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CAIR-PA Ten-Part Course on Islam Begins Sept. 9

An Open Letter from CAIR to the ADL

Dear Mr. Lewy and Mr. Foxman:

On August 14 and 21, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) issued press releases that repeat its past defamatory assertions about the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), smearing the good name of an organization with a proud history of standing for justice and mutual understanding.

It is unfortunate that the ADL would employ rhetorical tactics that are used routinely by anti-Semites. These tactics raise questions about the sincerity of the ADL's stated mission to “secure justice and fair treatment to all citizens alike.”

How can the ADL ensure fair treatment of fellow Americans if it demonizes and smears one of the leading Muslim organizations advocating for equal rights in our society? How can the ADL assure justice when it attempts to muzzle the First Amendment rights of American Muslims by smearing them for simply seeking to ensure that a leading Muslim charity receives a fair trial?

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CAIR-OH Condemns Officer's Racist, Anti-Semitic Video Remarks

(COLUMBUS, OH, 8/28/07) - The Ohio chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-Ohio) today condemned racist and anti-Semitic comments made by Columbus Police Officer Susan L. Purtee in two Internet video clips.

In one of the nearly nine-minute video clips, Purtee expresses her admiration for Senator Joseph McCarthy as "the greatest man in U.S. history." She also states that "as long as you're a Jew you have that feeling that everyone is beneath you."

The second offensive video clip focused on African-Americans and what Purtee and her sister call the "Ebonics Plague." They commented that educated, influential African-Americans are disliked by other African-Americans because they "use syllables to speak."

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CAIR-CA: Racist Slurs Sprayed on Muslim's Stolen Car

(SACRAMENTO, CA, 8/28/O7) - The Sacramento Valley chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-SV) reported today that racist slurs were spray-painted on a car stolen from a California Muslim.

CAIR said the Muslim woman's late-model car was stolen from the parking lot of a shopping center in Sacramento, Calif., earlier with month. When police found the car days later, the hood and truck were spray-painted with slurs such as "rag head go home."

The thieves may have either observed the woman's Islamic headscarf when she parked the car or noticed the Islamic name on the insurance and registration cards.

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August 2007

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CAIR-CA: Racist Slurs Sprayed on Muslim's Stolen Car
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Challenging Hate
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