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A  501-3C Not for Profit Corporation 

Serving "Indian Country" the last 11 years!

Delivering over 190 Tons of "Gifts"!

According to the 2003 U.S. Commission on Civil Rights report, "A Quiet Crisis: Federal Funding and Unmet Needs in Indian Country," approximately

90,000 Native American families are homeless or under-housed. 

An estimated 200,000 housing units are needed immediately in Indian country to fill their housing needs. 

More than 32% of households on American Indian reservations are overcrowded, compared with just 4.9% of all American households. 

A Short But Important Commentary About Operation Morning Star and the Last 11 Years

What I share is not intended to "offend" but expose the blatant contradictions and hypocrisy exclusive to "Indian Country" in how American Indians have been viewed, treated, and ignored as seen through the eyes of "this Charity"!

This commentary is dedicated in memory of an American Indian Warrior who I consider the most brilliant, important, and truthful guest and teacher I ever interviewed (3 times) on the subject of "Indian Country", 

[author picture]

The Late Vine Deloria Jr.

by Founder Richard Boyden - 8/30/07

All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.  Arthur Schopenhauer

Since November 28, 2004, the Operation Morning Star Web Page has been hit 14,914 times and "viewed" over 25,000 times. 

I must sadly admit, the response has been discouraging to say the least!

Other then appointed times for designated trips to deliver "gifts", which began in 1996, there have been few adoptions, next to nothing donations for overhead and expenses, and ZERO offers of needed money for the building of needed homes. And this in spite of me being a "Talk Show Host" for 6 years and Operation Morning Star being written about over 20 times in 11 years here in the Kansas City media, a NOT American Indian friendly media town.  

And no, I am not talking about help for "animals or pets"!  

If there would have been a 1 time $50 "gift" from each "viewer", that would have totaled $745,700.

That would would have allowed for a home to be built for 21,305 families who either have NO HOMES or who in many cases, live in the equivalent of dilapidated "dog houses!

And of course, it would have been a blessing if there were a substantial number of "Adoptions" of $100 a month or more for Families and Elders in need of food and energy assistance using our unique one of a kind program!

But, nope, because this is America and we talking about Native American Peoples and Nations, not any other Nation, Race, or Culture either here or around the world where church's, businesses, and charities from the United States regularly go wherever and whenever there is suffering and a need.

Here is a glaring example of the soul of America and her internal "benevolent priorities"!

IF a "dog - pet" was discovered living in a house like the one below in YOUR community, news reporters would be there, police would be called, the abused animal would be "rescued", and "cruelty to animal" charges filed! 

So I ask then, why is there no rage, disgust, and a similar response to the "sanctioned" abuse of American Indian children, women and men as there is for "pets and animals" here in America? 

The 24/7 Toilet

"In the decade from 1994 through 2004, the amount of money spent on pet food, pet supplies, veterinary visits, medicines, live animals and services, more than doubled from $17 billion to $34.2 billion, 

In 2005 alone $36.3 billion was spent."

Just think about this, that HERE in the United States of America, the survival of, the feeding of, the housing of pets/animals means more then providing the Treaty Promised same to the Original Inhabitants of this land!

 Am I missing something?

READ ONE EXAMPLE OF DATA ON ECONOMIC STATUS, Housing Conditions, and Homelessness

 Maybe the United States of America needs to go back in time and 

  "historically reclassify" American Indians "Animals" !

This way, the fuzzy feeling, Black/White animal/pet loving Jewish, Protestant/Catholic, Christian, Mormon, New Age, Heathen, Pagan, Hollywood types, along with infamous entrepreneur's, foundation heads, and mega billion dollar corporations could then respond to the ...


of Operation Morning Star!

Then American Indians could be the recipients of "foreign and domestic aid" while the benefactor would be free of any historical guilt and accountability. This would allow them to, without any inhibitions, continue to bask in their feel good, self-stroking, ego massaging charitable exercises of great worth in the eyes of men!

I have yet to see members of the NAACP,. the Black Congressional Caucus, the Anti-Defamation League, or the American Jewish Congress on a "Rez" denouncing and exposing living conditions there, let alone proclaiming Treaties made with Indian Nations should be honored, or demanding "reparations" be made by the United States Government including the TWO HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS OF STOLEN (LOST) TRUST FUND MONIES OWED AMERICAN INDIANS! 

