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Melissa Lucashenko

Melissa Lucashenko is an award-winning Murri novelist who writes about issues of race, class and gender in Australia. Her novel Steam Pigs won the Kibble Prize for women's fiction, while her third novel Hard Yards was shortlisted for the Queensland Premier's Award. Melissa's most recent novel, Too Flash, looks at the diversity of the Aboriginal community in Queensland, and friendship between girls of very different backgrounds.

Melissa has worked as a housepainter, martial arts instructor (she has a black belt in karate and was four times Queensland karate champion)and university researcher. "Fiction saved my life" she says, "I was struggling with the agony of a Phd in politics at Griffith University, and took a side route into novel-writing. It was the best thing I ever did."

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Melissa Lucashenko will be appearing

3rd October

12.30pm - 1.45pm
Literature of the City
Venue: Lach, Stock & Barrel Marquee

4pm - 5.30pm
Venue: Festival Café

4th October

10.30 - 11.45am
Brisbane: City of Ideas or the Idle? Has the level of debate changed in Queensland in the 15 years since Expo & Joh?
Venue: Courier-Mail River Marquee, Cultural Forecourt

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