The inaugural George C. Griffin Race was run on May 26, 1973. Fifty-six students, faculty/staff, and alumni finished the 3-mile race that was won by student Scott Stewart. According to the printed results, George P. Burdell finished 43rd.
  Named after George C. Griffin as a way of honoring him and his many years as a track and cross country coach.
  The Griffin Race is one of Atlanta's longest continually running races. It was founded only three years after the first Peachtree Road Race was run on July 4, 1970. Racing was still in its infancy in the United States, as evidenced by the fact that the Peachtree Road Race had only 525 finishers in the 1973 race.
  L. McTier "Mac" Anderson, class of 1967, founded the Griffin Race. Mac, who worked in the Alumni Association, also directed the first three races before he moved to Washington state.
  By 1975, the race had grown to 107 finishers (more than some Atlanta Track Club races) even though participation was limited to students, alumni, and faculty/staff. The third race also included a team competition that was won by some Tech alumni (led by Ken Byers, class of 1966) representing the Atlanta Track Club. The "Run for Lunch Bunch," Mac Anderson and other faculty and staff, finished a close second, beating five other teams including all three ROTC units.
  The Griffin Race was changed from three miles to pi in 1976.
  Sponsored by the Georgia Tech Alumni Association to support the student body's request for an activity for SAC Week.
  There are many categories by age, faculty, and alumni, but the one that always gets a laugh is the ghost category: All the entrants are George P. Burdell. They pay the fee and get the T-shirt but never have to run!
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