Born in 1897 in Savannah, Ga.
  Entered Georgia Tech as a sub-apprentice in 1914.
  Graduated in 1922 with a degree in Civil Engineering.
  Served in World War I.
  Served in World War II as a captain in the Navy.
  Career included being a math instructor, assistant football coach, tennis coach, track coach and cross-country coach.
  He played under John Heisman at the famous Tech vs. Cumberland game, which Tech won 222-0.
  He also headed the NROTC at Tech, was assistant dean of students, dean of students, founder of the Georgia Tech Placement Center and Georgia Tech Alumni Career Services, a founder of the Georgia Tech Hall of Fame and the State of Georgia Athletic Hall of Fame, and secretary for the Georgia Tech Alumni Association.
  He earned a Master's degree in industrial management in 1957.
  He was involved with Tech for nearly 70 years.
  He was a beloved figure in Tech's history and is often referred to as "Mr. Georgia Tech."
  He called himself a "sack brain" because of his absentmindedness, but he remembered name of every Tech student he ever met.
  He was a popular speaker and wrote a book, "Griffin, You are a Great Disappointment to Me."
  He operated a loan program sometimes referred to as the "hip pocket fund" to enable students to borrow money for tuition interest free.
Dean Griffin at his desk

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