Sister's Revenge

By RopeBinder

The Cat Fight

If I had to choose between being the older or younger sister, I would choose to be older. I come from a family of two girls. My parents thought we would be close friends, but it never happened. Instead, we are obnoxiously competitive. We were competitive scholastically, athletically and socially. We couldn't help it. We're only a year apart. Fortunately, for me, my extra year brought me added strength, speed and maturity. My body matured early. By tenth grade, I had adult size breasts, which drew attention from the boys, leers from the girls. I developed kind of an attitude because of the attention.

I've since gone away to college. My body has filled out a little, but I go to the gym a lot to keep in shape, weights, treadmill, life cycle, that sort of stuff. My best features are my olive complexion and sparkling green eyes. I'm also a chameleon, depending on what I wear. I have the ability to attract a roomful of attention by donning a sleek cocktail dress or fade into the crowd with a T-shirt and jeans. I like it that way.

I wasn't always able to hide. When I was in high school, I got a lot of attention. Popularity tends to feed on itself in school, but I was silly enough to believe that I was actually something special. I liked the attention. Although I had problems similar to many teenagers, I hid my concerns behind a bitchy attitude that was pierced by only my closest friends.

I loved my family, but I was often demanding with them as well. My parents didn't help matters. They were so proud of me that I truly thought I was special. In the fallout was my younger sister, Michele, constantly striving for bits of attention. She was often disappointed. We loved her, but she was always in my shadow. She was very pretty, but a little overweight. I admired her looks, but never told her so, and I certainly never encouraged her to improve herself physically.

My leaving for college was the best thing that happened to Michele. When I returned home for summer vacation, she looked entirely different. At 5'7", she'd dropped from 140 to 125 pounds. She told me she'd been running and lifting weights. She looked great, and I told her so. It wasn't until we went to the pool together that I realized what a tremendous figure she had. She was 125 pounds of solid muscle. Her chest made mine look like a little girl's. That bitch! I'd never seen such toned muscles. Her body intimidated me, but I shielded my feelings with my bitchy persona.

I could tell Michele was fed up me. Our first disagreement turned to yelling and our second to fighting. I had always been able to manhandle her in the past, but now her strength was incredible. With her first push, I knew I was in trouble. Twenty pounds my superior, to her I was a toy. She laughed, as she pinned my arms to the floor. I stared up at her wildly trussed hair, feeling a strange tingling sensation. Beads of perspiration sprouted from her forehead and chest. She smiled wickedly, "Janey, I've been waiting a long time for this. It's time to teach you a lesson. I'm going to get some things from my dresser. Get on the bed and don't move! If you do, I'll beat the crap out of you every day for the rest of the summer. Now get on the bed!" I couldn't believe my ears! My baby sister was bossing me around. I was pissed and lunged at her face with outstretched claws. She met my attack with a sharp punch to my stomach, and I doubled over. She knocked the wind out of me. Grabbing my arms, she tossed me on the bed. "Now stay there!" she yelled.

Attending to her bottom dresser drawer, she began tossing thick lengths of cord onto the bed. I stared in disbelief. "What are you doing?" I asked. "Shut up!" she snarled. She crawled on top of me, forcing my arms above my head, and secured my wrists to the head posts of the bed frame. I could tell that she'd done this before. Pulling my arms only tightened my bonds. "Please, Michele, this isn't funny," I cried. Securing my ankles to the foot posts, she said, "Listen bitch! You've had this coming for a long time. I'll let you go when I'm good and ready. Now, make yourself comfortable, I have to make some phone calls." My voice trailed off in horror... "Phone calls? What phone calls?" "You know perfectly well that you treated my friends like dirt in high school," she said, "Well, it's time for a little pay back. I've been promising them revenge for almost a year. Today is the day. Now shut up or I'll stuff your mouth with my panties." This couldn't be happening. I tugged at the ropes with renewed vigor. I had to escape...

The Waiting

I'm not sure how long she left me alone. It might have been hours. I wasn't thinking clearly. I had struggled with the ropes the entire time. I was exhausted and covered with sweat. My hair felt damp against my neck. My shorts and T-shirt clung to my body. I wished I had worn a bra, because my nipples were swollen into large knots, pressing the wet material obscenely at the ceiling. I was terrified, excited and dizzy with sexual tension.

The sound of the slowly turning doorknob perked up senses. I heard voices in the hallway. Remembering my predicament, my heart beat faster and faster. I imagined a dozen tiny eyeballs peering through the crack in the door and faint giggles confirmed my thoughts. They were watching me. I felt vulnerable and humiliated.

Michelle entered the bedroom alone, closing the door behind her. She climbed on top of my heaving chest and cupped her hand over my mouth. "Here are the rules," she said, "if you keep quiet and do as we say, you won't get hurt. If you speak without permission, you'll be gagged. If you touch any of my friends without permission, I'll whip your ass. Do you understand?" My eyes welled up with tears, as I nodded mechanically. She continued, "It looks like you've been busy? I hope you didn't expend yourself. You're going to need some of your strength. Today's a day we won't forget!"

