About Us


Panhandler's Theater Company is dedicated to producing the highest level of accessible, theatrical entertainment to everyone, regardless of cultural background, socio-economic status, or familiarity with traditional theater. We believe theater unites us independent of our differences and creates community independent of our beliefs. Good theater touches a human quality within all of us, and enables us to connect to ourselves and to each other.

Our philosophy is based on the Latin phrase 'Mirable Visu,' which literally means 'wonderful to behold.' We continuously move towards an accessible representation of human forces, touching our audiences emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually through work that encompasses true human nature.

We hope to change society's view of the stage from one of pretension and exclusion to one that includes, inspires, and establishes community. Our company aspires to bring theater to schools and other institutions in the community with the hope of empowering new generations to find new modes of self-expression and exploration.