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Mad Scientists have been appearing in books and movies for generations. They generally follow the stereotype of the white coated, crooked toothed, white haired, white skinned maniac. This list contains the 10 most unusual or well known mad scientists.

1. Dr Benway


Dr Benway is probably the most immoral of the mad scientists. He was created by William Burroughs and first appeared in the book Naked Lunch. He sinced turned up in many other books by Burroughs. He was also featured in the film of Naked Lunch by David Cronenberg. In the photo above we see Burroughs dressed as Benway . I believe this is from a short film excerpt he made of a scene from one of his books. He was used by the author to parody the medical profession and, perhaps, the misuses of science in general. More of a maverick surgical artist than a doctor, Benway lacks a conscience and is more interested in his performance (and his next fix) than his patients’ well-being.


This list is a of 10 albums whose influence on music has been far bigger than their sales.

1.The Kinks - The Village Green Preservation Society [Wikipedia]


In 1968 a year after the fabled summer of love, one of the biggest and best bands in England released this concept album. Based around a series of nostalgic events and characters its sales were disastrous. And why? Maybe people were just sick of concept albums.


As today is my birthday, I have decided to do a special list just for me! It is my top ten favorite books of all time. These are the books I would take to a desert island. If you have not read some of these, I cannot recommend them enough! So, onwards to my top 10 favorite books. In no particular order:

1. Atlas Shrugged - Ayn Rand


Atlas Shrugged was Rand’s last work before she devoted her time exclusively to philosophical writing. This book contains a variety of themes that would later become the core of her philosophy Objectivism. She considered it to be her magnum opus and is it the most popular of her non-fiction work.

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This list looks at some of the best comedy songs released in Britain in the last 50 years. Since the renaissance period, man has used music as a form of comedy and the modern times are no exception. Here are the top 10 British Comedy Songs.

1. The Fastest Milkman in the West - Benny Hill

This song reached number 1 and stayed there for 4 weeks. It is typical Benny Hill.


We earthlings are very fortunate to have launched many satelites in to space that have gone close enough to our neighbouring planets to get quite amazing photographs. I have included below the best images of each major object in our solar system. In order of distance from the sun:

1. The Sun


The Sun orbits the center of the Milky Way galaxy at a distance of approximately 26,000 light-years from the galactic center, completing one revolution in about 225–250 million years. The orbital speed is 217 km/s (135 mi/s), equivalent to one light-year every 1,400 years, and one AU every 8 days. It is currently travelling through the Local Fluff of the Local Bubble zone of diffuse high-temperature gas, in the inner rim of the Orion Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy, between the larger Perseus and Sagittarius arms of the galaxy.


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