The Welcoming Committee

I almost bit through my lip as Michele's three companions entered the room. My embarrassment reached a new peak. I was amazed at how they had changed in one year. Keri, who had always been the smallest of the pack, entered first. She was 5'1" and looked no more than 95 pounds. Her jet-black hair bounced in unison with her smallish tits as she crossed the room. Behind her was Morena, one of the few Asian students at South High School. She was unusually tall, about 5'10" and very thin. Her height and legs made her look like a model. I'd seen her many times in a bikini and envied her figure. Finally, I saw Brandi. My stomach felt queasy as we locked eyes. She had always been cute. Now she was beautiful. Her long brown hair, angel face and perfect figure had starred in many of my fantasies. I had thought of her often, lying in bed touching myself. Knowing that she was with Michele in the next room, had always been too much for me. I never dreamt she would see me like this.

The girls said their pleasantries, as if they had run into me at the mall. Brandi carried a large gym bag that she dumped on the floor. Out of the bag fell whips, ropes, gags, clamps and many items that I didn't recognize. My mouth hung open in bewilderment. Michele handed out three pairs of scissors and announced that it was "time to open our package." The snipping of blades was mind boggling, as I felt them stripping away my clothing piece by piece. When they were done, they stepped back to admire their handiwork. I saw glazed looks in their eyes.

I knew I had a great body. I'd always taken care of it. A friend at college had taught me the benefits of weight training, and I vigorously strove to harden my form. Friends told me I had beautiful skin. I liked it because I tanned easily. Two weeks into summer and I already had prominent tan lines. My breasts flattened to my chest, as I lay spread-eagle on the bed. Looking down, I panicked. My nipples were fully engorged. Everyone was staring at them. I often went to great lengths to hide my nipples. Sometimes I covered them with tape so they wouldn't poke through my blouse. I know that others found them exciting, but to me they were an embarrassment. My dark pink thimbles stuck out like, well, like thimbles. I was devastated with embarrassment.

Clipped and Whipped

Michele broke the silence, "Janey, you've been flaunting your tits since tenth grade. We'll see how proud they make you now." She ordered Brandi and Morena to attach a clothespin to each nipple. Initially, I thought nothing of it. After all, how much could clothespins hurt? After several minutes, however, I was moaning as they nastily bit my flesh.

"Everyone grab a whip," barked Michele. The girls jumped to the pile and selected their favorites. Keri wanted to go first, but Michele informed her that they would whip me together, as a team. I shut my eyes tightly and prepared for the worst. I'd never felt the sting of a whip.

Feet shuffled about. I couldn't bear to open my eyes to see who stood where, but I felt them all around me. The first crack struck me across my stomach. I screamed and was reminded of my bondage as I pulled tightly on the ropes. "I warned you about noise," Michele piped in, "One more sound and you'll get the ball gag." The second blow landed across my right breast. Its force jiggled the clothespin, sending new pain through my chest. My scream was louder than the first.

Without a word, Michele forced a small rubber ball into my mouth and buckled its leather strap behind my head. I shouted profanely at her, but my screams turned to muffled tones. The gag stretched my jaw, and saliva dripped from the corners of my mouth. It was horrible.

The whipping continued. Sometimes the lashes came one at a time, but often they came in bunches. My flesh was on fire. My breasts, stomach and thighs were covered with redness. There was something cruelly beautiful about the thin red lines drawn onto my skin. My nipples, almost numb to the pain on the clips, betrayed my fear and excitement. They throbbed in unison with my sex. I couldn't believe how turned on they were making me. I never expected these feelings.

Brandi dropped her whip to the floor, stripped off her clothing and crawled next to me. She was so pretty. Never had I imagined that our naked bodies would be this close. She playfully flicked the clothespin on my nipple sending painful shivers through me. The moment became a blur, and, before I knew it, the others were naked as well. Morena, mimicking Brandi, worked on my left breast, pulling and twisting the clip and then gently licking around it. Despite the pain, I noticed my breathing had quickened. When they finally removed the pins, my nipples felt like they were on fire. Seeing my agony, Brandi placed her lips on my nipple and sucked it gently. Morena did the same, and I drifted off in pleasure. I was in heaven. Their hot breath and cold tongues swirled around my breasts as they sucked my swollen nipples.

Little Keri, eager to get into the action, knelt between my legs and licked my inner thighs. She moved close to my pussy, and Michele reminded her, "Keri, remember what happens to you if you allow her to cum!" "I remember," she answered, and continued to tease me. "Please, put your tongue inside me," I thought, but she refused and concentrated on my thighs. Occasionally she ran her tongue along my pussy lips. I arched my back trying to force myself into her mouth, but the tautness of the ropes denied me.

