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Apsley takes its name from the Apsley River , mid-way along the East Coast, in the middle of the large division. The division covers most of eastern Tasmania , from Flinders Island in the north to Maria Island south.

The Apsley River rises on Mount Punter , north-east of Bicheno, and flows through the Douglas-Apsley National Park southwards to Moulting Lagoon and Great Oyster Bay. The park was created in 1990 to protect the last large, relatively undisturbed stands of dry eucalypts in the State.

The Apsley River was named by William Lyne, a surveyor from Coombend near Colesbourne in Gloucestershire. He had arrived in Van Diemen's Land in 1826 on his way to New South Wales . He carried a letter of introduction to Governor King of NSW from Lyne's friend and neighbour Lord Apsley, the Earl of Bathurst , who was the British Secretary for War and the Colonies. Lord Apsley had advised Lyne to settle in NSW rather than Van Diemen's Land because the latter had a major problem with bushrangers and restless natives!

Lyne and his family disembarked in Hobart , liked what they saw and offered Apsley's letter of introduction to Governor Arthur instead. Arthur was miffed that Apsley had said NSW was ‘safer soil' than Van Diemen's Land but granted Lyne 1500 acres (600 hectares) on the East Coast. Lyne was so delighted with his holding he called it Apsley and named the river that ran through it Apsley as well.

In about 1833 John Lyne, William's son, was granted 640 acres (256 hectares) adjoining his father's property. He called it Apslawn.







The division of Apsley covers most of eastern Tasmania , from Flinders Island in the north to Maria Island in the south. Apsley is 19,134 square kilometers, the second largest division. The estimated population for Apsley is 30425.

Being a very large area there are many varied aspects to this electorate. The following is a snap shot of statistics for the area of Apsley.

Municipalities – 6 • Dorset
  • Break O'Day
  • Glamorgan-Spring Bay
  • Northern Midlands
  • Southern Midlands
  • Flinders
Schools - 24  
Health Services Campbell Town District Hospital
  • St Helens District Hospital

• North Eastern Soldiers Memorial Hospital - Scottsdale

  • Flinders Island District Hospital
  • St Mary's Community Health Centre
  • Swansea Community Health Centre
  • Spring Bay Community Health Centre
  • Coles Bay Community Health Centre
  • Campania Community Health Centre

• Midlands Multi-Purpose Health Centre – Oatlands


• Flinders Island Multi-Purpose Centre – Whitemark

  • May Shaw Nursing Home – Swansea
Main Industries • Fishing – Salt and Freshwater
  • Timber
  • Forestry
  • Tourism
  • Mining
  • Agriculture
  • Aquaculture

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