Mack Brown's raise approved by UT regents

By Kiah Collier
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Mack Brown, head football coach
Mack Brown, head football coach

The UT System Board of Regents unanimously approved a $300,000 raise for Longhorn football Head Coach Mack Brown on Tuesday evening, along with $3 million in possible retention bonuses and revised win-incentive bonus amounts.

The financial revisions made to Brown's contract, which secure Brown's status as one the five highest paid U.S. college football coaches, will raise his total annual compensation for his 10th year as head coach from $2.66 million to $2.81 million.

As part of the raise, Brown will receive a one-time $100,000 special bonus on Saturday, the first game day of the Longhorn season and will continue to receive annual $100,000 raises from his base salary.

"Mack Brown is indeed one of the most talented, respected and motivated coaches in college sports," said Board Chairman James Huffines in a written personal statement to the board. "I think I speak for the entire board when I say that we greatly admire Mack and [Brown's wife] Sally and want them to be part of the UT system for a long, long time."

Brown's contract is valid through the 2016 season, according to the athletics department.

In the past nine years that Brown has been head coach, financial revenue from UT's football program has jumped to $365.5 million from only $131 million made in the nine years before Brown was hired, said Longhorn Men Athletics Director DeLoss Dodds during the meeting.

Funds to pay for the increase will come from athletic revenue, specifically from an increase in radio and television advertising and price of product endorsements, the written motion said.

Brown's other new bonus amounts include $100,000 if he wins the Big 12 Championship and $450,000 if he wins this year's national championship, as well as bonuses based on the percent of players who graduate.

Also included in revisions are buy-out amounts should another school attempt to hire Brown.

University President William Powers, who participated via conference call, echoed the sentiments of the board in a statement released from the athletics department.

"Mack Brown is the right person to be our head football coach," Powers said in the statement. "Mack is in high demand around the country, and it is critical that we have a salary strategy to keep him here."
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posted 8/29/07 @ 7:04 PM EST

That's quite a salary for a recruiter.... err.. I mean coach.

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