Michele knelt above my head, with her face inches away from mine. She kissed my cheeks, neck and ears, but, mostly, she was watching me. She was monitoring my eyes, my breathing and my muscle tension for signs that I was approaching orgasm. My eyes pleaded with hers, but were met with an icy glare. I bucked wildly trying to meet Keri's tongue with my clit. She was driving me crazy. I concentrated on Brandi and Morena's attention to my nipples. I knew that I was approaching the most fantastic orgasm of my life. Then, everything stopped

Punishment Bra and Panties

"That's enough!" barked Michele, and like three trained pups, the girls released me from my pleasure dome. Gentle tongues were replaced with sharp teeth. I sprang against my bonds, as they chewed on my sensitive flesh. Had I not been tied to the bed frame, I surely would have hit the ceiling. Keri bit down on my clit like a piece of chewing gum. Brandi and Morena bit my nipples so hard that I nearly pushed the gag out of my mouth. Michele's hands held my head. Her tongue licked the tears from my cheekbone, and she whispered, "You didn't think I'd let you cum, did you?"

The girls climbed off the bed and surrounded me. My body was slick with perspiration and saliva. My chest heaved in search of oxygen. "Morena, remove her gag," Michele ordered, "and remember, Janey, one word, and it goes right back in!" I nodded my head in agreement. "Shall we show her the new outfit?" asked Brandi. "That's an excellent idea," replied Michele.

My eyes were clouded with sweat and tears, but I stared at the contraption without blinking. Brandi held the strangest bikini I'd ever seen. The bottoms were made of two leather straps. The first was a belt that buckled around my waist. The second traveled from my tailbone, between my ass cheeks and over my pussy, attaching to the front of the belt. Attached to the middle of the crotch strap was a large vibrator. Keri grabbed my ass with her tiny hands and lifted me off the mattress, while Morena wrapped the belt behind me. She slid the vibrator past my opening, deeply into my vagina. I was surprised at how easily it went in. It filled me to the point of discomfort. I tried to relax and push it out, but Keri buckled the belt tightly. The vibrator was secure.

The bra was made of leather and steel. Brandi and Michele ran its leather straps over my shoulders and around my back. The straps met at my chest where they clasped onto two round metal rings. They squeezed my breasts awkwardly though the rings. Once in place, the rings constricted my breasts at the base causing them to puff up like water balloons. My breasts felt tight. I thought they might explode, but the worst was yet to come. From the rings ran several short, thin leather straps. At the end of the straps were open nipple rings. They looked like wedding bands with several exceptions. First, they were smaller, small enough that my nipples had to be pinched and pulled through them. Second, on the bottom of the rings (the side facing my breasts) were a dozen tiny spikes meant to dig into my aureoles once in place. Third, on the top of the rings were several prongs. They looked as though they were meant to hold something.

I winced in pain, as Michele and Brandi squeezed my nipples through the tiny rings. Once through, they pulled until the rings slid all the way down. I thought my nipples, still hurting from the clothespins, would shrink away from the bite of the tiny spikes, but they grew larger, pressing into them. My body no longer responded to reason.

My cunt hummed, as soon a Morena switched on the vibrator. The vibrations against my insides and swollen clit drove me into a frenzy. I bucked my hips up and down. I no longer cared that they watched me. I needed to cum. Michele clamped her hand over my mouth, interrupting my rocking. With her lips an inch away from mine, she said, "Today, you will learn restraint, dear sister. Your shameless gyrations and wanton desires do you more harm than good. I suggest you control your lust, because once I light these candle sticks and attach them to your punishment bra, the slightest movement will bring streams of hot wax onto your breasts." "Oh my god!" I thought, "Please let me hold still." My imagination ran wild.

Michele lit the candles and beckoned the others out of the room. She said they would return to check my progress. I tried desperately to remain still, but the vibrator buzzed furiously between my legs. Only two minutes had passed, and I'd already choked back my first orgasm. I tried to send my mind to another place, but my thoughts betrayed me. I felt my breathing quicken, and I was overtaken by an uncontrollable orgasm. I arched my back to meet my pleasure and felt the first steam of wax cover my nipples. I'd never felt such pain, but the caress of the wax brought another orgasm, mightier than the first. The pain and pleasure fed each other, like fire and oxygen. The harder I came, the more my body shook. Each time wax flowed onto my burning breasts. The cycle was devilishly erotic, and I knew they were watching me.

I lost track of time. As one orgasm ended, another began. My breasts were covered from my ribs to my shoulders. Fortunately, the burning subsided as the coating thickened. Wax cups encased my chest. My thoughts turned to the mechanical penis. Unlike the typical lover, the vibrator never rested. My thigh and stomach muscles ached from constant clenching. I didn't think I could go on, but I did. I prayed for it to stop, but the buzzing continued until I fell asleep.

Later, I woke to the feel of cold steel against my breasts. The girls had removed my punishment bra and panties. I was naked, except for the wax covering my chest. Each girl chipped away at the hardened wax with a knife. I was nervous that they might cut me. Michele warmed me with a kiss, "Janey, you did well today. After we clean you up, we'll release you and you will eat dinner and bathe. After you're done, we'll bring you back here, and I'll tie you down for the evening. Sleep well because we have a full day tomorrow. You'll begin by licking our pussies. If we're pleased, we'll continue with your training. However, if you displease us, any of us, we'll start over and repeat today's fun. Do I make myself clear?"

I started to protest, but saw the look in her eyes and the gag in her hand. I gathered my senses and nodded, as tears streamed down my face.

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