o Exe tools & trojan

MEW 5 1.0

exe coder (bit shift) Visual C++ / MASM32 18 kB

MEW 11 SE 1.2

real exe packer Visual C++ / MASM32 261 kB

MEW 10 1.1

real exe packer Visual C++ / MASM32 35 kB

+ source

exe-joiner (2 exe->1 exe) Visual C++ 85 kB

Key Logger
+ source

simple keylogger
(based on BO 2000)
Visual C++ 35 kB

TLS analiser v1.0
+ source

tool for reading exes' tls table Visual C++ 18 kB
o Crypto tools

MD5 cracker v1.0

brute-force for cracking MD5 MASM32 11 kB
o PHP & mySQL

CrSite engine v1.0

complate cracker-site engine PHP,mySQL 24 kB

RemoteDir Script

serverside dir-/filelister PHP 16 kB
o Game & Game tools

Space Escape
+ source

a 2D space-action game written by me Visual C++ 3213 kB

Swine unpacker 1.0
+ source

unpack the pack file of S.W.I.N.E. Visual C++ 22 kB

CSI textfile converter 1.0
+ source

convert the language files for the game Crime Scene Investigators Visual C++ 17 kB
o Network

Cafard echo part
+ source

an echo packet (ICMP) analizer Visual C++ 23 kB
o Misc sources

Base DLL (source)

a skeleton for DLL-s Visual C++ 3 kB

Base service app (source)

a skeleton for NT based services Visual C++ 6 kB

Base Installer (source)

a simple installer/uninstaller app Visual C++ 13 kB

LHA standard packer
+ source

LHA packer&unpacker
(based on BO 2000)
Visual C++ 34 kB

Prime number searcher (source)

search prime numbers - second release Visual C++ 1 kB

Script master (source)

handle standard ini files
written for S.W.I.N.E.'s ini files
Visual C++ 4 kB

Space simulation
+ source

visual (OpenGl) simulation about the whole universe,edit the source for new simulations Visual C++ 33 kB

No import code (source)

my own no-import code MASM32 1 kB

3D Demo with GDI

demo with only GDI generated 3D Dev C++ 5 kB

GDI Demo (second edition)

great demo using some effects,3D and only GDI Visual C++ 32 kB

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