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Legendary bounty hunter Fox McCloud steps out of his cockpit and into an epic Zelda-style adventure exclusive to the Nintendo GameCube. Get set for an incredible journey into a whole new world of dinosaurs and adventure.

After destroying the mighty Andross in their last adventure, the Star Fox team is left with nothing to do. Travelling around deep space in the search of action they finally receive a distress call. The galaxy needs their help…

At the far edge of the Lylat system, an army of diabolical dinosaurs has shattered the tranquil world of Dinosaur Planet, tearing chunks of the planet from its surface. If Dinosaur Planet explodes it will have grave effects on the rest of the Lylat system. The future looks bleak…until Fox McCloud enters the fray. For the first time in his legendary career, Fox leaves his Arwing space fighter to explore vast prehistoric lands and wield magical weapons against predatory creatures and massive bosses.

Star Fox Adventures blends classic space shooter levels with an epic Zelda-style quest that sees Fox McCloud exploring vast and incredibly detailed landscapes on a planet filled with dinosaurs. Travel through lush jungles, deep caverns, ancient temples, pristine beaches, a deadly volcano and other incredible alien landscapes. Find ancient spirits and gatekeepers in the quest to bring the planet together once more.

With the best real time graphics ever seen on a home video game system, Star Fox Adventures is only possible with the power of the Nintendo GameCube. The adventure begins…

  • Star Fox Adventures looks phenomenal, featuring the best looking graphics yet on the Nintendo GameCube.
  • Dinosaur Planet looks and feels like a living-breathing world. Enjoy the breathtaking view with trees, grass and plants that sway in the wind, water that ripples under the setting sun, clouds that move in the sky and rain that drenches the alien landscape.
  • Light sourcing and shadow effects create a dynamic world. Energy blasts and fire reflect off the walls and trees and the changing times of day and night transform the world, with a myriad of different colours and tones to reflect the passing of the sun.
  • Fox McCloud and the inhabitants of Dinosaur planet look incredibly real, with fur that blows in the wind, muscle movements under scaly hides and perfectly fluid animation, facial expressions and lip-syncing.
  • Highly detailed textures are used to create the diverse scenery and locations of Dinosaur Planet. Each unique area, with their wild and natural settings is created with incredible attention to detail.
  • When locked on and ready for battle the game uses a depth-of-field blur system that slightly distorts everything in the distance. This brings the focus on the battle at hand and also looks amazing.
  • We found ourselves straying from the adventure to simply take the time to look around and enjoy the sheer beauty of Dinosaur Planet.
  • Supports 16:9 Wide Screen TVs

  • Fox McCloud finally gets to put his hero talents to the test, stepping out of the cockpit and into a prehistoric world of danger and adventure.
  • Star Fox Adventures brings many exciting styles of gameplay together. Blast through space in classic Star Fox flying levels, race at high speeds on rocket bikes, or go for the ride of Fox’s life on the backs of prehistoric giants.
  • To return Dinosaur Planet to its original state, Fox must find the planets gatekeepers, fly between worlds, recover the missing spell-stones, return them to the Force Point Temples and rescue ancient Krazoa Spirits with the power to heal the world.
  • Star Fox Adventures emulates the fantastic control system of The Legend of Zelda games on the Nintendo 64 and improves on it with advanced combos, easier and quicker item selection and varying styles of gameplay.
  • Fox McCloud is accompanied by his new sidekick Prince Tricky, a loyal dog-like companion. Command Prince Tricky to dig and find secrets, breathe fire, heel, stay and even play ball.
  • Fox powers up with a magical staff that is upgraded throughout his adventure. With the power of the staff Fox can battle enemies with impressive combos, fire blasts of energy through the air, shake the ground with a powerful blow, launch in the air with a rocket blast, freeze foes with an icy chill and protect himself under a magical force-field.
  • Explore worlds, solve puzzles, find mysterious items and battle an army of Dinosaurs in true adventure style gameplay.
  • Only hardcore players will be able to 100% complete the game by finding lost fuel cells for the Arwing, hidden cheat tokens to unlock special surprises and helpful upgrades for the staff.

  • The classic Star Fox theme has been used throughout the game, mixed with an adventure filled soundtrack to rival any great adventure game.
  • Star Fox Adventures features remarkable voice acting and lip syncing, which gives Fox and his friends a great sense of character.
  • Awesome graphics are backed with realistic ambient sound effects and native beats to truly immerse the player in the prehistoric world of Dinosaur Planet.
  • The level of attention to detail taken for the sound effects in the game is incredible. For example, each footstep makes a different sound depending on the surface Fox is walking on. Everything in the game has its own distinct personality and sound.
  • Star Fox Adventures supports Dolby Surround Pro Logic II.
Release Date: 15th November 2002
Medium Level Animated Violence
Type of game: Adventure
No. of Players: 1
Skill Level: Intermediate
Suitable: All Ages
Accessories: Memory Card 59
Memory blocks: 3 - 3 Save Files
Distributor: Nintendo

Explore a planet filled with dinosaurs in an epic Zelda-style adventure.

Phenomenal real-time graphics that have to be seen to be believed. The best ever seen on any home video game system!
Exciting and diverse gameplay. Enjoy a fully-fledged adventure game with bosses to battle, puzzles to solve, areas to explore. There are also dinosaurs to ride, rocket bikes to race and even space shooter levels in Fox’s Arwing.
The first and only adventure game of this style available so far on the Nintendo GameCube.
Intuitive and easy to learn controls allows all ages and skill levels to step into the adventure.
Impressive cut scenes, voice acting, facial expressions/emotions and a deep sense of character bring the world of Dinosaur Planet to life.

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