for costly projects. All projects require indemnity insurance. You will find an application form for film work in the right-hand column.

Permit duration
The permit is usually valid for seven days. It can also be shorter for current topics and small-team documentary work. For historical and large-scale work that may require technical consulting from the BVG, a permit of two to six weeks can be issued.

Permit costs
Costs depend on the individual project and are calculated on the basis of services provided, plus a processing fee. Calculations include expenses for the use of BVG vehicles and other facilities as well as personnel. Applicants receive a cost estimate in advance.

The BVG charges a cancellation fee if work is cancelled by the production team. Advance payment is required for very costly projects.

Your contact:

Metro (U-Bahn) Division
Thomas Puhahn
phone: (030) 256 27823
fax: (030) 256 27832

Tram Division
Thomas Butter
phone: (030) 256 30240
fax: (030) 256 49 30540

Bus Division:
Uwe Hartwig
phone: (030) 256 29745
fax: (030) 256 49 29745

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