XENADERM® Ointment

XENADERM® Ointment promotes healing. XENADERM protects.

• Promotes Healing
• Can Act as Protective Covering
• Improves Epithelialization
• Can Aid in the Reduction of Pain

Product Description
For decades, perineal wounds have been treated with products that form a simple protective barrier, but that's not enough. XENADERM — a prescription ointment with a patented base formula — not only provides protection for perineal wounds, it actively promotes wound healing.

This technology that actively promotes wound healing and protects is a major step forward for perineal wound treatment, making barrier products a thing of the past.

• When applied to a sensitive area, a temporary stinging sensation may be noted.

Information About Changes Concerning Reimbursement of Xenaderm® (Balsam Peru, Castor Oil USP/NF, Trypsin USP) Ointment

How It Works
Application Protocol and More Information

XENADERM® Clinical Studies

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