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Homosexuality - MCC same sex relationships register
Homosexuality - MCC same sex relationships register

Melbourne City Council - ‘Relationships Declaration Register’

Melbourne City Council has established a ‘Relationships Declaration Register’ to allow homosexual couples to register their relationships. The register would be ‘non-homosexual specific’ as it would ALSO allow heterosexual de facto couples to register their relationship.

The proposal was finally passed 6-3 on 27 March 2007 at the full Council meeting. One of the main aims of the register is to force the Victorian government to establish a state-wide register.
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3 April 2007 - The FULL details of the Register
Click here for full details of the scheme on the MCC website.

2 April 2007 - Launch
The Council held a launch for the Relationships Register on 2 April 2007.
Click here for MCC Media Release about the launch.

30 March 2007 - MCC Register passed
The full meeting of the Melbourne City Council on 27 March 2007 voted by 6 votes to 3 to establish a relationships register for same-sex and heterosexual couples.
The Chair Lord Mayor John So, the Deputy Lord Mayor Gary Singer and Councillors Brindley, Jetter, Ng and Snedden voted for the motion and Councillors Clarke, Shanahan and Wilson voted against the motion.
Click here to read the Melbourne City Council minutes of the vote.
(It is item 5.12 on Page 9.)

13 March 2007 - Committee Meeting
After two weeks consultation the matter was re-presented to the Committee. The recommendation was to fully endorse the original proposal.
The vote at this meeting was 4-2. Since the matter did not have five votes a councillor could take up the option of sending the matter to the full Council. This was done.

15 Feb 2007 - Relationships Register – submissions required
The Melbourne City Council is continuing to pursue the establishment of a Relationships Register.... At last Tuesday's meeting of the Community Services Committee, a report and Proposed Guidelines were presented to the Committee.
The Committee voted 4 - 1 in favour of the scheme.
They are now asking for PUBLIC COMMENT!
Click here for MCC Media Release about the consultation phase.

This has Deputy Lord Mayor, Gary Singer, an open homosexual who is promoting the register, saying that the Register WILL be implemented by 2 April!!! So much for REALLY listening to the public!

For the Report and Proposed Guidelines - click here.
Prepared by Council Officers after the November 2006 Council meeting endorsed the proposal 'in principle'.

The Community Services Committee voted to allow 2 weeks for public consultation. . . The Committee is to consider the matter again at their March meeting, following an amendment - the Council Officers will prepare a report, taking into account the public comment.
Click here for the Minutes of the meeting. (Pages 3-4 have the information about the Register.)

Sending your comments: Closing date - Wednesday 28 February.
The description of the consultation process, and a form for you to send your comments - click here.

15 Feb 2007 - UPDATE:
The MCC Community Services Committee met on Tuesday 13 February to discuss the proposed register.
The Committee voted 4- 1) to endorse the scheme and to have 2 WEEKS for PUBLIC CONSULTATION. The Council officers will prepare an additional report taking into account the comments of the public. This will be presented at the March Committee meeting.
Submissions/Comments due by 28 February.
Click here to make your comments.
See attached document below with points to include.

The Actual Register:
Click here for the Report and Proposed Guidelines for the Register.
Click here for the Minutes of the Committee meeting. Pages 3-4 have the information about the Register.
MCC Media releases:
February 14, 2007 about the Consultation.
November 2006.

More about the Register...
The relationships will need to be registered by signing the register in front of a witness, probably at the Town Hall. A 'ceremony'?! Or 'paperwork'?

Openly homosexual Deputy Lord Mayor Gary Singer is behind the proposal and the register is being supported by Lord Mayor John So - who was recently nominated as 'Community Supporter of the Year' in the homosexual community's Rainbow Awards (MCV, 29/11/2006).

Mr Singer said this register would not have the status of "marriage" – he said it was largely symbolic but "may be used to demonstrate the existence of a de facto relationship". He outlined the use of the register as part of the homosexual lobby’s overall strategy, saying “This is just the first step toward social equality for all relationships - it is now up to the State and federal Governments to introduce legislation that will provide for official recognition of civil partnerships,” he said. [emphasis ours] The proposal has been supported by all the homosexual groups lobbying for recognition of homosexual relationships.

The proposal was endorsed in principle by a narrow majority of the Council at their meeting on 28 November. It will now be considered by the February Community Services Committee, which will consider the administration of the Relationships Declaration Register including legal implications, policy and procedures and the ongoing maintenance of the register.

Because this is non-homosexual specific it will directly undermine marriage by allowing a second tier relationship structure.

We oppose the establishment of the ‘Relationships Declaration Register’.

ACTION: Please write politely to the Melbourne City Council and ask them NOT to establish a 'Relationships Declaration Register'. Tell them that their role is not to be endorsing or promoting homosexual relationships; that registering heterosexual de facto relationships will undermine marriage and that few homosexuals actually proceed to 'register' their relationships even when such a scheme is available. See below for details on each of these points.

Send your letter to City of Melbourne, Town Hall, PO Box 1603, Melbourne Vic 3001.
Or you can email your letter to
Ask that your letter be passed to the Council, to Lord Mayor John So and to the Community Services Committee.

Why should we oppose this 'register'?
First, it gives formal legal recognition to same-sex relationships
. This is part of the strategy of the homosexual lobby, to get a form of recognition in their effort to have their relationships considered equal to marriage. It is, as stated above, a tool to get the states to adopt a more formal relationships register/civil partnership scheme that has more 'rights'.

Secondly, it is a form of ‘marriage lite’ – since it allows heterosexual couples to have a formal registration which is much easier to get out of than marriage. This will undermine marriage.

Thirdly, few homosexuals actually use such registers or civil union schemes.
* Sydney - The Sydney City Council has a similar scheme to the one proposed. It includes a formal ceremony where couples can bring along their own celebrant, who can actually be a regular federal marriage celebrant! [When the ACT government proposed the use of these federal marriage celebrants to do civil unions, the federal government protested and the ACT decided to remove that provision and have separate celebrants!]

In the first year of the Sydney register, only 22 couples registered their relationships!

* Tasmania- A Relationships Register was established in Tasmania in January 2004. Only 65 relationships were registered in the first 2 years and 3 months (to 1 April 2006.) 52 of these were same-sex and 13 were heterosexual. Although the register allows 'caring relationships' there were NONE of these sorts of 'caring' relationships registered.

* New Zealand - In the New Zealand Civil Union scheme, the Department of Internal Affairs figures show that there were 458 civil unions in the first 12 months (to April 2006) - 178 male homosexual, 199 lesbian civil unions and 81 heterosexual. This means that around 7.5% of the 5070 same sex couples (as recorded in the 2001 census) had a 'civil union'.

City to open register for same-sex couples
The Age, November 18, 2006.

Melbourne City CouncilMedia Release:
29 November 2006.

Author: Jenny Stokes | Modified: 3 April 2007

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