Have you? 

After all, a "Rez" ain't New Orleans. The difference being "Indian Country" been subjected to a most diabolical "man made" 400 Year "Tsunam" complements of  "European Immigrants" who "discovered" this land!

Whereas, The Creator allowed for "Mother Nature" to do the "Katrina Two Step" on New Orleans!

Interesting, isn't it?

I have yet to witness any "Brad Pitt" Hollywood types on a "Rez" initiating programs to meet the housing needs of Native American Elders or Families as in New Orleans, or any Hollywood Actress championing the cause of the disproportionate numbers of murdered, raped, and abused Native American Elders, women and children!

Have you?

I just watched on 8/30 an "Oprah Show" featuring her "Operation Kindness" being the "Greatest Giveaway Show" ever!  It  featured stories of consolidated heart felt efforts to assist and monetarily help economically in need men, women, children, abused and battered women and women's shelters and the list goes on.

I only saw ONLY White and Blacks being the focus, helping one another etc. Not one example of any "Kindness" directed toward one soul from "Indian Country"!. All of her philanthropy projects totally exclude American Indians. 

This I call "Profitary Ethnocentric Racism by Exclusion"! 

There is not economic or social reason to focus on, produce a program about, initiate any act of benevolence toward American Indians because they are not a monetary gold mine. Her show producers as well as her sponsors like DOVE, SONY, and others, would balk at supporting such a program.


Have you ever seen or heard of anyone of monetary and influential importance on on a "Rez" championing ANY CAUSE or promoting anything for Indian Country? 

I can only think of one within recent years and he LIED! 

Given 98+% of the non Indian population of America has ever been to any of the poorest counties in the USA which are Indian Reservations, nor do they get calls from American Indian Families or Elders with no jobs, no money, no food, and living in homes and conditions not fit for the "pets of America", how would they or you understand how I feel or why Native American Peoples feel as they do, let alone grasp the realities of their daily struggle for survival in a maze of hopelessness!

The conclusion I have come to is this. 

When it comes to "Indian Country", few in America care unless that is, there is money to be made from the production of some distorted historical portrayal  of American Indian History and Culture or the exploiting of natural resources on what is left of their land.!

PLEASE NOTE: Zero monies/profits which the "EXPLOITERS" have made from movies about American Indians, have been shared or used to alleviate the conditions of suffering of the very American Indian Peoples they "culturally exploited "!  

Movies include "Crazy Horse", "Geronimo", "Dog Soldiers", "Last of the Mohicans", "Thunderheart", "Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee, "Dances With Wolves", and the most blatant modern historical mockery of Native Americans, "Pocahontas"!

Yes, just another form of insidious "thievery" Americana style! 

In the last 11 years, I have come to understand that what is taking place on most American Indian Reservations, is the incognito continuation of the past historically  justified but repackaged, spiritualsocial,   political, educational, and economically engineered policies of genocide which Native American's have always experienced. 

I have concluded that America's "Manifest Destiny" treatment of American Indians continues up to this day and thus validates that  infamous declaration of America's past history...

"The Only Good Indian Is A Dead  Indian"!

Now the question is, what are you willing to sacrifice or do?

Thank You!

Richard Boyden

Please scroll down to see a viable solution for Housing and Economic Development which you can support as well as how to participate in our "Adopt a Native American Elder or Family" .

Important and Necessary "Research Papers" In Understanding the Above!

The discovery of truth is prevented more effectively, not by the false appearance of things present and which mislead into error, not directly by weakness of the reasoning powers, but by preconceived opinion, by prejudice. - Arthur Schopenhauer



Operation Morning Star

Richard Boyden

213 1/2  West Southside Blvd.

Independence Missouri 64055   

816-461-6666   816-352-7999   816-305-6765


The below families are examples of the  THOUSANDS  in "Indian Country" throughout the United States of America, needing beds, plumbing, appliances, furniture, and other necessary items AND

a "livable home"!

See information below on "geodesic dome truss homes" as a cost feasible, safe, energy efficient home alternative!


The above photographs are from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota, United States of America and are "prototypical" of "housing conditions" in "Lakota, Dakota, Nakota Country" in North and South Dakota, also among the Apache, Navaho, Hopi, Northern Cheyenne and others. 

