RLR PORSCHE    956 - 106B
PORSCHE 956 - 103
 RLR Porsche 956-106B
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In 1984 Richard Lloyd commissioned Nigel Stroud to redesign the Porsche 956 chassis.  Following in-house torsional rigidity tests on the standard type single sheet chassis it was decided to construct the RLR type from aluminium honeycomb material wherever practical.  Nigel was also asked to redesign the front suspension to incorporate rising rate c/w a more logical front anti rollbar and steering rack layout.  The result was a torsionally stiffer chassis with better side and front impact protection with an simple front suspension system.

  The completely redesigned front hub/upright assemblies allowed for single brake calliper which RLR pioneered and developed in conjunction with Brembo.  The original twin calliper system could also be used if required.

  The package included many other detail improvements and as a result the car set new standards for innovation in World Championship Sportscar racing.  Later, the design was adapted slightly to accommodate the FIA’s footbox ruling which resulted in the 962 version of which eight RLR examples were built.

  In 1984/85 the team still had their original 956 chassis number 106 and at Jurgen Barth’s suggestion it was decided to number the new chassis as 106B.  Later, he decided and requested that all subsequent RLR chassis become the 200 series e.g. RLR 962/200, 201 etc.

  The car made its debut at Spa in 1984 and was immediately quick but failed in the race because the increased loading from the chassis broke the standard Porsche rear suspension beam. 

  At Le Mans in 1985 – driven by Jonathan Palmer, James Weaver and Richard Lloyd – the car finished a strong second to the semi works Joest car, only missing out on a possible victory because of an unscheduled stop to cure, as it turned out, a faulty £2 water temperature sensor.

  A few weeks later during qualifying at Spa, Palmer had a major accident on the fastest section of the circuit as a result of a suspected right front tyre deflation.  The force of the impact was such that the steering column made contact with his helmet and yet he escaped with only a badly broken leg and the consensus at the time was that the consequences would have been far worse had he been driving a ‘standard’ chassis.

  The car was completely rebuilt and went on to run fourteen more races scoring 3 wins.  The win at Brand Hatch in Liqui Moly colours where it was driven by the ‘brilliant’ Bob Wollek and Mauro Baldi where again the team broke new ground by running an extra front wing and a two piece carbon rear wing.  Its last race was in South Africa at Kyalami where Mauro Baldi drove solo and after qualifying on pole failed to finish due to lack of fuel.

  The car was completely restored during 1989 and 1990 by the RLR team in the original Canon colour scheme on short tail bodywork and is fitted with a 2.8 litre 1.2 Motronic engine (No. 124).

  It was then brought out of storage in 2001 and sent to Group C Ltd who did further work on it to bring it up to it’s current standard.

  A technically interesting, unique racing car with a fantastic competition history.  Perhaps the only one still in original ownership. Also available are original drawings, original Porsche ‘handbook’, photographs, scale model, all race set up paperwork, results sheets, programmes, stickers etc.

  Signed renderings by Peter Stevens in fact the whole history of Canon’s important foray into the world of international motorsport.


History of Porsche 956-106b





          FIA World Endurance Championship of Drivers 1984 Position 6


Sept 84        WEC Spa                                 Canon                      Palmer / Lammers                    #14         DNF


Sept 84        WEC Imola                              Canon                      Palmer / Lammers                    #14         P2


Sept 84        WEC Fuji                                Canon                      Palmer / Lammers                    #14         P9


Dec 84         WEC Sandown Park             Canon                      Palmer / Lammers                    #14         P3  



FIA  World Endurance Championship of Teams 1985 Position 5


April 85        WEC 1000K Monza                 Canon                      Palmer / Lammers                    #14         P5


May 85        WEC 1000K Silverstone           Canon                      Palmer / Lammers                    #14         P5


June 85       WEC 24HR Le Mans                 Canon                      Palmer / Weaver / Lloyd          #14         P2


July 85         WEC 1000K Hockenheim         Canon                      Palmer / Hobbs                       #14         P5


Sept 85        WEC 1000K Spa                      Canon                      Palmer / Hobbs                       #14         DNF


Oct 85         WEC 1000K Fuji                      Canon                      Acheson / Dumfries                #14         DNF  




FIA  World Sports Prototype Championship of Teams 1986 Position 7


May 86        WSPC 1000K Silverstone         Liqui Moly                 Weaver / Niedzwiedz              #14         P4


June 86       WSPC 24HR Le Mans               Liqui Moly         Baldi / Cobb / Dyson               #14         P9


June 86       WSPC 100M Norisring              Liqui Moly                Wollek                                      #14         DNF


July 86         WSPC 1000K Brands Hatch     Liqui Moly                Wollek / Baldi                           #14         P1


August 86    WSPC 1000K Nurburgring       Liqui Moly                Baldi / Niedzwiedz                    #14         P1


Sept 86        WSPC 1000K Spa                    Liqui Moly                Baldi / Weaver                         #14         P10


Oct 86         WSPC 1000K Fuji                    Liqui Moly                Baldi / Niedzwiedz                    #14         DNF


Nov 86        500K Kyalami                           Liqui Moly                Baldi                                          #14         DNF

(Non Championship race)  



International Deutsche Rennsport Meisterchaft 1984  


Sept 84        1000K Imola                            Canon                      Palmer / Lammers                    #14         P2  



ADAC  Sport Auto Supercup 1986 Championship Position 7  


April 86        ADAC Nurburgring                   Liqui Moly               Baldi                                          #30         P4


June 86       ADAC Hockenheim                   Liqui Moly               Wollek                                       #14         P5


Sept 86        ADAC Nurburgring                  Liqui Moly               Wollek                                       #14         DNF  





FIA Coupe D’Europe Interserie 1986  


March 86     Interserie Thruxton (race1)    Tecno                      Weaver                                     #1           P2

March 86     Interserie Thruxton (race2)    Tecno                      Weaver                                     #1           P1