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APEC 2007 Security Branch

The Protective Security Coordination Centre (PSCC) is responsible for whole-of-government security coordination for the series of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meetings and events that Australia will be hosting in 2007.  The PSCC established the APEC 2007 Security Branch (ASB) to coordinate protective security arrangements in partnership with event host departments, the APEC Taskforce, Australian Government security service providers, and State and Territory police.

The PSCC responsibilities for APEC include:

From January to September 2007 Australia will host a series of APEC meetings, with over 100 days of ministerial, officials-level and business-group meetings taking place across the country.  The APEC Australia 2007™ year will culminate in Sydney on 8-9 September with the APEC Economic Leaders Meeting (AELM), bringing together the leaders of all major regional economies, as well as thousands of delegates, support personnel and the international media.

The AELM and supporting ministerial meetings will be the most complex and extensive dignitary protection operation mounted by Australia.  APEC Australia 2007™ events are likely to be held in a challenging security environment.  To preserve and enhance Australia’s reputation for staging major international events in a safe and secure environment, it is of paramount importance that the PSCC develop and coordinate the delivery of nationally consistent and fully effective security arrangements for the APEC Australia 2007™ year.

The PSCC’s role in APEC Australia 2007™ security management is consistent with its ongoing work in relation to major events such as the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games.  The creation of the APEC Security Branch allows for the re-deployment of experienced security planners to APEC Australia 2007™ year, while maintaining the PSCC core activities of dignitary and diplomatic protection, counter-terrorism preparedness, the development of government protective security policy, and the operations of the Watch Office and National Security Hotline.

More information about the APEC Australia 2007™ year is available from the official APEC Australia 2007 website.