We are applying for "grants". IF we receive them, get grants, the above families will be among the first to receive a Geodesic Dome Home! .


 The Above home is a 24' Geodesic Dome Home. 

These homes are BLACK MOLD FREE, TORNADO PROOF, and have an insulation factor of close to R-30. Approximately 950-1400 sq. ft. depending on which size chosen. 22', 24', 32', 36' and all with "2d floor" options!

Click HERE to see a 22' Geodesic Dome Home

Click HERE to see a 32' Geodesic Dome Home

Click HERE to see a 36' Geodesic Dome Home

Your business, church, synagogue, or foundation or YOU can invest in one of these homes for a family...

You can go and help build the home, meet the family, work with them and experience the JOY of giving that will impact your soul with what the true meaning of 'love' is. 

The above home is a 24' Geodesic Dome Home.

The entryway, greenhouse, solar collector structure can also be used as a sauna, solar hot water tank building, or even as an attached combination wood stove-rock heat storage building. 

Movable aluminized board insulation is used to prevent summer over heating and to capture and retain more heat in the winter. Black water barrels can be used under back side work table to help moderate temperatures.

This is a home that can be built in one week, cost less then $15,000 in materials and can accommodate comfortably a 4-5 member family

We are preparing grants so that a vocational school for Indigenous Youth can be started so that they can can learn to build homes for those of their people in need and give them a "cultural gift" to allow them to experience and thus "restore" their "lost spirituality" while at the same time, allowing them to earn a living. 

This concept also includes the marketing of these homes to "outsiders" using the "profits" to generate revenue to maintain this economic and spiritual enterprise. 

Call if you want to "purchase" a home for a Native American Family. 

It will be sent to the family in "KIT FORM" and assembled on site. 

Prices range from $15,000 up to $33,000 depending on size of home and options such as 2d floors and alcoves along with the variables of material costs at any given time.. 

It will be required for that family, if they are able, to assist in the building of their home because it is our intent to establish pride and self-worth among the people.

Please Contact Us If You Desire To Help or Assist In Any Way!

Operation Morning Star

213 1/2  West Southside Blvd.

Independence Missouri 64055   

Email/Phone contact information is... 



816-461-6666   816-352-7999   816-305-6765

Be The FIRST to Make a Donation of $20,000 For A Home For One of the Families Pictured Above.  You can go and assist in the building of this home and participate in the "Give-Away" of it to a family or Elder! 


Operation Morning Star "Adoption Program" 

is not like any other! 

You KNOW where you money goes because 


Unlike "Red Cross", Salvation Army, Goodwill, or any other "charity"!  






We are asking that you commit for at least 6 months or more and with a minimum $50.00 (or more up to $500) "adoption donation" per month. 

Remember that the average family income on a "Reservation" is anywhere from $200 to $650 a month. 

Thousands of Elders AND Families have next to NO INCOME! 

We will give you the contact information of

 families or Elders in need.

Contact us when you are ready to commit to adopt a Elder or family.

Elders Recently Adopted

Agnes Running Enemy from Rosebud Sioux Res.

Edna Short Horn from Pine Ridge Res.



816-461-6666   816-352-7999   816-305-6765

Operation Morning Star

c/o Richard Boyden

213 1/2  West Southside Blvd.

Independence Missouri 64055   

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Ongoing Need For: 



You can SHIP personally any of these items to a family or Elder. 

Contact us and we will give you a name and address.

     Food Items     Appliances      Tools  



  • Canned meats, fish, vegetables
  • Flour, 20#, 50# Bags
  • Rice        "
  • Pinto Beans    " 
  • Cooking Oil
  • Sugar
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Canned and Dry Milk
  • Pastas
  • Sauces
  • Crackers
  • Bread and mixes
  • Honey
  • Ketchup

Working Condition Only

  • Stoves

  • Refrigerators

  • Freezers

  • Washers

  • Dryers

  • Wood Stoves

  • Wood Splitters

  • Chain saws

  • Gardening
  • Construction
  • Automotive
  • Travel and 
  • House 
  • Trailers
  • Diapers
  • Toilet paper
  • Feminine Hygiene Items
  • Tooth paste
  • Tooth brushes
  • Soap
  • Cleaning products
  • Blankets
  • Sleeping bags
  • Linens
  • Towels
  • Dish Sets

Questions? Call or email... 

