Print Australia is an online community for printmakers, book artists and papermakers. International in scope, it comprises a research library, a mailing list/forum, a weblog of activities and an online gallery of member's work. Print Australia seeks to provide a forum for printmakers interested in contemporary print practices; including safer (less toxic)  printing methods such as photopolymer plate, and the combination of traditional print practice with new technologies.

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The Print Australia Reference Library. This link takes you to the original Print Australia listing of  links to sites relating to printmaking, papermaking, bookarts  and many other arts areas.

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Studio Dalwood

This Link takes you to Studio Dalwood, the personal website of Print Australia founder  Josephine Severn.

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The Print Australia weblog. Here you will find Print Australia's log of member's activities,  events, exhibitions and the exchanges. 

New Feature: Judy Barrass Hill End Residency Sept-Oct 2003

Exchange Listing

In the four year's it has been operating Print Australia has completed a number of print exchange projects. Over 100 printmakers from 20 different countries have exchanged near 250 editions of prints. 

The exchange prints can be viewed here.

Print Council of Australia

The Print Council of Australia Inc. is a not-for-profit visual arts organisation that promotes, through IMPRINT magazine, all forms of contemporary prints, artists' books, and paper art.  

The Print Council of Australia  has a new website.

The Print Australia Archives

News: The Print Australia Archives now comprise part of the Australian Print Collection at Wagga Wagga Regional Gallery, NSW Australia. For more information please see


"Besides the noble art of getting things done, there is the noble art  of leaving things undone. 

The wisdom of life consists in the elimination of nonessentials."
Lin Yutang

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