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Global Investors Continue to Flock to Queensland

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Minister for State Development John Mickel today announced in Parliament two major new investments in Queensland that would generate jobs and boost the economy.

"Ludowici Ltd, a Sydney-based company that designs, manufactures and markets mineral processing equipment for the global mining industry is relocating its corporate headquarters to Pinkenba," Mr Mickel said.

"Ludowici is one of Australia's oldest listed companies and is in the process of building a $30 million manufacturing facility that will house its four existing Brisbane plants under one roof and attract 21 executive jobs to the Smart State."

Mr Mickel also welcomed the decision by the NSW-based Greenmountain Group Pty Ltd to purchase and refurbish the Coominya Abattoir.

"The re-opening of the Coominya Abattoir, which has been closed since 2005, provides much-needed regional economic development to the Esk Shire," he said.

"Greenmountain, one of Australia's largest veal and light yearling traders, expects to be operational by early March and has plans to create 250 jobs over five years.

"The company has a turnover of $80 million a year and its products are exported to Japan, the USA, Canada, Russia and Korea.

"This will see Queensland's primary producers better serviced in the marketing of their veal and yearling cattle and also boost our export revenue."

Mr Mickel said Greenmountain's move to Coominya was influenced by Queensland's competitive advantages for food processing. These include the availability of skilled labour, lower salaries and property costs, and quality of research, development and design.

"The decision means employment for tradespeople, supervisory and factory staff," he said.

"It also enhances our reputation as a world-class destination for leading food processing companies and once the operation is up and running, it's expected to contribute more than $100 million per year to the Queensland economy."

The Greenmountain Group was formed in Casino, NSW, in 1990. Its main activities include the growing of feed, breeding cattle, fattening cattle, packaging, marketing and exporting veal products.

Director David Scarrabelotti said that as well as gaining complete control over the product from the paddock to the customer, he expects the acquisition of an abattoir will allow them to enhance the presentation of the finished product.

"We will also be looking to expanding our business to increase our range of meat products by incorporating added ingredients and cooking products," Mr Scarrabelotti said.

"Taking over Coominya Abattoir will give us far greater control and we have been most impressed with the support Invest Queensland has given us in achieving this goal," he said.

The move into Queensland by Ludowici Ltd and the Greenmountain Group follows last week's announcement that the Raytheon Australia Aerospace Centre of Excellence would be established in Brisbane.

Canberra-based Raytheon Australia employs 1100 people nationwide and delivers mission systems integration and mission support for the Australian Defence Force and government.

"Raytheon Australia is one of the top four defence contractors in Australia so it's a real coup for our aviation industry," Mr Mickel said.

"Securing firms such as Raytheon Australia, the Greenmountain Group and Ludowici is further endorsement of Queensland as one of the world's premier locations for business and industry."

Contact for Ludowici Ltd: Managing Director Glenn Turner, telephone 0419 013 572.

Contact for Greenmountain Group: Director David Scarrabelotti, telephone 02 6662 8588, mobile 0427 335 200 and email

Media contact: Chris Brown 3224 7349 or Elouise Campion 3224 6784.