Richard Boyden



816-461-6666   816-352-7999   816-305-6765 

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We NEED a DONATION for a 18' Box Trailer for making deliveries of "gifts".  

Yep, asking for ONE DONATOR! 

 This will be towed behind our DONATED 99 E -350 1 Ton Ford 7.3 L Turbo Diesel Van. Fuel and repair costs will be significantly less then with past box trucks and the "delivery capacity" between the van and the trailer is about 7 tons. We will also be able to make deliveries more often.

This trailer has a dual tandem heavy duty axel and 10 ply tires, 4 wheel brake system, ramp and 32" side door. It will also function as a NEEDED STORAGE Space and pick up unit. 


Thank you. Richard Boyden

Please Send Tax Deductible Donations for Trailer to (A check or Money Order can be made out to the Manufacturer) 

Operation Morning Star

C/O Richard Boyden - President of Operation Morning Star

213 1/2  West Southside Blvd.

Independence Missouri 64055   

Email/Phone contact information is... 



816-461-6666   816-352-7999   816-305-6765

You Are Invited To Make an Online Donation For Our Trailer w/ Pay Pal! Thank You!


Wood Burning Stoves Needed For Heat

New or Used! 

Wood Burning Stoves and Flue Piping and Installation Kits have been delivered to Residents of Cheyenne River, Rosebud, and Standing Rock. 

 $499.00 provides one complete stove with piping!

Also, we still need Axes, Chain Saws, and Wood Splitters!

Click Button to Make an Online Donation w/ Pay Pal! 

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Donate Vehicles!

We need economy CARS, VANS, AND PICK UP TRUCKS and  HUMMERS and SUV's!!! 

 There is a MAJOR TRANSPORTATION SHORTAGE and one family provides transportation as needed for others without!!!!!!!!! 



You sign the "title" over to the recipient family...

not OMS!

Also, you can deliver your gift to a family personally!!!

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Starting an On-Line "Native American Art Work" Store

 Simone Crow Good Voice will be the manager of the store, taking photos, and processing orders etc.  She represents her Tribe as Miss Rosebud!

Simone needs a digital camera and a new camcorder donated to start the Indian Art Web Page. They will be used to interview artists and take photos of their work. This includes bead work, quill work, and star quilts etc. Contact us if you can help. 


Stay Tuned for Upcoming On Line Radio Programs 

One very special program will be hosted by Eleven Year Old Emily Triana, who will present information on the environment, animals in danger, useless slaughter of the Yellowstone Buffalo Heard by Montana Ranchers and the Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks and more. Emily is from the Blackfeet Nation and her program is one you cannot miss!


We received a donated 99 Ford 1 ton E-350 Diesel Powered Van to be used to make REGULAR  DELIVERIES.  

I am beginning to be a believer in Miracles! 

You Are Asked To Please Make A General Operation Fund Donation

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Richard Boyden is the Founder of Operation Morning Star. Former Instructor at Haskell Indian Nations University, Counselor of Suicide At Risk Youth, Writer, Combat Nam Vet, Former Radio Talk Show Host, and a "Sinner" . 

He is a "FULL BLOODED WHITE MAN", not a 'wanna be' or 'new ager' and did a DNA test only to discover he does not have even one chromosome of Cherokee in his blood! :( 

Short Bio

Personal Web Page

Operation Morning Star "past trips" photo's

Tents for the Oglala Lakota Tornado Victims of 99

Past History and Accomplishments of Operation Morning Star

Reference and Referral Letters

Article in Dakota Journal about 0/6 Trip

A Short Historical Overview of OMS Accomplishments

The 06 Christmas trip to the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation was made possible by Ohev Shalom Congregation. They funded our Penske box truck and fuel costs. 

It is a Conservative Jewish Congregation in Kansas City Missouri under the leader ship of Rabbi Scott White. NO "RESTORATION" congregations would do this! 

Letter of Thanks for 0/5 Trip to Red Shirt Community on Pine Ridge. Operation Morning Star delivered a loaded semi on Christmas Day. 

Thanks to Local 41 of the Teamsters and OOIDA for allowing for "radio publicity". Both organizations assistance made possible the use of TWO "18 wheelers" which were fully LOADED which totaled OVER 80 Thousand Pounds or 40 TONS of food, appliances, clothing etc!

One semi we used for the 0'6 trip, was lent to us by Dave Jungeblat of "Fright Limo".  

   The other semi in 0/4 of Local Teamsters 41 was taken to Pine Ridge Indian Reservation Residents. 

Drop offs were in  Allen at Tribal Secretary's home, Donna Soloman, in Porcupine at Wilson Coleman's home, and in Manderson at Wilda Black Bear's home. 

Over a 11 year span, at least 17 fully loaded box trucks and 7 pick up w/18' flat bed trailer loads "collectively" went to the homes of Mildred Alkire in Manderson, Babette Thin Elk in Manderson, Arlette Loud Hawk in Oglala, Wilda Black Bear, and to Loneman High School in Oglala, working with Stanley Looking Elk, to feed and "house" (with family size tents) the '99'Tornado Victims.  (see below)

A 22' box truck load was delivered to and distributed during Christmas of 97 in Manderson on Pine Ridge. We used the then and still vacant Episcopal church building

(In 05, we had purchased and put money down on a like new 22' Mercedes box truck, with 68k miles, a lift, like NEW but a "CHRISTIAN" named Ken Reeder of Reeder Trucks, who I made the MISTAKE of trusting, sold it out from underneath me. Lost $2,000 and the truck!)

In June of 99, there were damaging tornados on the Pine RIdge Indian Reservation. 100 families displaced, 1 death. 

Operation Morning Star raised over $6700 dollars when I was a "radio talk show host" and that money was used to purchase, deliver, and set up  large  5 room family size tents for families who's homes were either destroyed or damaged by these tornados in the community of OGLALA! 

We got a special deal from Target.

Three of our earliest deliveries of food and clothing have gone to the Community Buildings in Rosebud and Pine Ridge under the "watching eyes" of Eilene Janice and Mary Long and the late Ima Jean Charging Elk.  Appliances, wood burning stoves, furniture along with food and good quality clothing were in these "give away" loads. Since we witnessed the fact that needed items were NOT taken to those in need in the poorest areas, we chose to no longer work with any "Tribal Government Entity". 

Over 15,000 garden plants such as tomatoes, squash, beans, peas, watermelon, cucumbers, peppers etc., have been delivered to the CAPP office in Manderson on Pine Ridge and the Rosebud Reservations on two separate trips, one this year to Rosebud and in 2001 to Pine Ridge. 

Also, gardens planted, chicken farm put in place, 1 commercial and over 2 dozen non commercial sewing machines have been given for "work", as well as over 50 families and individuals who were  "adopted" by OMS supporters and myself personally where monies were sent when possible to the the families direct, or to grocery stores and propane companies in the name of the families to such places as Wal Mart, the Sioux Nations Grocery and PTI Propane on Pine Ridge. 

Also, when on radio, Operation Morning Star solicited monies from listeners which was sent DIRECT to a "Tribal Member Owned" propane company on the Standing Rock Rez during the bad winter of 98. They had run out of monies for propane for tribal members and elders, some who froze to death!

A donation in late 0/6 of  23 NEW wood burning stoves and piping allowed us to deliver "HEAT" to homes without. These were delivered using our 94 Chevy 1/2 ton van in the coldest part of o/7 in late January and were taken to the following reservations: Cheyenne River, Rosebud, and Standing Rock to  Tribal Members.  as we were able and to those in need. Still have 8 stoves in "inventory".

Last but not least, in 2001, 2002 and 2003, Operation Morning Star supplied HUNDREDS OF POUNDS of food for the Wounded Knee Memoriam, the Chief Big Foot Riders, and those commemorating this day in the  honoring of the 300 Lakota murdered at Wounded Knee on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation on Dec. 29, 1890. 

Prints of this work are for sale for $50 each. 

Send your check or do a Pay Pal. Add $5 for shipping. 

This work is done by Gerald Two Eagle, member of the Sicangu Oyate, Lakota, Burnt Thigh Nation. 

$40 will be sent to support Gerald, his wife, and 5 children.

Links and Information of Possible Interest

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(with animated pictures!)

Where appropriate, you are welcome to sing along !!

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Links To Vaccines - Incognito "Small Pox Blankets"

Rosebud Sioux Tribe Hog Farm Contamination Information

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